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The dictionary defines a nickname as a descriptive or colorful name that serves as a substitute for a real name, one that more readily defines the subject more than the proper name itself. Every year we hear the Kentucky Derby referred to as the "Run for the Roses", or "The Greatest Two Minutes In S...Read More
One of racing's golden ages strikes a chord.Read More
Who do you think was the best racehorse to compete in the 1940's? Citation? Whirlaway? Count Fleet? Alsab? Post, discuss and debate, please! I'll give the nod to Citation, but not by much. I hope one of these two threads blow up.
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  • goblin · buckpasser, Yes, thank you, we're okay, although the tornado watches/warnings have been pretty much the norm for weeks now. Usually the danger passes in a few hours with no actual "touch downs"; but God forbid when one does. · 318 days ago ·
  • buckpasser · Goblin. Glad to hear it. In NC, I have had tornados touch down in neighboring counties, but not ( knock on wood) in mine. · 318 days ago ·
what Triple Crown winner (excluding Secretariat for obvious reasons) do you think was the best?
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  • On The Gallop's · Hard to argue that Citation is not the best triple crown horse. Affirmed would be another I would choose. · 328 days ago ·
  • rafirox · I put Citation #1 as well, OTG, but there's definitely a very strong argument for placing others #1. IMO, it was surely between Citation and Count Fleet. It's a very valid argument either way. I give the nod to Citation. I feel Count Fleet had a great season, not a great career. If not for injury after the Belmont, this would not be an issue. However, he never faced older males and from every book I've read, he had a weak crop with him. His Belmont was tremendous, he dominated the Triple Crown. He never came out of the money in 21 starts. He won the Belmont by 25 lengths. However, I believe Citation was the better horse. He reeled in win after win, which was certainly impressive, and he did it facing TOUGHER competition that Count Fleet did. Citation faced Noor and others and beat them on a regular basis. He was somewhat of a good weight carrier (carried 126 as a 2yr old), he won 32 of 45 starts (only once not in money, despite the incredible competeition he faced) and so forth. These are two I am not educated enough about (compared to others, like Whirlaway) so perhpas my perspective could be easily countered by LAZ or Buckpasser with more thorough evidence and better points. Either way, these are just my two cents. · 328 days ago ·
The new points system has had enough debate. Let’s take a more radical look at the Kentucky Derby and think about what would change if the maximum field were 14. Read More
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  • icyhotboo · "He doesn't necessarily have to win Saturday to go to the (Kentucky) Derby, but he has to run the right kind of race. If he doesn't, we won't go. I want the horse to take me there." McGaughey/ If more owner trainers let the horse guide them, they wouldn't have to set a 20 horse limit, because about half of them in a 20 horse field aren't ready or are strictly sprinters that clog up the field at some point and foul it up for others when they rapidly fall back. · 384 days ago ·
  • icyhotboo · I know this is said almost every year, but this year there does seem to be many quality horses. · 384 days ago ·
Yes he was awesome. But Secretariat broke and still holds the record for all three Triple Crown races. Thus he trumps the other greats because of his record times and he out raced them all.
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  • travel_vic · TIME is only a single aspect of awe. Best work I EVER SAW was on a wet training tack, 5f in 1:02 1/5 rider lost the irons and still ran an amazing 5 furlongs......Any other surface with any spring to it and we would be talking about a 58 range. · 388 days ago ·
  • Mary Z. · Sorry, but this is what I was talking about. 5 hours ago, horses were running, right then and there, in live races. Right? · 388 days ago ·
I find it utterly stunning that Count Fleet won the Belmost, was never worse than third, won the Derby, Preaknes, WIthers, and Belmont, by THIRTY lengths, and he is still almost 20 horses down on the top 250 list. Why is that? Because he accomplished much more than Secretariat and is still considered 'the greatest'. Yes, he was a stunning animal, and I wish he could have lived much longer, but Count FLeet astonished the country in 1943. Everyone seems to have forgotten the brown lightning blot that took the racing word by storm 27 years before Secretariat was even thought of.
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  • footlick · Long den also blamed himself for Count Fleet's losses early in his career. He said if he had ridden him correctly nobody would have beaten him · 493 days ago ·
  • CreativeCause · His sire, Reigh Count actually bit a horse in one of his races. · 491 days ago ·
Won four of the biggest races in horse racing in just over a month and in the last race, he destroyed the field. Now that's CLASS.
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  • zxswordxz · Yes it is...Taking the word from Bull Hancock - If you can get the Sire you want, get the next best thing, his son(Nasrullah). I say the same thing for Galileo...get one of his son to the US breeding shed. · 492 days ago ·
  • buckpasser · Bobby Flay is a real throw back to the old time breeders who looked to Europe for top horses to improve the American blood lines. Unfortunately, too many who race today are not really interested in running a breeding operation and hence buy their horses at the sales in the US. Few buy outside of this country. Years ago the top owners would get together and bring a Rock Sand, Sir Gallahad, Bull Dog and Ribot etc. here to improve the breed. I wish Bobby Flay nothing but success. Because if he is successful, more will do it to the betterment of the racing stock. · 491 days ago ·
Any list that doesn't have him in the top 10 tells me the voters don't have any idea of horse racing's history.
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  • CreativeCause · People are like that, they think they know all about the triple crown (I certainly don't) fun fact, there was eleven to you people that don't know · 493 days ago ·
  • cocoa2 · And then I was informed last June that IHA was already the triple crown winner · 493 days ago ·
i think horse racing fans have forgotten the 6th triple crown winner who won the belmont by 25 lengths!
  • Buckpasser · A lot of great ones have been forgotten. The Count was also a great broodmare sire, as Kelsos dam Maid of Flight was by Count Fleet. Also sired a KD winner in Count Turf and a classic winner in Counterpoint. · 635 days ago ·
  • Dressage3295 · Amazing horse. My father's and grandfather's shared favorite. · 635 days ago ·
How is he not ranked higher! he sould be five!
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  • travel_vic · Many is the time the respected rider Johnny Longden described him as the best even though he was in the Coffroft Handicap that day in the thirties when Phar Lap broke the track record in his only North American contest...This one was superior to the remaining three year olds his Tripel crown season that we may never really know · 659 days ago ·
  • buckpasser · Those who saw the Count race, like my father felt he was the greatest or on the par of MOW and Exterminator both of which my dad saw in person. · 659 days ago ·
The inaugural Belmont Stakes was run at Jerome Park in the Bronx and was won by a filly, Ruthless, who defeated colts to earn $1,850 for her victory.Read More
The Top 10 Horses to run on American soil according to ZATT. Let’s count it down…10) Native Dancer - The Gray Ghost was racing’s first television star and so dominated his peers of 1952 through 1954...Read More
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  • kay.robinett · Too hard to compare Man O War and Secretariat. Man O War had to carry a lot more weight (130 pounds five times as a two year old), did not have a starting gate, and even wore shoes which were a lot heavier and clunkier. Whereas Secretariat had to deal with much larger fields. The conditions they raced under were just too different for direct comparisons. But I hope someday I get to see their match race in heaven. ;-) · 675 days ago ·
  • Shakis · Murder's Row to be sure, Swaps set a few world records, would've been tough to run him down from behind · 675 days ago ·
Count Fleet ended his racing career by winning the Belmont Stakes by 25 lengths. Read More
Contested at 1 ½ miles at Belmont Park in New York, the Belmont Stakes, for 3-year old thoroughbreds, is the longest and final race of the American Triple Crown series. It is aptly known as the "Test of a Champion" for being the most demanding and challenging race for a prospective winner in pursuit...Read More
Won four of the biggest races in horse racing in just over a month and in the last race, he destroyed the field. Now that's CLASS.
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  • AnnaK · Laz, I think Northlands made believers out of alot of us. They had such a good thing going on until maybe a decade ago. In Toronto we live minutes away from the old racetrack down by the water, now a park. Go running around the same oval, next to a street called Northern Dancer. None of this is lost on me. Bet the horses loved the cooler breezes down by the water. So nice to meet you Laz, and loved all your info about Zenyatta's times by the way, what makes HRN so good. Hope your sons are thriving in booming beautiful northern Alberta. · 690 days ago ·
  • LAZMANNICK · Nice to meet you too Anna. I find your very rerfreshing and enthusiastic and you certaqinly know a lot about the sport. I take it you live close to the Beaches. I remember years ago when we used to go the the harness races at Greenwood and then slip down Queen Street to the original Lick's burger-hotdog place. Yummy yummy. They not only fed us they used to sing to us also. · 690 days ago ·
Let’s take a look at some comparisons between I’ll Have Another and the holders of racing’s Holy Grail…Read More
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  • wcbguy1 · HE Come a long way, I'll have another was even in the talk of winning the derby and he won it. Then he had doubters when coming in the prekaness stakes, and now he'l prove all his doubters wrong in the belmont. trust me. · 691 days ago ·
  • wcbguy1 · ingore that comment down below.HE Come a long way, I'll have another was not even in the talk of winning the derby and he won it. Then he had doubters when coming in the prekaness stakes, and now he'l prove all his doubters wrong in the belmont. trust me. · 691 days ago ·
Count Fleet won the "street car" Kentucky Derby, for which no tickets could be sold to out-of-town spectators due to wartime travel restrictions.Read More
Upset, the only horse ever to defeat Man o' War, died at age 24.Read More
Buckpasser suffered the only defeat of his three-year-old season when he finished second in a non-betting race, the Black Caesar Purse, at Hialeah.Read More
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  • BrianZipse · Don't forget who else was injured that spring ... Graustark. · 792 days ago ·
  • footlick · yes, Brian. Anybody who saw him could not forget him. And Baeza chose Graustark over Buckpasser, I believe. I know he was on record saying Graustark was the best horse he ever rode. · 792 days ago ·

Count Fleet - Race Results & Past Performances

View DetailsView Video06/05/43Count Fleet1stBel61 1/2mDBelmont Stakes  Count FleetFairy ManhurstDeseronto2:28.20
View Details05/22/43Count Fleet1stBel61 mileDWithers   Count FleetSlide RuleTip-Toe1:36.00
View Details05/08/43Count Fleet1stPim61 3/16 mDPreakness Stakes  Count FleetBlue SwordsVincentive1:57.40
View DetailsView Video05/01/43Count Fleet1stCD81 1/4 mDKentucky Derby 3 MCount FleetBlue SwordsSlide Rule2:04.00
View Details04/17/43Count Fleet1stJam51 1/16 mDWood Memorial  Count FleetBlue SwordsTwoses1:43.00
View Details04/13/43Count Fleet1stJam51 70yDAllow  Count FleetBossuetTowser1:42.80
View Details11/10/42Count Fleet1stPim61 1/16 mDWalden  Count FleetUncle BilliesRough Doc1:44.80
View Details10/31/42Count Fleet1stPim61 1/16 mDPimlico Futurity  Count FleetOccupationVincentive1:43.60
View Details10/20/42Count Fleet1stJam51 70yDAllow  Count FleetTowserJack S. L.1:44.00
View Details10/10/42Count Fleet1stBel51 mileDChampagne  Count FleetBlue SwordsAttendant1:34.80
View Details10/03/42Count Fleet3rdBel46 1/2 fDFuturity  OccupationAskmenowCount Fleet1:51.20
View Details09/24/42Count Fleet1stBel66 fDAllow  Count FleetBulls EyeJack S. L.1:10.60
View Details09/15/42Count Fleet1stAqu56 fDAllow  Count FleetVery SnootyNoonday Sun1:12.00
View Details08/15/42Count Fleet2ndWaP66 fDWashington Futurity  OccupationCount FleetBlue Swords1:12.00
View Details08/11/42Count Fleet1stWaP66 fDAllow  Count FleetBlue SwordsHygrohour1:13.00
View Details07/22/42Count Fleet1stEMP55 1/2 fDWakefield  Count FleetRuralesGold Shower1:07.80
View Details07/15/42Count Fleet2ndEMP55 1/2 fDEast View  Gold ShowerCount FleetRurales1:08.00
View Details07/04/42Count Fleet1stEMP45 1/2 fDAllow  Count FleetSamharBullpen1:05.80
View Details06/19/42Count Fleet1stAqu35 1/2 fDMSW  Count FleetSewrd BoundCrest1:06.00
View Details06/15/42Count Fleet2ndAqu55 1/2 fDMSW  SupermontCount FleetQuiz1:06.20
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