• Party Boat (7-2) takes the Memories of Silver on the Aqueduct turf.Posted 2 days ago
  • Dolphus (6-5), Rachel Alexandra's half-brother, wins AQU allowance; Shagaf lastPosted 2 days ago
  • Multiplier (4-1) kicks it in late to get past Hedge Fund in the Illinois Derby.Posted 3 days ago
  • Collected (3-5) rolls home much the best in the Californian.Posted 3 days ago
  • Imperative (5-1) surges past Matt King Coal for his second win in the Charles Town Classic.Posted 3 days ago
  • Itsinthepost (5-2) proves best in Keeneland's Elkhorn.Posted 3 days ago
  • Inordinate (5-2) surges to victory in the San Juan Capistrano.Posted 3 days ago
  • Twisted Tom (5-1) is a game winner of a sloppy Federico Tesio Stakes.Posted 3 days ago
  • Classic Rock (6-5) rolls in the Roar, the Preakness could be next.Posted 4 days ago
  • Unbridled Mo (2-5) holds on to win the Doubledogdare at Keeneland.Posted 4 days ago
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Kentucky (USA) by Roy Jackson  -  Gretchen Jackson  -  [Add Data]

Barbaro - Race Results & Past Performances

View Details05/20/06Barbaro9thPim121 3/16 mDPreakness Stakes-G1 3 MBernardiniSweetnorthernsaintHemingway's Key1:54.65
View DetailsView Video05/06/06Barbaro1stCD101 1/4 mDKentucky Derby-G1 3 MBarbaroBluegrass CatSteppenwolfer2:01.36
View Details04/01/06Barbaro1stGP121 1/8 mDFlorida Derby-G1 3 MBarbaroSharp HumorSunriver1:49.00
View Details02/04/06Barbaro1stGP91 1/8 mDHoly Bull-G3 3 MBarbaroGreat PointMy Golden Song1:49.31
View Details01/01/06Barbaro1stCrc111 1/8 mTTropical Park Derby-G3 3 MBarbaroWise RiverLewis Michael1:46.65
View Details11/19/05Barbaro1stLrl61 1/16 mTLaurel Futurity Stakes 2 MBarbaroDiabolicalExton1:40.17
View DetailsView Video10/04/05Barbaro1stDel71 mileTMSW 2 MBarbaroJade's RevengeAnasazi Moon1:35.80
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Q of the D: What do think was the most impressive Kentucky Derby of the 2000's?
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  • amino998 · Fu Peg was a beaut and the overhead shot of Calvin’s BoRail style paying off bigtime {it’s like they’re standing still LAZ :)} is here >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loBnndmMNFI << · 1041 days ago
  • LAZMANNICK · Amino that shiney stuff on Borail's legs was butter. · 1041 days ago
Amazing-a hero
watching his documentary. i had no idea how special this horse was to so many people. such a shame. i think he would have had a huge shot at the Triple Crown.
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  • Mary Z. · Laz, I think you didn't get what I meant about the no potatoes, no tomatoes. Anyway, I can't use my passport unless I only want to go somewhere for two days. Maybe some other time. I'm doing great, though, considering. That was really sad about gorgeous Barbaro, but who knows if he should have gone through the months of recovery . Maybe much easier to say no, knowing the result. I noticed that he could not walk right with all of the metal support in his leg. Hard to think about him like that. I remember thinking when he won the Florida Derby that he would one day be disqualified fir that much bumping--did it early on in the Florida Derby, but then some of the really good ones do bull their way through. · 1083 days ago
  • Mary Z. · Looking forward to a safe Preakness for all. I have worried about Chrome's legs, too. Kids and older kids need a TC winner. Nothing like that. · 1083 days ago
RIP Barbaro. April 29, 2003 - January 29, 2007.
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  • travel_vic · even minor flailing in that gate can cause lots of damage. We had one flip and the assistant starters laid on top of the horse to keep it calm while they moved the gate after the others were removed. As I said the assisstant starters are "crazy" brave. · 1084 days ago
  • kay.robinett · At Dubai this year one of the horses had a problem in the gate and a vet very carefully checked the horse over (ran hands up and down his legs, watched his movement very carefully, etc.) I remember wondering if something like that might have saved Barbaro. I was very glad when they scratched E,press of Midway, and wish they had scratched that nice California filly who had gate troubles in the Oaks as well. · 1083 days ago
Does anyone know where I can watch the full broadcast of the 2006 Kentucky Derby? I'm surprised it isn't on youtube, as many other years are.
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  • UnionRagsRules · I found it with post race. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ienAR6vgVLo · 1125 days ago
  • RichChatter · Yeah, I've seen that one. I'd thought I'd seen the full one in the past, but perhaps I am mistaken. Perhaps someone knows of it somewhere. Or has it and can upload it. Thanks anyway. · 1125 days ago
There will NEVER be another horse like Barbaro or Secretariat!
  • travel_vic · Barbaro cannot be compared to Red at ANY level. A flash in the pan that did not do that much. Not even close · 1202 days ago
  • kaitlinefree1 · how could you consider Barbaro a "flash in the pan" he didn't just fade away, he was injured. · 1202 days ago
i think he would have been one of the best race horses this country had sever seen if he didnt get injured so early on he will always be rememebred
  • Show All 6 Comments
  • travel_vic · Slew was more impressive, Affirmed was more impressive, even good old Canonero · 1226 days ago
  • travel_vic · I strongly dislike the colt, but even the Brown Out was more impressive · 1226 days ago
My favorite Derby victory. So sad he never got to truly develop into the superstar he could have been. Hope Matz gets another star in his barn soon as I love him as a trainehttp://youtu.be/ienAR6vgVLor
I still remember when i found this jewl of a gem after his madien race. I turned and told to the guy next to me triple crown is on his radar and hes my early favorite for the derby. He never left my number 1 spot never disapointed me in any race. Miss ya barbaro was great when i got to see you up close will never forget it. Your biggest fan truly MK
6 years ago today, the great Barbaro was put down. R.I.P. Barbaro, I Love YOU!!!!
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  • travel_vic · SS should have come down for repeatedly bearing in the last half of the lane. · 1546 days ago
  • travel_vic · But the clowns at Old Hilltop seem to not want to break with tradition as Codex stayed up too. · 1546 days ago
6 years.... wow. Not a day goes by where I don't miss him.
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  • travel_vic · Heads should have rolled with the gate vet. ANY TIME a baby rapped the gate, our vet assumed a possible tendon or ligament could have been weakened and did the logical thing: PASS the race today and be safe. · 1546 days ago
  • notobsessed · I've observed that sometimes the gate vet lets them run and sometimes they scratch them, no consistency in the decisions. Possibly scratching the Derby winner from the Preakness was not something the gate vet was prepared to do. · 1546 days ago
It's been six years since Barbaro was put down. His life lived short, the memories he gave me will be remembered forever. What memories can I start with??? I remember watching his maiden win, while the announcer screamed "Barbaro a star in the making!", now a call that makes me sad evertime I listen to it. I remember cashing in on him in the Holy Bull, and telling my friend, who's wife just weeks before, that we should go see his FL Derby. I remember the undercard of the FL Derby. My friend and I were partnering up, and were down 450 on the day. Then, we went to the paddock, right before the FL Derby, the first time I laid eyes on him. Is asked my friend "Why is a quarter horse in the paddock?" Then realizing it was Barbaro. I remember betting Barbaro $20 WP on the FL Derby. As the went off, Barbaro rated speedster Sharp Humor the entire way. As the stretch came out, Barbaro (in m eyes) looked emptied. I yelled (something like) "Damn! Another loser!" Then, he suddenly was catching up. He and Sharp Humor dueled, and I was speechless. He fell back a nose, and came back. We then went right near the winner circle, and I smiled because Barbaro was the happiest horse I have ever seen. I remember videtaping me predicting a TC to Barbaro. I remember betting him 200 to win in the derby. And watching him win by six lengths. I remember when the gate crew put him back in the gate, tragically, he injured himself. I remember my then five year old writing/drawing a card "Get Well Soon Barbaro" I remember the da he died. My favorite horse of all time, R.I.P Barbaro.
Just wondering .. if youcould brink one horse who's career ended prematurely backto the track to finsh thier career injury free - who would it be and why? It would be a toss up for me between Ruffian and Barbaro - with Barbaro getting my final vote. Primarily because I think Barbaro had more of a carrer left after the injury than Ruffian did. Even if Barbaro had not won the triple crown (which I believe he would have) He would have gone on to be a powerful contender - I think Ruffian was on her way out. This is pure speculation of course, but I am curious to see what others think.
Ruffian was a proven brilliant animal, the jury was still out on the other one
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  • rafirox · As much as I love Barbaro, he WAS unproven. Ruffian was proven as a GREAT horse. · 1578 days ago
  • rafirox · You are right, TV. · 1578 days ago
Brink= bring. I can spell.
Did his dam have another brither of Barbaro back in 2011
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  • TheyAreOff · If he races and if he starts as a two year old. He should start next year. Hopefully this one will be a success. · 1580 days ago
  • TheyAreOff · I forgot. Thanks* · 1580 days ago
They should make a movie about him soon, IMO.
  • Show All 9 Comments
  • rafirox · Thanks for the info, Armada, I was not aware of that. · 1587 days ago
  • icyhotboo · This could have been a great horse and could have established a rivalry with Bernardini. Barbaro's ability to run on both turf and dirt with authority I think it was sets him a little apart from other horses without enough to base a solid opinion on. · 1586 days ago
Browsing youtube and I found this and couldn't help but to share this, it for all horse racing fan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYkF046ERtU
  • rafirox · I have seen this plenty of times, and it will never get old, thank you for sharing! · 1587 days ago
Asked for a painting by Nick Martinez of one of my favorites for Christmas. Truly think he would have taken the triple crown. He was just so talented, didn't even look like he broke a sweat in the Derby. Wish we could have seen what he could really do. RIP Barbaro
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  • rafirox · Then again, MOW had an excuse.... · 1596 days ago
  • travel_vic · Read the accounts of the race and the incompetent starter who had a history of the same. Marshall Cassidy had been to an all night bash and was too hung over to come in that day. · 1595 days ago
For people who disagree, or annoyed, please do not respond: "The Derby is a race where often the best horse doesn't win, but today it was pretty obvious the best horse (Barbaro) did." Paraphrased off the top of my head, so not sure if it the exact words or not.
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  • cocoa2 · Most 2 year old races I'd say · 1615 days ago
  • travel_vic · I have swept two cards in all the years I have played......The one that was cancelled for weather after 4 was the easier of the two. · 1615 days ago

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