• Shared Belief refuses to lose in the Grade 1 Malibu! Posted 51 minutes ago
  • Alert Bay surges to victory in the Mathis Brothers Mile!Posted 1 hour ago
  • Sam's Sister up late to defeat Taris in the La Brea! Posted 2 hours ago
  • Spotted Heart rolls late in the Md Juvenile Filly Championship Posted 4 hours ago
  • It's all Salutos Amigos in the Gravesend! Posted 6 hours ago
  • Hoppertunity breezes 5F in :59.60 (4/131) at Santa AnitaPosted 5 days ago
  • Top Billing posts :38 2/5 for 3F work at Payson ParkPosted 6 days ago
  • Dortmund wins a thrilling three-way photo in the Los Alamitos Futurity!Posted 6 days ago
  • Sky Flight gets up late in the Tropical Park Derby Posted 6 days ago
  • Cinco Charlie wins the Sugar Bowl for his 4th juvenile stakes win. Posted 6 days ago

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honestly tmall I wouldnt have been surprised if SB didnt fire at all. His resume was better than most and he has had a bullseye on him all year and has often been in tight and cutting back from the 2 classic routes I thought was a horrible idea and i was already thinking he was a great bet against. Conquest was always well thought of but never delivered. I expected more of Indianapolis as he seemed to be the horse right there but down the back stretch you could clearly see SB was struggling. The cutback does hurt. As a trainer and an athlete I know this plus he spotted them all. He did not have an easy trip. I figured he would lose or win kind of easy but they went too slow early AGAIN. That is what you failed to see. They went slow and he overcame that and that is what kept him running better. I twice this year thought he would lose when he won with similar trips. The BC I knew he was done but had TONY and Bayern. Today does not help nor hurt HOTY. Those that say how tough he had it and that probably GOD coulda won the BC, yes I said it, he couldve the way the race was run, suggests Bayern has no shot. The main horse is Main Sequence and Wise Dan. If they give it to SB I wouldnt be surprised. CC had a perfect trip and couldnt win on the paved highway on either Belmont or BC day and could not muster an impressive pass of a horse either. At least SB did not have any horror races amongst the other top 5 three year olds. I would have thought if Pharaoh ran and won there would not even be a three year old on the HOTY ballot. But I have seen worse as people would say SB did an a la Zenyatta stay in CA and he proved he is at the very top at many a distance. Can he run out of CA? He only lost once and every other three year old lost sometimes badly like the horror runs of Bayern more than once. He had every excuse to have lost today and should not have even been in this race IMO but I think they are trying to do what they did last year. It would be hard pressed to see a horse win two eclipse awards wo a BC win. If he won by two more lengths that wouldve been different.
  • slewcrew7778 · He wasn't struggling, Paul. Smith actually said in the post race interview that it may have seemed that way, but he just gave him a breather. He just did what he had to do today. · 13 minutes ago
  • tmallios via Disqus · So let me get this straight.On one hand you say he had a tough trip,then you say the pace was slow. Paul did you see where he was laying the entire trip. He was sitting 1 length off of that slow pace. The rest is absolutely non-sense about the cut back. If you are a trainer as you claim. You know that distance or cutbacks will not hurt so called Class horses that are being argued about as a Top 3 Horse in America. You are right,Conquest before he stepped on the track was reputed to be a runner. But guess what,he did step on the track. He had many opportunities to show signs. All he showed was that he was not much horse. If you want to laud this guy,be my guest. But try doing it with a straight face. · 9 minutes ago
GREAT TIME 1:20.69
Did anyone else see the race today from Santa Anita. Just 24 hours ago,S.b. was being hailed as a serious H.O.T.Y. candidate. He is 20 minutes removed from a race where he defeated Conquest Two Step by the slimmest of necks. The time was great they say.There were 2 horses at the wire and another half length behind. Indianapolis was there also. There were no excuses of wide trips,Smitty had him exactly were he wanted him. He had the 2 Baffert horses battling each other on the lead. Yet the best he could do is beat Conquest by a nose and only spotting him 5 lbs in the weight. If this were a legitimate handicap race, he would of had to give Conquest 15 lbs at the minimum. If you want to celebrate the fact that he won,that is fine. But let us not go overboard with the Accolades. Bayern and Chrome have to be laughing that after a performance like this,that SB is actually being discussed in the same paragraphs as them.
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  • southern.humor · This horse would have to win by 15 lengths to even slightly impress you, We get it.You don't have to post a degrading post EVERY SINGLE time he runs. · 17 minutes ago
  • triple_double · Agreed!! What else can I say?? You said everything I would say! · 12 minutes ago
As usual, this boy gets the job done when he doesn't get bounced around by another horse. Beautiful run, he's just so gutsy and full of heart.
  • slewcrew7778 · The BB speedballs tried to slow down the pace instead of trying to outrun him, didn't work either!... · 32 minutes ago
  • Eventer1999 · Slewcrew, that is pathetic. Bob Baffert had the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th choices in the wagering. They belonged in this field. Both Indianapolis and Chitu had run very well on or near the lead in the past. Is it right to insult a Hall of Fame trainer for allowing his horses to run in the style that best suits them? Pathetic. Stop blaming Baffert and get over it. Shared Belief is a nice little horse and he has guts. But in his past 3 races he has shown that he is not the freak he was made out to be. At least, not on dirt. I personally feel that he is a beastie on Poly. · 12 minutes ago
All out to beat a 70-1 shot in a close finish... A 70-1 shot in a field of LEFTOVERS looking for a check. He is a very nice horse, but not as good as advertised.
  • https://www.facebook.com/paul. · Zenyatta beat her fair share of tomato cans too. Then again there were other overlays and a hell of an underlay was Chitu. Chitu wouldve been at least 15-1 in either BC race he was entered in. Massive underlay and SB was surely a good bet against but he does not like to lose. Hate him or not he does remind of Zenyatta. The only loss she had she really did not have an excuse as her defeater actually accelerated with and past her. But she had many similar tomato cans almost beat her. It sucks, they are hard to bet against but you are right and wrong unless you cash that day. · 13 minutes ago
Awesome win today!
  • slewcrew7778 · Sure was!... but he would have had to run the 7F in 1:18 or 1:19 to prove to the "experts" that he is as good as Chrome or Bayern!...lol · 16 minutes ago
Wildcat Red worked today. 5F in 1.02.66, finished strong when asked, gearing up for the Sunshine Millions Classic
THE SHOWDOWN IS ON!!!!! California Chrome vs. Shared Belief, and maybe even Bayern, DRF"S Brad Free on HRTV says that Hollendorfer told him that if SB is good and found, Shared Belief will make his next start in the San Antonio Handicap on February 7th, he also says that Bayern is training well and also could target the race, this is gonna be awesome, right down that date.. February 7th, gonna be a good one
Conformation shot:
Shared Belief all class again, this will set him up perfectly for a four year old campaign, nice job big guy!!!
if you watched the head on he did get bounced around by conquest. he also got bounced around three back. He just shows up but has had one race on a paved highway and he could not make a move.
2014 Malibu Stakes - post time: 3:52 PT http://www.drf.com/drf/live_video/santa_anita_mbr/240690
It was a good race for Wabel who I think needs more track, and like you said two turns. jlp
Nathan,my original thought process was that Shared Belief was a lock in the Malibu. Still feeling that way. But after talking with Boots, getting a little more giddy with Indianapolis. Looking a lot better in the AM. From his eyes at least,outworked barnmate and possible 2nd choice Chitu on Nov. 8th. Although they both were credied with a Bullet, Indy was really not asked while Chitu was a bit under the gun.Gary on his back definately does not hurt his chances. Will only be 2 deep in this race. Right price on Indy just may sway the mindset.
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  • Hannah Etienne via Disqus · Could you imagine the uproar from the Shared Belief camp if Baffert won? · 2 hours ago
  • tmallios via Disqus · Only if Indianapolis is the winner. Otherwise need SB to at least potentially be alive in the horizontal bets,depending on 1rst 2 legs. Jo Jo here would guarantee it · 2 hours ago
Another strong run for Wabel, who lead all the way until the end where he was squeezed on the rail. Should like going two turns
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  • Sullivan · Phenomenal race by Bench Light - love this horse, once won $60 on him after t_v lost $30. · 2 hours ago
  • Sullivan · Also - what phenomal color he has when he sweats out · 2 hours ago
I like him a lot,hope he gets a well deserved break Soon...
  • tmallios via Disqus · He is being well spaced Jockey.Other than the silly decision to rush back in The BC Sprint, he is running every 4 weeks. · 3 hours ago
The Gravesend win brings the 2014 record of Salutos Amigos to 6-of-14 ... I hope he gets a break sometime soon.
  • amino998 · 6 of 11 for 600K since Jacobsen bought in… after being 1 of 14 earning 5 figure$ for the headscratching Eric Guilliot. Seems an able deputy for Strapping Groom in the Toboggan and/or Tom Fool on the inner. · 3 hours ago
Has been transferred to the barn of Mark Casse, according to DRF
2 Chitu / 8 Shared Belief / 1 Conquest Two Step / 7 Tamarando