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  • zbuilder · More unsolicited suggestions from an alten furtz. If you were to invest $100 a month for the next 40 years into a mutual fund which averaged a 10% return, at the end of 40 years you would have over $630,000. Since 1932, the stock market has averaged 11.1% return, 7% in price appreciation and 4.1% in dividends. What I am getting at is that time is on your side as a young man, but time's a wastin too. Investing at the racetrack is very much the same principle. If you only have $36 to invest, then invest wisely. On just your two or three races you like the best and just bet WPS and not the exotics. Even a $10 show bet on a horse that pays $4.00 will now get you $20 to bet to show on another horse paying $4.00 and suddenly you have a $30 profit. Just an example, not necessarily the way to wager a race. · 618 days ago ·
  • zbuilder · Alten furtz here again. I hit the enter button twice aiming for shift. Again, the point is that time is on your side, all winning horseplayers side. It is much more satisfying to me to walk out of the track as a winner, even small, knowing I made mostly right decisions and I am not beating up on myself. You can still have fun, watching the races, correlating the running of races you don't wager on into what you see in the form to what you see in the race. It eventually all begins to make sense. "My lack of confidence in my handicapping cost me" If you are not sure, if EVERYTHING is not right, if you have not slammed the form shut after looking at the race, knowing who the winner is, then just pass and enjoy. Del Mar is a hard place to leave. · 618 days ago ·

A. P. Corsair - Race Results & Past Performances

View Details03/09/14A. P. Corsair1stOP66 fDStr 4+ MA. P. CorsairDr. JajoGrand Sensation1:10.96
View Details02/16/14A. P. Corsair1stOP25 1/2 fDClaim 4+ MA. P. CorsairNow And ZenQuality Council1:04.20
View Details01/20/14A. P. Corsair10thOP71 mileDStr 4+ MFlattermejimConservativeLotto Cat1:38.90
View Details01/10/14A. P. Corsair1stOP16 fDClaim 4+ MA. P. CorsairPalio PrinceKitty's Turn1:12.93
View Details11/22/13A. P. Corsair8thRP76 fDAllow 3+ MLake CreekTensawBest Of Birdstone1:10.66
View Details10/30/13A. P. Corsair2ndRP16 1/2 fDAllow 3+ MHang CoolA. P. CorsairBad Boy Charlie1:14.81
View Details10/16/13A. P. Corsair9thRP75 fTAlwOC 3+ MBold WolfRichmond CountyUno Ducksy0:56.63
View Details09/27/13A. P. Corsair4thRP91 mileTAlwOC 3+ MValid MessageUnbridled SheriffConservative1:35.01
View Details08/21/13A. P. Corsair5thRP91 mileTClaim 3+ MRobbytymeLittle WagonSinneron1:35.43
View Details07/27/13A. P. Corsair1stPrM41 70yDClaim 3+ MA. P. CorsairBig JumpCommander Sport1:48.00
View Details07/18/13A. P. Corsair4thPrM81 70yDAlwOC 3+ MYou're JokingTed's FollyHandsome Yansom1:45.53
View Details06/07/13A. P. Corsair5thPrM31 70yDAlwOC 3+ MYou're JokingThe Roan RangerGood Chemistry1:41.39
View Details05/19/13A. P. Corsair1stPrM71 70yDClaim 3+ MA. P. CorsairArdenhallGin's Bailey1:42.86
View Details04/26/13A. P. Corsair2ndPrM41 70yDClaim 3+ MDoctor RossA. P. CorsairBad Ronnie1:42.21
View Details03/24/13A. P. Corsair7thOP31 mileDClaim 3+ MArrived HomeEddie's HolidayLac Seul's Dream1:44.42
View Details03/09/13A. P. Corsair1stOP11 1/16 mDMcl 3+ MA. P. CorsairZellersRight Now1:48.82
View Details02/16/13A. P. Corsair4thOP66 fDMcl 3+ MWhistlin SamSilver PosseMoonrush1:13.02
View Details01/26/13A. P. Corsair5thOP46 fDMcl 3+ MCan't Prove ItIn JeopardyCahoots1:13.24
View Details08/19/12A. P. Corsair6thDmr96 1/2 fSMcl 3+ MI Run For FunAmerica RisingDanger Lurking1:17.09
View Details08/01/12A. P. Corsair9thDmr46 fSMcl 3+ MYou're JokingHidden QuestContributed1:11.32
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