• Unique Bella is off the Kentucky Oaks trail with a sore shin, per Steve Anderson.Posted 2 days ago
  • Hence (10-1) rallies to win the Sunland Park Derby going away.Posted 3 days ago
  • Ghalia (2-1) edges a game Kell Paso in the Sunland Park Oaks.Posted 4 days ago
  • Itsinthepost (6-1) drives home the win in the Grade 2 San Luis Rey.Posted 4 days ago
  • Fear the Cowboy (7-2) comes running late to capture the Grade 3 Skip Away.Posted 5 days ago
  • Fast and Accurate (24-1) bursts through to upset the Grade 3 Spiral.Posted 5 days ago
  • Purely a Dream (12-1) pulls ahead in the stretch to take the Grade 3 Bourbonette Oaks.Posted 5 days ago
  • Arrogate, despite a dreadful break, wins the Dubai World Cup easily.Posted 5 days ago
  • Jack Hobbs is much the best in the Sheema Classic.Posted 5 days ago
  • Vivlos flies late to get up for the win in the $6 million Dubai Turf.Posted 5 days ago

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Mary, I think you already made this joke, but can we petition to rename this page "Personal Diary?"
"ducker" hollendorfer
The drums were beating to go for the derby and he ducked. Only an idiot cant see it
60 days out. Right on time for tomato can season at SA and delmar, which is where hollendorfer makes his living
Hollendorfer a coward and a bad guy? I have followed the guy since his early days at GGF and Bay Meadows. THOSE words would NEVER be associated with a truly great horseman like this one. He is a realist when it comes to his training.
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  • Dan K via Disqus · Eh. Forget what that dude says. There's a reason Hollendorfer is training top horses and he's, doing whatever it is he does. · 2 days ago
  • be083 · dont say i didnt call it vic, dont say i didnt call it · 2 hours ago
BREAKING NEWS: Unique Bella injured shin, out of Santa Anita and Kentucky Oaks, to miss a lot of time. Per Jerry Hollendorfer. What a shame.
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  • bronzeprincess33 · Well, damn. I can't really say I'm all that surprised, though; after all, the same thing happened last year. · 1 day ago
  • be083 · Theres a continuous pattern with hollendorfer of cowardice and ducking. He is trash. The injury almost surely is a lie, because hollendorfer always lies when he cant "pick his spot". He lied with songbird, lied with shared belief, now he is lying again almost assuredly · 2 hours ago
You watch, magically the horse will reappear at santa anita or del mar this summer. Its the same story over and over. There are so many talented trainers out there, baffert, mandella, sherrifs, and others and yet this turd keeps getting horses and ducking races. Dont say i didnt call it. Its below in my posts. Seeing Hollendorfer's cowardice is like looking through the window of the oval office after the cleaning crew has been through. So transparent. Hollendorfer is a talentless, cowardly turd who is TERRIBLE for horse racing
Is anyone surprised the cowardly turd hollendorfer ducked another one? I dont know why anyone gives this turd horses. Sore shins. Right hollendorfer thats the reason why. The same reason songbird ducked, the same reason shared belief ducked. This is what happens when you give a glorified career claimer trainer top end horses. He's so afraid to run his horses unless its the "perfect spot" becuase he has no talent, he knows hes a claimer trainer from golden gate fields who knows if he messes up or runs his horses in "tough spots" he's going to get beat. Just like songbird got beat, shared belief got beat, all his horses get beat in big spots. Im sorry but this guy sucks, and so do the owners who hire him
Arrogate ran his worst race in stakes competition at the DWC, still drew off to win by 3+. Is he the greatest of all time, of course not. Is he the best in the game right now, without a doubt yes. What he did in the DWC was something true champions can only do. AP never had to do it because he was always on the lead or stalked the pace. Is Arrogate better than AP, I don't know. However, the discussion is more than entertaining.
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  • marcos via Disqus · I've seen enough to decide, big A over AP · 6 hours ago
  • Ferrisjso26 · Aside from the last two sentences this was 100% rational. Rare these days. · 5 hours ago
Happy Birthday to Secretariat (Big Red)!
1st: Classic Empire 2nd: Malagacy 3rd: Untrapped 4th: Petrov
Majestic Quality is a scratch. She did not ship to FG. Wicked Lick may be a sneaky play with all this rain. I still think Farrell romps here.
I love this horse. Mike Smith is one of the greatest jockeys.
  • dvdlucs · Maybe its me, but you honestly believe Mike Smith ranks along Laffit Pincay, Bill Shoemaker, Cordero, Stevens and so on!! He's not even close. · 4 hours ago
Which stallion was she breed to? Im assuming it was one of their own at coolmore
Wow TV is truly against the praises to Arrogate. Listen all, please do NOT ever mention Arrogate's name with "Great" since he'll need to race for years, carry high weights and break records with difficulty to even be called one, which in this ERA of Breed over racing, is virtually, impossible.
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  • slewcrew7778 · Secretariat did which one of these? Never mind all three. · 7 hours ago
  • Ferrisjso26 · Calling him great's okay that word means different things to different people, comparing him to the top 10 or so of all time is just super rude and disrespectful. Comparing him to Secretariat or Citation earns one a special place in horse racing hell. · 5 hours ago
Good luck to teresa. Friend of your brothers Mike All the best!
"To commemorate Man o War's centennial, and also a reflection of this discussion below, the perpetual moving goalpost" Comparing Arrogate to the 'greats' that raced decades ago is not sacrilege, but it is rather incongruous. For those who say Arrogate cannot be mentioned in the same breath as say, Man o War: Racing history extends far longer than 100 years. Did Man o War prove himself in over 30 four-mile heats like Boston, who ran 4 mile match races up to 4 times in a single afternoon? Did he he carry 160+ pounds like the 19th century champions? Did he win 89 of 138 starts over a 9 year career like Kingston? Did he set the world record time over 4 miles like Lexington? See how difficult it is to compare horses that raced decades apart from each other? Few remember the 19th century champions today, but surely during Man o War's career there were cynics who exclaimed, "Today's thoroughbreds can't hold up to those of yesteryear. Man o War a great horse? Laughable! Now Boston, Lexington, those were true greats!" It's the perpetually moving goalpost. There is no 'greatest' ever, no 'top 10', or 'top 50' - these lists are nothing but extraneous mental masturbation. But just like Boston towered over his contemporaries in his day, like Man o War towered over his contemporaries in his day, Arrogate is towering over his contemporaries today.
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  • Goblin · An excellent, solid post in its entirety; but your last paragraph is a masterfully written piece of prose conveying depth of understanding as well as anything I've ever seen on this blogsite. I've long thought of the list-making compulsions often displayed here as being an exercise in expressing superficial knowledge only. Thanks so much. · 7 hours ago
  • Sullivan · While there were definitely those who thought that Colin or Domino were more deserving of the GOAT title, I don't know if I can see completely eye to eye on your position of lists. I think the lists serve the important function of making sure that earlier horses are not forgotten. Any discussion here that incites the creation lists is bound to end up with at least one horse being mentioned that was forgotten. Horse racing has one of the strongest connections to history out of any sport, and with such short careers and such an emphasis on individual talent, I think the harm of lists is being exaggerated. A good point in the end though: we can only judge these horses based on what they did and could do. · 7 hours ago
Still nothing on the Pharoah foal :(
Still awaiting news on her 2017 Bernardini foal...
Is injured and off the derby trail per DRF.

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