• Hence (10-1) rallies to win the Sunland Park Derby going away.Posted 1 hour ago
  • Ghalia (2-1) edges a game Kell Paso in the Sunland Park Oaks.Posted 2 hours ago
  • Itsinthepost (6-1) drives home the win in the Grade 2 San Luis Rey.Posted 1 day ago
  • Fear the Cowboy (7-2) comes running late to capture the Grade 3 Skip Away.Posted 1 day ago
  • Fast and Accurate (24-1) bursts through to upset the Grade 3 Spiral.Posted 1 day ago
  • Purely a Dream (12-1) pulls ahead in the stretch to take the Grade 3 Bourbonette Oaks.Posted 1 day ago
  • Arrogate, despite a dreadful break, wins the Dubai World Cup easily.Posted 1 day ago
  • Jack Hobbs is much the best in the Sheema Classic.Posted 1 day ago
  • Vivlos flies late to get up for the win in the $6 million Dubai Turf.Posted 1 day ago
  • Mind Your Biscuits rallies widest of all to win the Golden Shaheen going away.Posted 1 day ago

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Anyone have the link of her win?
Rough day at Sunland for Baffert. Noted and Quoted and Bronze Age both eased.
Hope he is ok after the poor break
Nice time! Another good Street Boss!
Dortmund is going to run in next Saturday's Santana Mile (4/1/17) on the dirt. http://www.paulickreport.com/news/thoroughbred-racing/dortmund-back-dirt-next-saturdays-santana-mile/
Race timing: CLASSIC, an electron beam is activated about 5 seconds before the first horse breaks that beam AT specific places on the track and the TIME at that point is a fractional measure of the PACE of the RACE. Accurate and exacting laid out with care upon installation of the entire set up. TRAKUS: each animal carries a transmitter in the saddle cloth (even though classic placing makes the tip of the nose the measure of a horse). The entire infield has a circuitry of sensors (that has to be re-set periodically..ours never has been) with sensor poles (about 8 feet tall along the inner rail equally distributed around the track) FUNNY if you GO to the Trakus site they explicitly say "We are not a timing system." These sensors are subject to radio waves that bounce off near placed buildings and objects in the infield. Once the RAW data (various velocity measurements) comes back, it goes to BOSTON, before it is relayed back to the specific track from which it was gleaned. ANOTHER source of error. UNLIKE teletimer which utilizes a SOLID standard (electronic sensor) these simply measure velocity at the point the want it to. If that measure point is during a check or move sideways by being forced out BOOM another error introduced, They are checking velocities not fractional times over distances run...Like I said errors increase the further a horse is behind the pace setter. Velocity measured this way has NO VECTOR, whereas teletimer in unidirectional and without the introduction of ground lost which is a theoretical addition anyway. HORSES velocity SLOWS as each fraction goes by. How can the same system measure accurately a velocity of 58 fps at the start and do as well at 52 fps near the end when the REGULAR timer just has time between r fractions of the PACE of the RACE?
What a surprise . Congrats to all connections. Happy for the young jockey what a ride!
Sheikh Mohammed has said the purse for the Dubai World Cup will be raised for 2018 to once again be the 'world's richest race.' No figure was mentioned but with the Pegasus at 12M I'm guessing it will be 15M. I wonder if it were to go to 20M would we see Arrogate again if he stays sound and competitive.
OMG some of you people are Crazy
Knew Arrogate would be special when he beat the super horse Ziconic
That. Was a weird race. Hope Bronze Age is ok.
Back to dirt April 1st in the 75k Santanna Mile
Correction Trakus data goes to 107 Audubon Road, Bldg 3-10, Wakefield, Mass 01880 according to our tech, D, you can call them there a 617 544 6070 x 324
Really have no idea here, but I'll take a swing. No $ invested so why not. Shareholder Value / Dilettante / Conquest Mo Money / Oxford Lane..... lol
Next big star by Medaglia?
MANY a successful Derby colt gets GOOD only n the latter weeks of April never to get that good again. Many others are very lucky. THAT race is like NO other more than 80% will ever see again...
The Ky Derby trail is always exciting but I have to say. Watching folks jump on and off band wagons is priceless. There maybe was 6 of us that were blown away by IWC maiden . His next race he wasn't a blip on the radar Then he wins the Holy Bull and the wagon is full He makes everyone's list and the talk of the town. He has a stumble and now all the folks knew all along he didn't have the potential and he's this and that. I am so happy folks are dropping him like a hot potato because the same folks that saw the greatness in his maiden win and stakes win and first graded stakes win know that it wasn't a fluke. Those same folks will be rewarded again when this horse proves you don't know the first thing about the Curlins. They wrote Palice malice off after the derby. He won the Belmont. They wrote off Exagerator after the BC. He won the Preakness , SA derby and Haskell. They wrote off Stellar wind running against Beholder and she beat her twice They wrote off Connect after the Travers and he came back to beat them all in the Pa Derby. They wrote of Off the Tracks after her stumble before the Oaks She came back and won the grade 1 Mother goose They wrote of Curalina and she blew the field away in the La Troiene My point. You all jumped off way to soon. Just watch
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  • ruffianlover · You're obsessed. Just give it a rest- people do this every year. You're just preaching to the choir. Next week it'll be another 'flash in the pan' horse they will be after. Hopefully IWC makes it to derby day, not looking too good for classic empire right now. And regarding IWC - As good as his holy bull was, no colt has been consistent enough to be a standout superstar. Looking like another sub par year in the colt division. I'm super excited about the fillies this year · 18 days ago
  • Ida Lee via Disqus · You tell them Mark...Curlin is one of my great equine loves and his babies are beautiful and talented...Irish will be in the starting gate on Derby day and will be victorious....I never underestimate a Curlin.... · 2 hours ago
Should be a few more horses entered by thursday. Maybe a field of 10 or 11 horses would be nice.
IF YOU or ANYONE here actually WORKED with Trakus, you wouldn't be silly to believe any of it. The chartman and I laugh over the horrible times (REALLY INACCURATE) as well as the beaten lenghts that get FARTHER wrong the further back a horse finishes...and this comes not JUST from out track (worse on the grass than main track) but is COMMON PLACE at Gulfstream. The "idea " of Trakus is a good one problem is it NEVER delivers. You are going to see a wholesale exodus from it in the very near future. They have YET to figure out that VELOCITY at a single point in a race does NOT mean fractional time. Teletimer is from a static beam, their thing is moving, moving at differing rates of speed throughout.
  • andthey'reoff · #FAKENEWS · 5 hours ago
  • Chicken Dinner via Disqus · "They have YET to figure out that VELOCITY at a single point in a race does NOT mean fractional time" Please explain this statement. I have been doing my own fps calculations for years but I am failing to inderstand the point you are trying to make. · 4 hours ago
ANYONE who has been at the track knows one thing: YOU cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Top trainers GUIDE top animals, they DON'T make them. Out of of Maryland, would the WORLD know Buddy Delp if Bid had walked into a different barn? IF Cam Gambolotti had not got Spend A Buck? or Louie Roussel Risen Star? HORSES make trainers NOT the other way around.What would this one's win percentage or notoriety be like if he had a barn full of mid level CLAIMERS? We would have barely heard of him.

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