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HRN Original Blog:
Zipse At The Track

Exclusive Interview: The Dude Speaks with ZATT

By now you’ve probably all heard the news that First Dude has been retired due to a tendon injury. The four-year-old son of Stephen Got Even was having a breakthrough season, coming off three straight victories, including the Hollywood Gold Cup in his latest. The tendon strain was believed to have occurred in the Gold Cup. The Donald Dizney homebred won more than $1.4 million in his 17-race career. What follows is an exclusive interview I conducted with First Dude, first thing this morning:


Zipse at the Track: Good morning Dude, I just heard the news … what happened?
First Dude: Uh hey ZATT. Yeah, uh. Me and, uh, the tendon. I'm not really sure, I was winning that big race at Hollywood, and then you know, it never felt quite right.
Zipse at the Track: Sorry to hear it, Dude.
First Dude: Man, ya know, it's racing. So, no more for me, big deal. It's just a game, man.
Zipse at the Track: Got you Dude, but do you have any idea how it happened?
First Dude: It's like what Lenin said... you look for the person who will benefit, and, uh, uh...
Zipse at the Track: You might me getting a little off track, Dude.
First Dude: Yeah. Also, my rug was stolen.
Zipse at the Track: Your rug was stolen, Dude?
First Dude: Yeah man. It was in my stall. I went, you know, out for a bit, and now it’s gone.
Zipse at the Track: Hmmm, well that’s not good. It’s a shame when you lose a nice rug.
First Dude: Yeah, well, you know what, man?  I think Jaycito peed on it last week.
Zipse at the Track: Jaycito peed on your rug?
First Dude: (nods)
Zipse at the Track: Why would he pee on your rug?
First Dude: Who knows man … He’s a nihilist.
Zipse at the Track: I see.
First Dude: It’s a shame, man. That rug really tied the stall together.
Zipse at the Track: Sorry about that dude. But back to the injury, are you going to be OK?
First Dude: Yeah, I’ll be OK man, but what do I tell Baffert?
Zipse at the Track: I’m sure you will think of something, Dude. I mean it happens … he’ll understand.
First Dude: Yeah, he's pretty cool. He is the one who told me to take it slow.
Zipse at the Track: Take it slow?
First Dude: Yeah man, he said, “Dude you got to take it easy in the first part of your races, man.”
Zipse at the Track: Is that what you attribute to your recent success?
First Dude: I don’t know man, I mean, uh, I just run, ya know?
Zipse at the Track: Well, you really seemed to be running your best of late. Three straight victories and your wins in the Alysheba and Gold Cup really showed a lot of heart.
First Dude: Yeah man, that and a pair of testicles.
Zipse at the Track: I suppose so, Dude. So where are you headed next?
First Dude: The farm man. Where do you want me to go?
Zipse at the Track: Well, I mean what is in your future now that your racing career is over?
First Dude: Obviously you're not a stallion.
Zipse at the Track: I think my wife would say otherwise, but let’s get back to you. So, you are looking forward to spending time with some special ladies?
First Dude: No, not special ladies … just lady friends. I'll just be helping them conceive, man.
Zipse at the Track: Oh. OK, whatever you say, Dude. Maybe some mellow music in the background, and the Dude doing his thing?
First Dude: Maybe. I mean uh, I’ll see when I get down there. As long as they don’t pIay the Eagles, man. I hate the stinkin' Eagles.
Zipse at the Track: No Eagles, got it. Well Dude, it’s always a pleasure to talk with you. Good luck on your next career.
First Dude: Thank you, ZATT. Take it easy.
Zipse at the Track: No ... Thank you, Dude.


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Dude!!! and I agree...no Eagles. lol
LMAO! TOO COOL!! That made my day! Thanx Brian! :)
LOL, Brian!
LOVE THIS ... The Dude Abides


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