• Party Boat (7-2) takes the Memories of Silver on the Aqueduct turf.Posted 2 days ago
  • Dolphus (6-5), Rachel Alexandra's half-brother, wins AQU allowance; Shagaf lastPosted 2 days ago
  • Multiplier (4-1) kicks it in late to get past Hedge Fund in the Illinois Derby.Posted 3 days ago
  • Collected (3-5) rolls home much the best in the Californian.Posted 3 days ago
  • Imperative (5-1) surges past Matt King Coal for his second win in the Charles Town Classic.Posted 3 days ago
  • Itsinthepost (5-2) proves best in Keeneland's Elkhorn.Posted 3 days ago
  • Inordinate (5-2) surges to victory in the San Juan Capistrano.Posted 3 days ago
  • Twisted Tom (5-1) is a game winner of a sloppy Federico Tesio Stakes.Posted 3 days ago
  • Classic Rock (6-5) rolls in the Roar, the Preakness could be next.Posted 4 days ago
  • Unbridled Mo (2-5) holds on to win the Doubledogdare at Keeneland.Posted 4 days ago
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Cougar II


Cougar II - Race Results & Past Performances

View DetailsView Video09/29/73Cougar II3rdBel71 1/2mDWoodward Stakes-G1 3+ MProve OutSecretariatCougar II2:25.80
View DetailsView Video09/15/73Cougar II3rdBel71 1/8 mDMarlboro Cup Invitational Handicap-G1 3+ MSecretariatRiva RidgeCougar II1:45.40
View Details07/23/73Cougar II1stHol81 1/2mTSunset Handicap-G1 3+ MCougar IILife CycleRock Bath2:26.00
View Details06/24/73Cougar II3rdHol81 1/4 mDHollywood Gold Cup-G1 3+ MKennedy RoadQuackCougar II1:59.40
View Details05/27/73Cougar II3rdHol81 1/2mTHollywood Invitational Turf Hcp-G1 3+ MLife CycleWing OutCougar II2:25.60
View Details05/05/73Cougar II1stHol81 3/8 m TCentury Handicap-G1 4+ MCougar IIWing OutLife Cycle2:13.40
View Details04/07/73Cougar II3rdSA81 3/4 mTSan Juan Capistrano Stakes-G1 4+ MQueen's HustlerBig SpruceCougar II2:46.40
View Details03/24/73Cougar II3rdSA81 1/2mTSan Luis Rey 4+ MBig SpruceCiceros Court Cougar II2:27.60
View Details03/10/73Cougar II1stSA81 1/4 mDSanta Anita Handicap-G1 4+ MCougar IIKennedy RoadCabin2:00.00
View Details11/01/72Cougar II1stSA81 1/2mTOak Tree Invitational  3+ MCougar IIQueen's HustlerBicker2:27.20
View Details10/14/72Cougar II1stSA81 1/4 mTCarleton F. Burke Handicap 3+ MCougar IIKentuckianTetrack2:00.20
View Details06/24/72Cougar II3rdHol81 1/2mTHollywood Invitational Turf Hcp 3+ MTypecastViolonor Cougar II2:25.80
View Details05/20/72Cougar II1stHol81 1/16 mDCalifornian Stakes 3+ MCougar IIKennedy RoadMiles Tyson 1:39.20
View Details04/29/72Cougar II1stHol81 3/8 m TCentury Handicap 3+ MCougar IIUnconsciousStar Envoy2:11.00
View Details03/11/72Cougar II2ndSA81 1/4 mDSanta Anita Handicap 4+ MTriple BendCougar IIUnconscious2:00.00
View Details10/31/71Cougar II1stSA81 1/2mTOak Tree Invitational  3+ MCougar IIVegas VicManta 2:24.60
View Details10/02/71Cougar II1stBel71 1/4 mDWoodward Stakes 3+ MCougar IIWest Coast ScoutTinajero2:00.40
View Details07/26/71Cougar II2ndHol82 milesTSunset Handicap 4+ MOver The Counter Cougar IITypecast3:19.20
View Details06/26/71Cougar II1stHol81 1/2mTHollywood Invitational Turf Hcp 4+ MCougar IIFort MarcyDivide And Rule2:26.40
View Details05/22/71Cougar II1stHol81 1/16 mDCalifornian Stakes 3+ MCougar IIMaster HandFleet Surprise1:41.20
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Older Comments about Cougar II...

COUGAR II is the horse that hooked me into this great game! ~ Dell Yount
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  • travel_vic · As you recall she was the heir to the Flosheim Shoe fortune and when she had differences with Shoemakers ride and let him go, all the newspapers reported "Mary gives Shoe the boot!" · 1506 days ago
  • amino998 · Shoe stuck it to her with Kennedy Road as Charlie swept the 73 Hollywood Gold Cup. · 1506 days ago
Cougar II fans need to vote for him, there's someone who is rather uneducated about racing and doesn't comprehend that this was a phenomenal horse and is ranking him down all the time. It's ridiculous. Vote him up!
  • morethanready111 · What a runner! In the money in 44 of 50 starts! And in the money in 34 of 38 in the USA, all stakes! That 88% in the money stat is unreal after that many starts. · 1799 days ago
I find it strange when horses like Cougar II, Zenyatta and Cigar get dismissed by people who ask, "Who did they beat?" while the same people endlessly praise horses who ran in a time when there were almost no horses in training at all.
COUGAR II was in the money 88% of the time after a 50 start career, with 40 of those 44 in-the-money starts being in stakes races. That's incredible. His in-the-money percentage matches FOREGO (also at 88%), and it is far, far, far better than the in the money records of many other superb runners, including: JOHN HENRY, DAHLIA, SEABISCUIT, ASSAULT, CARRY BACK, SHUVEE, NODOUBLE, CRIMSON SATAN, FORT MARCY, GAMELY, NATIVE DIVER, STRAIGHT DEAL, T.V. LARK, GALLORETTE, ANCIENT TITLE, RIVA RIDGE, AUTOBIOGRAPHY, EXCELLER, KEY TO THE MINT, KENNEDY ROAD, TYPECAST, LADY'S SECRET, PRECISIONIST, BAYAKOA, BEST PAL, SWORD DANCER, STYMIE, POLYNESIAN, DEVIL DIVER, BEWITCH, DISCOVERY, SIR BARTON, IMP, GREY LAG, EXTERMINATOR, VIGORS, BIG SPRUCE, etc.
  • Show All 37 Comments
  • icyhotboo · In any sport you can only face the available competition. Champions and contenders in all sports when comparisons are made over a period of time come up against this same question but the answer is always the same as aformentioned. Being a boxing fan I hear this same argument coming up repeatedly. It's hard enough to figure out who was horse of the year let alone horse of the century. Give them all the respect their due for just participating. Sure some were better than others but unless you run against each other 10 times like Affirmed and Alydar you really can't tell. Dr. Fager and Damascus, Spectacular Bid and Affirmed, Seattle Slew and affirmed, Nashua and Swaps, etc.are prime examples. · 1805 days ago
  • buckpasser · Icy. You said it best · 1805 days ago
A month ago this fabulous horse was at 8.50 and now he's at 8.32. Looks like someone has a vendetta, or they just don't know anything about horse racing. He was in the money 44 times from 50 starts, had 40 stakes wins and placings. The horse is great. Knock it off already.
He could definitely beat almost all of the horses ranked ahead of him.
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  • travel_vic · If the race was long enough...This one was a very deep closer and when you go up against speed. like an Ack Ack that takes too big a late move to get there. · 1950 days ago
  • travel_vic · comparing trans generationally is a joke to begin with: NOTHING about racing was the same even ten years ago with alll the drugged champions akin to the baseballers who hit home runs. Top of the phoney list is the Brown Out, Big Brown · 1950 days ago
The memories are still so vivid! Simply amazing.
  • travel_vic · ran 2nd to HOY ACK ACK and third to HOY Secretariat and actually played surrogate to win HOY for Ack Ack after shipping east and destorying their best in his place, · 1992 days ago
  • travel_vic · saw his first North American start at Del Mar too · 1992 days ago
Just because some fan got carried away a while back and scored everyone down just to score him up doesn't mean that you should vote this horse down. He most definitely belongs in the Top 100. Look at his race record, it's spectacular.
  • travel_vic · You and I both know that Mike...loved the BloodHorse articel · 1999 days ago
  • travel_vic · People forget he ran third to Secretairat and 2nd to Ack Ack and that is good company · 1999 days ago
Here's a link to an article I wrote for Bloodhorse online about COUGAR II: http://cs.bloodhorse.com/blogs/racinghub/archive/2011/10/01/Remembering-the-Cougar.aspx
This was a great horse. It's ridiculous to see most of the horses ahead of him. He belongs in the top 50.
My ALL TIME --Favorite
Now the overly excited Cougar fan is ranking down literally every horse in the top 40 so that he can bring Cougar back up! LOL! Classic!
  • MikeSek · Even I, the major league COUGAR II fan, can keep this all in perspective. I have done my top 100 ranking of all time and COUGAR II comes in at #24. He's my favorite, and has always been #1 in my heart, but I can't say he's the #1 racehorse of all time just because I love him. Could he beat most anyone on his very best day? He sure could. Still, for me to say he is #24 of all time is sure ranking him way, way up there when you consider how many horses have competed in the USA since racing first started! He is One of the Ones! In this prior post I was just agreeing that some people are getting carried away by insulting some great horses, that's all, and I don't agree with that. · 2183 days ago
Cougar was great. He had a beautiful presence and personality. He was consistent as they come, both on turf and dirt, in the money 44 of 50 times! Don't vote him down just because he has a few nutty fans.
  • MikeSek · I love seeing COUGAR ranked very high, I really do, because I think he deserves it. I just don't think great horses like DAMASCUS need to be ranked down at the same time. So I'm going to have to agree with you. I think it's one thing to give your favorite horse a vote of 10, which is fine, but it's another thing to hand out 3's and 4's to great horses like DAMASCUS at the same time. · 2183 days ago
Why not just give your horse a vote of 10 and move on? What's with all the bad votes for other horses, with the purpose of elevating your favorite? I absolutely love COUGAR but this is silly.
Oh wow...now the phantom Cougar fan has gone even more bananas! This time he has knocked Damascus and Nashua down to 8.91. I thought this was about ranking the best horses of all time, not your favorites. Keep Cougar in the top 40 but you don't have to get ridiculous, and you don't have to denigrate other, greater, horses.
I'm as big a COUGAR II fan as any - maybe the biggest - but seriously folks...in the last 20 minutes someone rated DAMASCUS and NASHUA down from 9.0 to 8.96 just so they could move COUGAR II up. Do what you want, but I think you're getting carried away. How low a score did you give to DAMASCUS and NASHUA, two of the greatest horses of all time, to get them to drop like that? They deserve 10's, but you probably gave them 3's. They're far better than that.
  • morethanready111 · There is definitely a top 20 or 25 of all time, in which Cougar doesn't quite fit. He should come in right after that, though, because he was totally awesome. Giving bad votes to Damascus, Nashua, Whirlaway and Kelso to move Cougar into the top 10 or 20 is a little bit off base. What's wrong with him being at #30 or #35 where he belongs? · 2184 days ago
Funny how the Cougar II fans keep ranking down Buckpasser and Damascus and other great horses, repeatedly, so they can rank Cougar higher. Buckpasser and Damascus, and even several others, deserve better, wouldn't you say?
  • morethanready111 · Don't get me wrong, though, Cougar was great, and he does belong somewhere in the top 40 or 50. I would personally rank him at #30. I am not putting this horse down by any means. · 2186 days ago
I think maybe some people are getting carried away with voting for Cougar. He was a great horse, to be sure, and on his best day he could probably beat anyone or come very close to doing so, but I think Top 20 is slightly generous. He was equally good on turf and dirt, always carried top weight, and was the proverbial gem of consistency, so I would put him in the Top 50, most definitely. I just think putting him above Whirlaway, War Admiral, Kelso, Buckpasser, Ack Ack, Damascus, etc., is slightly over the top. However, I think this was a great horse.
  • jackie999 · He truly was a jewel. He was a ham, an attention-grabber, and he could run. He would run circles around the horses we have running today. · 2195 days ago
  • MikeSek · COUGAR II sure was great. The editors at the Bloodhorse need to revise their book of the greatest 100 thoroughbreds and put him in there. I would definitely place him in the top 40. · 2195 days ago
Top Rated Horse of his time but not quite as good as Manilla
A truly spectacular horse with an enormous fan following!

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