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Kentucky (USA) by F. D. Knight  -  [Add Data]
Mcgee  -  Fair Empress  by  Jim Gore
Exterminator 4
Exterminator 2
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A great pic of Exterminator either pre race, or post race. He is looking pretty regal. https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=687107514673342&set=a.189145141136251.61389.189123901138375&type=1&theater
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  • Mary Z. · Hey Jay S. Good to see that your guy will be facing Cali speed early in the year. Not easy to do. · 291 days ago
  • Jay S. · Mary, I'm certainly excited about it...for sure. I expect him to run big. · 291 days ago
Old Bones and his paddock companion Peanuts. https://www.facebook.com/HorseRacingHistory/photos/a.306750466081390.68483.305963939493376/583443301745437/?type=1&theater
  • Buckpasser · I Have a great picture of Exterminator leading the post parade for the Exterminator Handicap at Pimlico with Peanuts leading Old Bones. Jay S. Put it up on the this site for me. It is an original picture. And Peanuts was the real handful and Zold Bones was the gracious professional as always. · 307 days ago
  • travel_vic · raced north of the border with distinction as he was UNDEATED in Toronto · 307 days ago
Buckpasser. I read this part of Exterminator's book a few weeks back, but it touched me and I think about it quite often. "Exterminator was conscious, but all efforts to get him up were futile. He was shutting down. 'Get Peanuts out of here,' Terry ordered. The pony was frantic, squealing and running around the stall, now and then stopping to nudge the big horse. It took several men to finally neutralize the kicking hind end long enough to get the pony into another stall." Peanuts III was well into his 20s. It occurred to me that this is what it looks like when a gentle, old soul is doing everything within his power to make the hands of time stand still while his world was crashing around him, being fully aware of what was happening. At least, that's the way I see it. It made me want to set the Delorean to Aug 1945 so I could help console him.
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  • buckpasser · The chapter entitle "Chocolate Sundaes and Old Shoes" is about Kelso. · 315 days ago
  • Jay S. · Good deal. Thanks BP. Anxious to see how the Chocolate Sundaes and Old Shoes fit in. · 315 days ago
For the Old Bones fans....https://www.facebook.com/OneTreeHill#!/photo.php?fbid=657491480968279&set=pb.189123901138375.-2207520000.1391546571.&type=3&theater
I love Old Bones!!! He could've run Man O' War into the ground!
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  • Sullivan · Grantland Rice made it the roaring 20s almost singlehandedly · 320 days ago
  • buckpasser · I don't think any one would consider Exterminator overhyped. When Old Bones came back to lead the post parade for the Exterminator Handicap at Pimlico, Alfred Vanderbilt said that there wasn't a horse in the race who was fit to carry Old Bones' blanket. · 320 days ago
Exterminator won the 1918 Kentucky Derby and was Horse of the Year in 1922. Old Bones appears to be the only seven year old to accomplish this feat. Kelso was HOY at seven, but was not entered in the Triple Crown races.
Buckpasser, Exterminator and Sun Briar's situation leading-up to the Kentucky Derby reminded me very much of Swale's and Devil's Bag.
Buckpasser, check out this article: http://teensleuth.com/blog/?p=11808
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  • Buckpasser · Yes. Thoroughbred Legends Exterminator by Eva Jolene Boyd. One of my favorite books is A Sound of Horses: The World of Racing From Eclipse to Kelso by David Alexander. He saw Exterminator and has great stories about him and Kelso and others. Can be found second hand on ebay and Amazon. Have seen it for $25 or lower. There is a kids book Old Bones by Mildred Mastin Pace which is still published. · 392 days ago
  • Jay S. · Hey, thanks BP. I'm on the search. · 392 days ago
Hey everyone, go to Exterminator's profile and then to his "Photo" section. You can see him leading the post parade with his little buddy Peanuts. Thanks BP!
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  • Jay S. · BP, for some reason it's not coming thru. I think that site is overloaded. Was it an execute, or stand by? · 398 days ago
  • Jay S. · If anyone would like me to email you BP's photo of Exterminator and Peanuts, just send me an email at wtcbcc2@mail.com. You can create a fake email on mail.com in about 1 minute. If I email it, the picture is much bigger and clearer. · 398 days ago
Such a great guy, and one of my personal favorites. I wonder what would have happened if the match race with Man O' War came through?
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  • buckpasser · Sort of like Cleopatra brought into the Saratoga Cup to prevent Exterminator from having a walkover. Only she was a far better horse than Hoodwink. With the match race with MOW and Sir Barton, SB carried more weight 126 I believe than MOW. Also the track in Canada was so hard that SB wa having a hard time and did not run well. Soe people who saw the race said that SB was eased. Certainly he was retired soon after · 1051 days ago
  • cocoa2 · Maybe Hoodwink wasn't the best competitor but Big Red still took 6 seconds off the track record, something that is done VERY rarely. · 1051 days ago
One amazing horse :)

Exterminator - Race Results & Past Performances

View Details06/07/24Exterminator1stBriB61 mileDAllow 3+ MExterminatorGolden RuleOpperman1:39.80
View Details04/17/24Exterminator1stHdG51 70yDAllow 3+ MExterminatorGolden SphereSetting Sun1:44.00
View Details04/21/23Exterminator1stHdG51 1/16 mDPhiladelphia Handicap 3+ MExterminatorPaul JonesFair Phantom1:45.80
View Details08/31/22Exterminator1stSar41 3/4 mDSaratoga Cup 3+ MExterminatorMad HatterBon Homme3:00.40
View Details08/01/22Exterminator5thSar41 1/4 mDSaratoga Handicap 3+ MGrey LagBon HommePrudery2:03.20
View Details06/16/22Exterminator1stAqu41 1/8 mDBrooklyn Handicap 3+ MExterminatorGrey LagPolly Ann1:50.00
View Details05/20/22Exterminator1stCD51 1/8 mDClark Handicap 3+ MExterminatorLady MadcapRouleau1:50.00
View Details08/31/21Exterminator1stSar41 3/4 mDSaratoga Cup 3+ MExterminator  3:04.60
View Details06/17/21Exterminator3rdAqu41 1/8 mDBrooklyn Handicap 3+ MGrey LagJohn P GrierExterminator1:49.80
View Details06/17/21Exterminator3rdAqu41 1/8 mDBrooklyn Handicap 3+ MGrey LagJohn P GrierExterminator1:49.80
View Details11/08/20Exterminator5thPim41 1/2mDBowie Handicap 3+ MMad HatterBonifaceThe Porter2:31.60
View Details08/31/20Exterminator1stSar41 3/4 mDSaratoga Cup 3+ MExterminatorCleopatra 2:56.40
View Details08/02/20Exterminator2ndSar41 1/4 mDSaratoga Handicap 3+ MSir BartonExterminatorWildar2:01.80
View Details06/24/20Exterminator4thAqu41 1/8 mDBrooklyn Handicap 3+ MCirrusBonifaceMad Hatter1:50.00
View Details06/05/20Exterminator3rdBel41 1/4 mDSuburban Handicap 3+ MPaul JonesBonifaceExterminator2:09.60
View Details11/08/19Exterminator5thPim41 1/2mDBowie Handicap 3+ MRoyce RoolsCudgelMad Hatter2:33.80
View Details10/03/19Exterminator1stLrl31 1/16 mDAllow 3+ MExterminatorOrestesDouglass S.1:46.20
View Details09/27/19Exterminator2ndHdG51 1/8 mDHavre De Grace 3+ MCudgelExterminatorSir Barton1:50.00
View Details08/30/19Exterminator1stSar41 3/4 mDSaratoga Cup 3+ MExterminatorPurchaseThe Trump2:58.00
View Details06/14/19Exterminator5thJam41 1/16 mDExcelsior 3+ MNaturalistStar MasterBoniface1:45.40
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