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Affirmed Silks Breed, Own & Train horses like
in DerbyVille!


Florida (USA) by Harbor View Farm

Affirmed - Race Results & Past Performances

View DetailsView Video10/06/79Affirmed1stBel81 1/2mDJockey Club Gold Cup 3+ MAffirmedSpectacular BidCoastal2:27.40
View DetailsView Video09/22/79Affirmed1stBel81 1/4 mDWoodward Stakes-G1 3+ MAffirmedCoastalCzaravich2:01.60
View Details08/29/79Affirmed1stBel61 mileDAllow 4+ MAffirmedIsland SultanPrefontaine1:34.00
View DetailsView Video06/24/79Affirmed1stHP101 1/4 mDHollywood Gold Cup-G1 4 MAffirmedSirladText1:58.40
View Details05/20/79Affirmed1stHP81 1/16 mDCalifornian Stakes-G1 4 MAffirmedSyncopateHarry's Love1:41.40
View DetailsView Video03/04/79Affirmed1stSA81 1/4 mDSanta Anita Handicap-G1 4 MAffirmedTillerExceller1:58.60
View Details02/04/79Affirmed1stSA81 1/4 mDStrub Stakes-G1 4 MAffirmedJohnny's ImageQuip2:01.00
View Details01/20/79Affirmed2ndSA81 1/8 mDSan Fernando Stakes-G2 4 MRadar AheadAffirmedLittle Reb1:48.00
View Details01/07/79Affirmed3rdSA57 fDMalibu Stakes-G1 4 MLittle RebRadar AheadAffirmed1:21.00
View DetailsView Video10/14/78Affirmed5thBel51 1/2mDJockey Club Gold Cup-G1 3 MExcellerSeattle SlewGreat Contractor2:27.20
View DetailsView Video09/16/78Affirmed2ndBel31 1/8 mDMarlboro Cup Invitational-G1 3+ MSeattle SlewAffirmedNasty and Bold1:45.80
View DetailsView Video08/19/78Affirmed2ndSar41 1/4 mDTravers Stakes-G1 3 MAlydarAffirmedNasty and Bold2:02.00
View DetailsView Video08/08/78Affirmed1stSar51 1/8 mDJim Dandy-G3 3 MAffirmedSensitive PrinceAddison1:47.80
View DetailsView Video06/10/78Affirmed1stBel81 1/2mDBelmont Stakes-G1 3 MAffirmedAlydarDarby Creek Road2:26.80
View DetailsView Video05/20/78Affirmed1stPim81 3/16 mDPreakness Stakes-G1 3 MAffirmedAlydarBelieve It1:54.40
View DetailsView Video05/06/78Affirmed1stCD81 1/4 mDKentucky Derby-G1 3 MAffirmedAlydarBelieve It2:01.20
View Details04/16/78Affirmed1stHP51 1/8 mDHollywood Derby-G1 3 MAffirmedThink SnowRadar Ahead1:48.20
View DetailsView Video04/02/78Affirmed1stSA81 1/8 mDSanta Anita Derby-G1 3 MAffirmedBalzacThink Snow1:48.00
View Details03/18/78Affirmed1stSA61 1/16 mDSan Felipe Stakes-G2 3 MAffirmedChance DancerTampoy1:42.60
View Details03/08/78Affirmed1stSA56 1/2 fDAllow  AffirmedSpotted ChargerDon F.1:15.60
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Q of the D : aside from Affirmed & Alydar, who had the greatest rivalry?
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  • tmallios · You accused the man of something. I asked you for an example,not a poetic verse. I am sure any opinion that you have come to ,was as all of the others you opine on. YOU READ IT SOMEWHERE. So please let the cat out of the bag and give us your reasons . · 715 days ago
  • drvivianbell · HAHAHA, a poetic verse ... good one, tmallios. · 715 days ago
OOPS sorry I got a little carried away.......He will be a quarter horse winner......but in the money ......we hope.
To all Affirmed fans: On the 8th on November 2013, We just had a 4th generation to Affirmed. He is a Palameno by Moon and Chrystal. He is beautiful! His name is Moons Chrystal Pike. Keep your eyes open he could be the next Triple Crown Winner..........
this book i'm reading that i got from the library, its like bigger than a computer, its just huge. anyways, the guys who wrote it said that Affirmed was the definition of perfection. & that he was the best racehorse they had ever seen, better than Secretariat & Man o' War. how could that even be possible? not to take anything away from Affirmed.
  • travel_vic · very good conformation · 1053 days ago
  • kaitlinefree1 · i got a book about racing in the 20s to the 50s. & Man o' War had a GREAT conformation. he was truly perfect. · 1053 days ago
You can criticize me all you want.... And I know no one will agree with me... I honestly believe Affirmed was the best or second best horse of all time. He just might have been better that Red. If I'm not mistaken, Affirmed was the only TC winner ever to have to beat Alydar. Have you ever heard of Alydar??? I think he's an ok horse..... Sarcasm aside now, Affirmed was the only one ever to have to beat Alydar three times in five weeks on three tracks in three distances. He beat in so many times, and this comment is also complimenting Alydar a lot. He has the most heart I've ever seen. He never let Alydar by him. I watched the Belmont with my dad in '78 (he was rooting for Alydar) And he was screaming at mid stretch " He's gonna get him, He's gonna get him!) I was rooting for Affirmed, and I was screaming keep fighting, keep fighting!!! He never would let Alydar by him. I believe he was capable of beating any horse who ever live. I understand Red had to beat Sham three times as well, but Alydar had more talent than Sham.
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  • kaitlinefree1 · Affirmed is DEFINITELY top 7ish. i couldn't necessarily say top five. in this book, there are FIVE pages on Affirmed, four on Slew, A PAGE & A HALF on Secretariat, & two pages on Nijinksy. how is that even fair. · 1053 days ago
  • kaitlinefree1 · i like this book & it has super great information in it & things that i didn't know, but it is very biased. · 1053 days ago
  • Show All 3 Comments
  • rafirox · Thank you for sharing, Sword. Wonderful article. · 1121 days ago
  • travel_vic · Into his 4 y/o season Barrera lamented that he pushed him too much which accounted for body soreness and a less than stellar start that Winter at Santa Anita. · 1121 days ago
Affirmed and Alydar was a great ride to watch, but I think he is too high on list.
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  • travel_vic · I was lucky enough to have met Laz at Anita and he signed the winner's circle shot from the Jockey Club Gold Cup over Bid.....Nice guy, and HE said Affirmed was the best he ever trained.....People IN THE KNOW, realize where he ranks in the hierarchy of best all time. · 1179 days ago
  • footlick · Very versatile horse as far as where he could be rated. Did not need the lead and that was his best asset. They could adapt their tactics as the race unfolded. JMO. · 1179 days ago
Boy! Someone has been awfully busy in the last few days ranking down Affirmed and Spectacular Bid. If you're giving horses like this less than a 10 you should go away.
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  • rafirox · I'm sorry, section 21-C, :P. · 1313 days ago
  • icyhotboo · It occurred to me for the few malcontents giving horses like Secretariat 3s to make the ratings fair from their viewpoint it seems there are enough people who vote honestly so that these rating aren't as far off as they should be considering the finagling off these few. · 1313 days ago
SS beat him plenty. Why is he above SS on rankings?
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  • UnionRagsRules · AD, maybe we can see that with RA's colt and Z's colt in 2015. I just hope for 2016 Z has a filly like RA is. The unsolved mystery of who was better now moved to whos a better mom! lol · 1375 days ago
  • loran53@hotmail.com · Much as I hate to admit it, I have to agree with URR here. Slew beat Affirmed twice in 2 meetings. IMO, 3 yos have pretty much caught up with the ollder horses by the fall. Look at all the 3 yos who beat older horses & became HOY: Sword Dancer, Kelso, Buckpasser, Damascus, Sunday Silence, Curlin, etc. · 1375 days ago
The 1978 Triple Crown season was the best I have ever witnessed. Affirmed and Alydar, driving down the stretch, neck and neck, Alydar just couldn't get by him. And young phenom Steve Cauthen in the irons. Horse racing at it's best.
Nice tribute with photos here: http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/slideshows/slideshow/Affirmed/affirmed-a-photographic-tribute
Affirmed & Alydar, Easy Goer & Sunday Silence, Bodemeister and I'll Have Another?
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  • Mary Z. · See, the thing is, for me, you'd have to get, let's say Joe Talamo, as a stand in for cutie Steve Cauthen , otherwise, no, this new rivalry falls short. Unintended pun. · 1440 days ago
  • timgsmith10 · I was standing,Screaming , That race was Fantastic. · 1440 days ago
What would a $5 win ticket for each of the 3 triple crown races on Affirmed be worth? Also have on for him on the Travers, though he was brought down to 2nd on an objection
He might be the last triple crown winner ever
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  • cocoa2 · All the horse has to do is be better than the rest. · 1477 days ago
  • travel_vic · any COLT winning the triple has to be LUCKY as well · 1477 days ago
Bloodhorse Ranks Affirmed #12- Spectacular Bid #10, totally illogical considering Affirmed proved his dominence ove SB on the racetrack twice without breaking a sweat.
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  • travel_vic · If they met ten times Affirmed would have dominated the majority of the meetings · 1483 days ago
  • travel_vic · Affirmed one of the most adaptable, gritty front running horses I have ever witnessed. Barrera once stated: He is tougher than a five cent steak! · 1483 days ago
Affirmed - Feb 21, 1975 to Jan 12, 2001. United State Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing Champion 1978
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  • travel_vic · Barrera often said that his life long wish was to return to Cuba to visit his mother;s grave. He never got back there · 1529 days ago
  • cocoa2 · Nice story. · 1529 days ago
My favorite horse of all time (aside from Secretariat) because he's the only one who ever had to fight Alydar for the Triple Crown.
  • cocoa2 · Actually, Believe It, Darby Road Creek and a few more fought for the Triple Crown. · 1551 days ago
Affirmed was such an awesome horse, with such a big heart...who can forget the duel race of the century against his rival Alydar, in the Belmont Stakes to take it by a nose...I just completed his career history. He had 29 starts at 22-5-1-1. I've included as many video's as I could find, should anyone happen to come across any more, please feel free to add them in.
  • railbird33 · Stevie Cauthen at 17 YO in the irons made this feat even more amazing! · 1915 days ago
  • humphrey · Talked to Barrera at Anita and had a shot of Affirmed from the Jockey CLub Gold Cup win over Bid. "Would you do me a favor and sign this photo of one of your better horses?" After he stared at it for 20 seconds and recognized who it was..."Give me a barn full of them" and laughingly thanked ME for bringing him a good memory. · 1915 days ago

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