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passed away this morning. fought a long battle.
Z13s name is Ziconic.
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  • EP Taylor · Too funny Rich. · 3 minutes ago ·
  • SSilence86 · EP actually there is a Hard Spun mare named Beer Run that ran at Hoosier. There is one out there named Beer Goggles by Milwaukee Brew.. LOL! · 1 minutes ago ·
Question- What was everyone's favorite single performance by any horse from 2000-2010? There are no restrictions on location. I know a decade is broad, but somewhere in there is that one standout performance that stays in your mind.
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  • tmallios · Visually there is no doubt in my mind. Monarchos winning the Derby. Seeing Choppy moving 4/5 wide on the turn and picking them up 1 by 1 .Then exploding to draw away from the field. He did it on the brightest Stage light . He not only ran impressive,he ran fast. He ran the 2nd fastest Derby. He was also very wide. · 2 hours ago ·
  • https://www.facebook.com/john.karczewski.39 · Barbaro's Kentucky Derby victory. Powehouse or should I say powerhorse performance · 2 minutes ago ·
Vic- What can you tell me about that young Jock at woodbine. Tommy Wong?. He gets decent compliments coming off his Apprentice year. have you seen him ride? I never heard of him.
  • LAZMANNICK · EP if you look at his record last year he scored with quite a few longshots even though his win pct. was low. He's really good from coming well off the pace. I connected a few times with him and at really good odds too, betting those horses only b ecause he was riding them. · 1 hour ago ·
  • EP Taylor · I am going to read up more on this young man. Skye Chernetz is another young good rider coming up. I will keep an eye out for Tommy this year. · 4 minutes ago ·
Forego hands down
  • ddmcgarry · forego was one of the best back when handicap s required the best to carry substantial weight what a great old gelding · 11 minutes ago ·
Johnnie Carrier is determined not to jinx California ChromeRead More
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  • Stagedoorjohnny · Just blurb it out. It's a California bred horse runnning only in California tracks with a California name that just might be the next super horse in racing. Go ahead and yell it out from the rooftops! California Chrome is the best three year old to come along just before the Kentucky Derby in decades and deserves the attention. Go CC · 48 minutes ago ·
  • amino998 · LOL Johnnie... mums the word. · 26 minutes ago ·
On her progeny it's showing 10 which might be true.
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  • travel_vic · In probability theory, a purely stochastic system is one whose state is non-deterministic (i.e., "random") so that the subsequent state of the system is determined ... · 1 day ago ·
  • amino998 · travel_vic · stats can be skewed easily. I reacall the old breeding stats in the BloohHORse before they set up the COMPARABLE index. Since the popular and "top" sires bred to the most exclusive and potentially the best mares. OF COURSE having two tickets on the sweepstakes imporved their shot. Once the comparable index was started we could see just how the SIRE half of the equation did without the boost from the blue hen mares. · 3 hours ago · · 37 minutes ago ·
Q of the D : in honor of Ruffian's birthday today, who do you consider to be the best filly of all time aside from her and Zenyatta?
How hard is it for a jockey to win the Kentucky Derby? Read More
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  • LAZMANNICK · Andy I thought I saw Calvin bend over and Mine That Bird turn his head up and whispered into Calvin's ear and tell him what they were going to do. I'ms sure I saw MTB say hold on Calvin, I'm going to give you the ride of your life. · 1 hour ago ·
  • buckpasser · I was rereading an old Turf and Sport Digest, August 1965 to be exact, and here are some famous trainers and jockeys answer to this question.sunny Jim Fitzsimmons said the horse is 90%. However much depends on the jockey and the race. Take Arcaro you could depend on him to be there for the entire race. Others not." Hadley Woodhouse said" if you don't have the horse you'll get nowhere." Allen Jerkens "felt some jockeys help a horse a little bit." Bill Boland felt the jockey was most important with a difficult or unruly horse. Hirsch Jacobs said" If I get the best horse, there are plenty of riders who can win on him." Buddy Jacobson said "only on rare occasions does a jockey contribute much." Shoemaker said that"some horses run better for certain jockeys." Woody Stephens said "jockeys can be important on certain horses. Take Bald Eagle. He had to be handled just so to do his best and only Manny Ycaza could do it. We put Hartsck on him and he got rank and wouldn't put out his best." I quoted Hirsch Jacobs previously but the full quote is "give me the horse. If I get the best horse, there are plenty of riders that can win on him. If I get a bad horse, it doesn't matter." Jacobs quote pretty much sums up their opinions on jockey importance. The article concludes that it was generally agreed by the trainers and riders interviewed that the jockey was only 20 percent of the team. ( Turf and Sport Digest August 1965 pp.18, 31-32) · 1 hour ago ·
Jose Sea View should win a romp!
anybody know where this filly is pointed to next?
I think he's a top distance horse and I want to see how he does.
Had his first winner today!
I don't think he'll win if he goes to Kentucky, but I am a fan of this horse and think he will improve with age and experience. I hope to see him around next year as a strapping 4 year old!
will run at yum brands, but preakness is what connections are hoping to win
Here another talented horse who had a shot at greatness, along with constitution, shared belief, indianapolis, and a few others that are off the derby trail. Im sick and tired of politics and bullcrap in horseracing, i think we could have had the best field in over 20 years and now its over, at least five legitimate stars and i think shared belief was the best out of all of them. What a shame, all because of crooked politics and corruption in horseracing, until it stops, there will be no triple crown winner.
Today's Q : who was the most in fluential sire of sires of the past 50 years? Raise a Native, Northern Dancer, A.P. Indy, Bold Ruler, or Storm Cat?
California Chrome, Wicked Strong & more get their own bourbon cocktail in time for Derby!Read More
  • skipaway2000 · I think a Samraat would have some chai flavor to it... · 2 hours ago ·
  • amino998 · California Chrome Cocktail -- straight off the shelf of a Colorado apothecary with a Lemon liquer back. · 2 hours ago ·
Can't wait to see what this colt can do.