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Horse Racing Simulation created a dream matchup race of Zenyatta vs. nine other all-time greats: Cigar, Affirmed, Citation, Seabiscuit, Ruffian, Barbaro and others. Read More
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  • Sullivan · 9f at Pimlico. Ruffian and Affirmed weren't burn outs, and that's why I didn't say they were. Affirmed was game, but only when he looked the other horse in the eye. You could rally right past him like Alydar did in the Champagne I believe if you were going fast enough. The idea Ruffian could hold off Citation seems to be a little nutsy, I think sixth to two TC winners, two BCC winners and a damn good handicap male isn't that bad · 79 days ago ·
  • Mary Z. · Can't picture her not on the lead and keeping it. Hey, maybe that really mean guy will show up. He likes these types of threads. Gets the girls cyber screaming at him. micetic. · 79 days ago ·
One of racing's golden ages strikes a chord.Read More
Seabiscuit won the inaugural Hollywood Gold Cup in 1938. Citation finally became the first equine millionaire in his final race, the Gold Cup of 1951. So many superb horses contested on the now shuttered oval. What were the best races of the last 75 years at Hollywood Park?
With the opening of Saratoga and Del Mar this weekend, any regular follower of the game knows that the Monmouth Park is not in the spotlight. Nonetheless, the Saturday feature is a stakes race loaded with history: the Jersey Derby. Race sound familiar? The Jersey Derby was once a prominent fixture o...Read More
Who had the best two year old season in America? It’s a tossup between many good ones, including Citation, Man o’ War, Affirmed and Native Dancer. The paramount three year old season certainly belongs to Citation, who won 19 of 20, with a second to Saggy at muddy Havre de Grace three weeks before his muddy Derby. He even took the Jersey Stakes between the Preakness and the Belmont. Big Cy defeated older horses 7 times as a three year old, including Horse of the Year Armed twice in his first two races. These early season victories prompted Sunny Jim Fitzsimmons to utter the praise “Up to this point Citation’s done more than any horse I ever saw, and I saw Man o’ War.” Ranked #3 by Blood-Horse, the leading money winner of the world had the honor of being the first champion to be painted by Richard Stone Reeves.
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  • kay.robinett · Another great two year old filly (whose form, sadly, did not hold up as an older racer) was Moccasin. · 322 days ago ·
  • airedale2008 · Favorite Trick, La Prevoyante, Moccasin, Hamburg, Domino, Colin, Tremont, Cicada (owned by nearby meadow Stud) and Buckpasser. All great names from the past who had nice two year old seasons. Horses of old seemed to have more stamina, as evidenced by the longer courses then. With today’s equipment, training techniques, nutrition and better track surfaces, how would these two year olds fare against modern horses? Maybe this is a stupid question, but can the modern horse be better bred for both stamina and speed, as they did more of years ago? · 322 days ago ·
how is he above Count Fleet? i get that he made a lot of money but im still confused.
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  • airedale2008 · In Citation’s first defeat, three Calumet runners finished 1-2-3. Undefeated Bewitch bested undefeated Citation by a length, with Free America just a head behind in the Washington Park Futurity. What is the truth to the rumor that Jimmy Jones decided the order of finish, or that the jockeys colluded to split the purse money ahead of time? Articles in the Daily Racing Form and Chicago Tribune that day seem to confirm that it was legitimate. Ardent Citation fans, however, might vote for a Jimmy Jones decision for Citation to allow Bewitch to prevail, as she was leading coming down the stretch. Where after 66 years does the elusive truth lie? As many know, in his last race Citation had a great finish to his career and finally became a millionaire. Bewitch took second in this 1951 Gold Cup to pass Gallorette as the richest of her sex, with over $460,000 in earnings. · 350 days ago ·
  • amino998 · Interesting>> the part about the jockeys from the same barn splitting purses was a common occurrence. · 350 days ago ·
The new points system has had enough debate. Let’s take a more radical look at the Kentucky Derby and think about what would change if the maximum field were 14. Read More
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  • icyhotboo · "He doesn't necessarily have to win Saturday to go to the (Kentucky) Derby, but he has to run the right kind of race. If he doesn't, we won't go. I want the horse to take me there." McGaughey/ If more owner trainers let the horse guide them, they wouldn't have to set a 20 horse limit, because about half of them in a 20 horse field aren't ready or are strictly sprinters that clog up the field at some point and foul it up for others when they rapidly fall back. · 385 days ago ·
  • icyhotboo · I know this is said almost every year, but this year there does seem to be many quality horses. · 385 days ago ·
In search of a Derby winner, blogger Jasen Mangrum stumbles across some Kentucky Derby glory in his own back yard.Read More
Day two of my 48 hour horse racing odyssey in South Florida continued into Sunday morning with no more sleep than I enjoyed the night before. I find that on trips like these, a fair amount of sleep deprivation only heightens the senses to be more susceptible to the fun. That’s my story and I’m stick...Read More
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  • butchcassidy8504 · Well said Brian. Those are exactly my thoughts of Hialeah. Also your interpretation of the long nights and qucks turnarounds into the next morning was described perfectly as you know that is just what us die-hards do everytime. It was great seeing you this weekend and thanks again my friend. :) · 449 days ago ·
  • BrianZipse · Rest In Peace, Sam Abbey, Hialeah Park's beloved Director of Racing. · 421 days ago ·
1. Marlboro Cup (1973-1987) It may have been short lived, but during its’ fifteen year run in the 70’s and 80’s, there was no better race run in America than the Marlboro Cup. Its roll call of runners reads like a who’s who of dirt racing beginning with the inaugural edition when Secretariat defeate...Read More
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  • kay.robinett · The Michigan Mile.. only time any horses of any quality came to the state...back when we had thoroughbred racing at all... (honorable mention to all of the races New York has gutted distance wise, such as the CCA Oaks, the Personal Ensign, the JCGC, the Mother Goose etc. etc. which are now mere echos of what they once were). · 456 days ago ·
  • LarryDickson · I also miss Marlboro Cup, Flamingo, Widener, Washington International. Michigan Mile and an eigth was the big event for the track. Meadowlands Cup became a dismisses race after Breeder's Cup started. I preferred the California Derby being run after the Santa Anita Derby when a horse could come up and surprise at Derby time, such as Casual Lies. I also remember when the Garden State Stakes was a big event for two year olds. Other races were run late at Aqueduct which allowed horses to stretch out over distances of ground. I particularly miss the races run at 12 to 18 furlongs. · 452 days ago ·
Maybe not to the extent of great American pioneers like Albert Einstein, Henry Ford or the Wright Brothers, but my money is on Kerry Thomas, who I believe will revolutionize the thought process of breeding and purchasing thoroughbred race horses, and is poised to start a racing partnership much diff...Read More
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  • goblin · My computer is doing it's own thing this A.M. I've been learning about Kerry Thomas and THT from Pete's blog on BH, and I think the herd dynamic approach has much promise. So glad to see this write-up here on HRN. · 455 days ago ·
  • UnionRagsRules · I have always thought this is how race horses should be looked at. Forget pedigree and conformation, look into the horse for the heart it requires to win such a title. · 454 days ago ·
Who were the greatest male and female horses by decade of the past 100 years?Read More
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  • Junebug719 · Very nice choices/// As always, everyone has their favorite and there are "favorites" of each person. But thanks for the list... I miss watching them · 477 days ago ·
  • CharleneWerden · I keep hearing how the 70's were so greatest but what about the 40's with Whirlaway, Count Fleet, Citation?? I haven't noticed anyone's list but mine would start out with the greatest, Man O' War! · 475 days ago ·
They all get beat, or so the saying goes. Eclipse never did though. In fact, the English colt retired in 1771 with a perfect record of 19-for-19 because there was no competition left to take him on. You know the saying: “Eclipse first, the rest nowhere.” Colin was undefeated, too, winning 15 straigh...Read More
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  • travel_vic · most successive victories in a row? Camarero 56 wins · 554 days ago ·
  • travel_vic · Many of Eclipse's run were walkovers: June 15 Winchester, (4 mile heats) walkover, June 28 Salisbury King's Plate walkover, July 25th, Canterbury King's Plate walkover. 1770 April 17th beat a single horse Bucephalus going 4 miles 1 furlong 138 yards, June 5th Guilford 4 mile heats walkover, July 3rd 4 mile heats at Guildford a walkover, July 3rd Nottingham walker,August 20th York walkover, Sptember 3 Lincoln King's Plate 4 mile heats, walkover, October 4th Newmarjet 4 mile heats, walkover. · 554 days ago ·
Citation, then the world's leading money winning Thoroughbred, was paraded before a crowd of 28,000 at Arlington Park in his last public appearance at a track before being retired to stud.Read More
Six year old Citation, the first Thoroughbred to earn $1 million, was retired.Read More
Cessna Aircraft Company named their new business jet after the eighth Triple Crown champion. A nice honor for Citation, who became the first millionaire on the track in his last race, the 1951 Hollywood Gold Cup.
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  • travel_vic · almost EVERTHING that happens in racing today, happened before. Those privy to the lessons of its history need only to have simple abilities at pattern recognition to see them come again. · 652 days ago ·
  • buckpasser · Or as Karl Marx said history repeats itself first as tragedy then as farce. · 652 days ago ·
How many Kentucky Derby glasses do you own?Read More
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  • RonMicetic · Have all the Derby glasses from the 1940 aluminum to present except for the bakelites. Derby programs from 1921 on. · 695 days ago ·
  • Firehorse21 · I got 24 glasses and im still collecting and two of them are triple crown winners and they are my fave · 668 days ago ·
After riding Citation to victory in the Belmont, jockey Eddie Arcaro became the only rider in history to have won two Triple Crowns.Read More
The Top 10 Horses to run on American soil according to ZATT. Let’s count it down…10) Native Dancer - The Gray Ghost was racing’s first television star and so dominated his peers of 1952 through 1954...Read More
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  • kay.robinett · Too hard to compare Man O War and Secretariat. Man O War had to carry a lot more weight (130 pounds five times as a two year old), did not have a starting gate, and even wore shoes which were a lot heavier and clunkier. Whereas Secretariat had to deal with much larger fields. The conditions they raced under were just too different for direct comparisons. But I hope someday I get to see their match race in heaven. ;-) · 677 days ago ·
  • Shakis · Murder's Row to be sure, Swaps set a few world records, would've been tough to run him down from behind · 676 days ago ·
Contested at 1 ½ miles at Belmont Park in New York, the Belmont Stakes, for 3-year old thoroughbreds, is the longest and final race of the American Triple Crown series. It is aptly known as the "Test of a Champion" for being the most demanding and challenging race for a prospective winner in pursuit...Read More

Citation - Race Results & Past Performances

View Details07/14/51Citation1stBHP71 1/4 mDHollywood Gold Cup  CitationBewitchBe Fleet2:01.00
View Details07/04/51Citation1stBHP71 1/8 mDAmerican Handicap  CitationBewitchSturdy One1:48.40
View Details06/14/51Citation1stBHP71 mileD   CitationBe FleetSturdy One1:10.80
View Details05/30/51Citation2ndBHP71 1/16 mDArgonaut Handicap  Be FleetCitationSturdy One1:42.00
View Details05/11/51Citation4thBHP76 fDHollywood Premiere Hcp.  Special TouchMnyunkBullrgh Jr.1:10.00
View Details04/26/51Citation3rdBM86 fDAllow  Pancho SupremeA LarkCitation1:09.80
View Details04/18/51Citation3rdBM86 fDAllow  A LarkPancho SupremeCitation1:09.80
View Details06/24/50Citation2ndGG81 1/4 mDGolden Gate Handicap  Noor CitationOn Trust1:34.00
View Details06/17/50Citation2ndGG81 1/8 mDForty-Niners Handicap  Noor CitationRoman In1:34.80
View Details06/03/50Citation1stGG81 mileDGolden Gate Mile  CitationBoleroOn Trust1:33.60
View Details05/17/50Citation2ndGG76 fDAllow  Roman InCitationBlue Border1:08.40
View Details03/04/50Citation2ndSA71 3/4 mDSan Juan Capistrano Handicap  Noor CitationMocopo2:52.80
View Details02/25/50Citation2ndSA71 1/4 mDSanta Anita Handicap  Noor CitationTwo Lea2:00.00
View Details02/11/50Citation2ndSA71 1/8 mDSan Antonio Handicap  PonderCitationNoor 1:50.20
View Details01/26/50Citation2ndSA76 fD   MicheCitationHuon Kid1:11.40
View Details01/11/50Citation1stSA46 fDAllow  CitationBold GallantRoman In1:11.40
View Details12/11/48Citation1stTAN71 1/4 mDTanforan Handicap  CitationStepfatherSee-tee-see1:37.60
View Details12/03/48Citation1stTAN76 fDAllow  CitationBold GallantRoman In1:12.00
View Details10/29/48Citation1stPim61 3/16 mDPimlico Special  Citation  1:59.80
View Details10/20/48Citation1stBel62 milesDJockey Club Gold Cup  CitationPhalanxBeauchef3:21.60
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