• Materiality turns away the challenge of Upstart to win the Florida Derby.Posted 17 hours ago
  • International Star reels in Stanford late to win the Louisiana Derby.Posted 17 hours ago
  • I'm A Chatterbox sweeps the 3yo filly stakes at Fair Grounds with today's win in the Oaks.Posted 18 hours ago
  • I'm A Chatterbox sweeps the 3yo filly stakes at Fair Grounds with today's win in the Oaks.Posted 18 hours ago
  • Pants On Fire guts out a win in the Sir Shackleton.Posted 20 hours ago
  • War Correspondent rolls late to win the Appleton.Posted 21 hours ago
  • Prince Bishop wins the world's richest race; California Chrome 2nd.Posted 23 hours ago
  • Dolniya dominates the boys in the Dubai Sheema ClassicPosted 23 hours ago
  • Solow defeats The Grey Gatsby in the $6,000,000 Dubai TurfPosted 1 day ago
  • Secret Circle wins Golden Shaheen Sprint in Dubai.Posted 1 day ago

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Everything comes with a price. Just like the filly,Lukas made money by running evry time they called them to the post. But i said it then for these 2,and for any other horse around. This nonsense that horses should be running more is ridiculous.Unless of course you only are interested in a career that spans about 6 months
  • lisabn via Disqus · Of course horses can run more, and especially on shorter rests than they do today. Problem is only that Lukas doesn't give his horses a real break for a couple of months a year. Few of those super lightly raced 3year olds last long either, I might add. · 15 hours ago
  • Northport · From Ahmed Zayat's twitter: "Very disappointing day to us today.I see zero excuse for MR.Z.Just spoke to coach pulled up sound. @JustinZayat @ZayatStables I am clueless" - I think clueless is a great word choice, haha. He runs a young horse as often and as hard has Mr Z, yet is clueless when the horse finally throws in the towel. The Zayats perplex me · 11 minutes ago
Posting of LP's page because Chrome's page isn't active, and I'll clarify what Goblin said. California Chrome came out of the Dubai World Cup in good shape. Art Sherman tells DRF's Marcus Hersh that California Chrome will ship from Dubai to England this week in a bold bid to carry his Kentucky Derby-winning and Horse of the Year form to the European turf. California Chrome had been booked on a flight back to the U.S. on Tuesday but will instead fly to England and be based at Newmarket, trainer Art Sherman said. Although his next rave isn't decided, it looks likely the Prince of Wales at 1/14 could be his next target. The move is a strange one, considering California Chrome’s only grass win came against modest opposition in the Hollywood Derby last December, and appears to expose a rift between majority owner Perry Martin and minority owner Steve Coburn. The move surprised Sherman, who even after the World Cup still thought California Chrome was headed home. “I was looking forward to giving him a rest,” Sherman said. “I’m not sure everyone realizes that this is going to be a tired horse. That was a hard race on him.” So basically, Steve Coburn and Art Sherman wanted to bring CC home to America, but Perry Martin overruled both of them. Perry Martin is calling the Shots with Chrome. This doesn't look good as there was a huge disagreement last night between Martin and Coburn on this decision. Article on DRF
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  • amino998 · Chrome may jolly well like the gallops @ Newmarket... especially if Raul Rodriguez is by his side :) · 47 minutes ago
  • SSilence86 via Disqus · He very well could love the gallops over in Newmarket. Whether I agree or not, the owners are doing what the fans scream for all the time. We wanted Black Caviar over here. We wanted Frankel to ship etc etc. They are just happening to do it. They are showcasing the US's HOY. I did verbalize that CC is on the verge of becoming a side show attraction. I do believe though- if he is going to contest a race at Royal Ascot - it is probably best that he just go on over there now. Time to acclimatize. Get a feel for their surface. Lot less work/stress than shipping home then shipping overseas again and having to readjust yet again. · 15 minutes ago
Wow!! Materiality earned a 110 Beyer speed figure for his victory yesterday in the G1 Florida Derby.
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  • amino998 · Which track was slower yesterday, Gulfstream or Meydan? · 2 hours ago
  • The Doctor · Cool. That means he will be Andy Beyer's pick in the Derby which is always the kiss of death. It also means we will get better odds on a horse who actually has a chance to win the race. · 40 minutes ago
Just curious ,and at possibility of riling up the Shared Belief fans. After S.B. won the Malibu Stakes,defeating the 70-1 Conquest Two Step by the slightest of margins. Many said that the race was not impressive and that he was life and death to get by him.About a month after that race,C.T.S. came back to defeat a good field in a Stakes Sprint. The S.B. faithful were all out in full force,thumping their chests. Their hero was now validated, C.T.S. was now a Star they yelled. Forget the fact that was short lived glory by the Long Shot. In the Big Cap,the S.B. fans were celebrating because he defeated a legitimate horse in Moreno. Some even thought that move catapulted him to being the Best in the World. Today at F.G. ,a 25-1 shot blew by the same Moreno as though he was standing still near the wire. So common S.B. fans,patronize me a bit. Step up to the plate and take back some of those comments,based on the horse you beat next race out. Somehow i doubt it.
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  • VEGASJIM1952 · Are you working for DAP trying to tell Chrome fans he really is Horse of the Year? I guess you did not see the San Antonio when Shared Belief blew by Chrome with his ears pricked as easy as you can. Like I have said before Chrome was lucky this horse was not in the early 2014 races where Chrome made most of his fame. But since the Preakness he has only beat a filly on grass and nothing that should have him a HOY. The DAP boys whoever is in charge now think they can win at ASCOT against the best turf horses in the world. If it is true I predict Chrome will never win a race again anywhere. Shared Belief wins races and does not know who is in the race. He just goes by them....even on dirt. LOL · 1 hour ago
  • travel_vic · what a silly fact-less statement, Moreno was heavily handicapped in his style the MOMENT he hit that long stretch: that is a closers paradise probably the ONLY dirt one left in North America.....You really make comparisons of horses when they are in the SAME race not by looking a horses in DIFFERENT from cycles on DIFFERENT surfaces in DIFFERENT pace scenarios. SH is a good one, not great as of yet, but very good. · 49 minutes ago
YES!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! HERE WE GO!!! HAHA!!! Gotta love this colt, so much fight and heart in him, the Ramseys have a great shot to win the Derby this year.
  • imisswilltakecharge · Wow, this is a pretty balanced horse; people are going to say the company and head to head aren't as good, but are you kidding me? This horse has overcome a few minor things in each race, DOES INDEED have a good jockey fit, Stanford is going to prove to be great company along with the previous challengers...really is shaping up to be a great horse. Another cool thing about this horse is that other than the rail I don't see his draw having as much impact as others, such as Dortmund the beast. I hope he settles on the board around 12-1 come Derby day! Biggest thing I took from this weekend was that International Star and Materiality are going in solid, but that nice long test--now on dirt--in Dubai, I mean Mubtaahij looks a little scary as an "outsider." Can't underestimate his company, and this was 1 3/16 with an absolute extra gear on the stretch with NO effort! Jumped right onto my radar-odds said he was going to win, and he was challenged on the final turn, but literally was on cruise control after a mild nudge at the top of the stretch. SO EXCITING! Can't wait for the final preps next week I am going nuts to see the field sewn up (mostly). Good luck to the Ramsey's as well; it seems to be more coincidence than anything else, but I find myself loving one their horses every year, and I love their passion. · 4 hours ago
  • SSilence86 via Disqus · Standing on the finish line, the crowd (including me) erupted the last 1/16th. It was a dog fight, and Stanford was a tough customer. International Star is a smaller horse but he has a fighters heart. If he didn't have my respect before he sure does now. That was a exciting finish. · 56 minutes ago
In a race where its 30 yards short of a mile and a three sixteenths he runs 10 lengths behind the average Preakness time....even if survives the ship and transition to Kentucky I don't see him as a huge threat in the Derby. The best three year olds in the world are HERE in the USA....not overseas.
Commissioner earned a 109 beyer sped figure for his victory yesterday in the G3 Skip Away stakes at Gulfstream Park.
Mary this is for you
  • Mary Z. · Thank you. She is very cute and a good filly! I'm having difficulty uploading photos here, so my photos and videos of Broadway Empire are at fb or google+. You were there at FG, yes? Neat photo! · 11 hours ago
  • SSilence86 via Disqus · Yes we were at FGs all day yesterday. Saw some nice horses. Took some nice photos- like the one above- she is returning after her win. It was a good day. Got a sunburn too. lol · 1 hour ago
there should be no irrelevant rankings: just put groups of 10 or so into exceptional, elite, world beaters, above average etc
I prefer to make my Derby Future bets as close to post time as possible, so I'm still waiting. Currently "all others" still at 11-1, seems like an underlay here. I know we had Danza springboard into the picture late in the game last year, but I'm not optimistic that happens this year. Those that I can even see as being possible to even get in the gate: Stanford, Maftool, Conquest Typhoon, Tiz Shea D, One Lucky Dane, The Truth Or Else, Frammento. Of those Maftool and Conquest Typhoon are automatically out it for me, don't stand a chance. The Truth Or Else would need to make another big leap in progression, but possible. I just don't see One Lucky Dane getting the points to get in. Tiz Shea D and Frammento could get in as viable closers if they progress... So 11-1 on Stanford, with maybe Tiz Shea D/Frammento/Truth or Else if you're lucky, and the ultra slim possibility of a Hail Mary (Danza). In last years Derby field? Maybe. In this years Derby field? I can't justify it. Stanford would probably be sitting around 30 to 40-1 if he were currently in the pool, the rest would likely be well over 50-1... Also, why is Frosted listed again? I just don't think he's a distance horse. His pedigree doesn't show it, his form doesn't show it... What do you all think?
  • amino998 · I think... Stanford might be a good stand alone wager on Derby Day. You prefer to regale us with your Pick 6 bets after the 1st 5 are in the charts :) · 2 hours ago
  • https://www.facebook.com/fiddl · You're still on this... I wasn't "regaling" anything. I was just making conversation. Give me your email and I'll prove it to you later today... Part of the deal is a public apology when I prove it to you. Deal? · 1 hour ago
Equipoise is conspicuously missing. Round Table is overrated.
  • travel_vic · This couldn't be the rational Dennis Tierney I spoke with about Cheatin' Charley Ulrich! Equipose: 51: 29-10-4 mostly a miler Round Table: 66: 43-8-5 champion BOTH on dirt and grass · 1 hour ago
Kirnan McLaughlin tells DRF'S David Grening that Ocean Knight is doing well. Plans are being made to where he will start next. McLaughlin says that OK will work Monday and the Wood Memorial, Arkansas Derby, and Lexington stakes are being discussed for his next start. According to DRF
Patrick Biancone should be ashamed of what he is doing to Diamond Bachelor. I have never seen a horse so mismanaged. If he hasn't already broken Diamond Bachelor, he surely will. I am completely disgusted. Diamond Bachelor deserves so much more. I makes me cry to watch him race. And I watch every time. I feel like someone has to.
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  • Mary Z. · .comfiddl, You did math'n'stuff. Enjoy your OTTB. It was so kind of you to provide a home for this $570.000 purchase that was a length back in second to Finnegan's Wake in the Grade 2 San Marcos 10fT. Yes there was a DQ to 4th. However, check out the pace difference of the San Marcos and the San Luis Rey. Or have a big pita lunch. You are going to be upset about this horse and no mention of claimers that run more often for less money and no dates later? Also, throw out the Santa Anita Derby. You do understand favors to the racing secretary? Enjoy your stallion running around your back yard next year. I'm sure he will make a nice pet. · 7 days ago
  • https://www.facebook.com/fiddl · Mary, I never uttered a word about retiring the horse. That's a bit of an inane comment. He's overrun, not just too many races, but long ones/races that don't fit his style/all over the place in the type of races/outclassed etc. Favors, schmavors... There is a major lack of horsemanship involved here. · 3 hours ago
International Star earned a 98 Beyer speed figure for his victory yesterday in the G2 Louisiana Derby.
New Jersey stable, New York trainer, lets hear it for the east coast this Kentucky Derby!
El Kabeir in the Derby!
So happy for Secret Circle. Just missing in most races since his 2013 BC Sprint win. Out of the money only once in his career
Looks like a bodybuilder in this photo.
  • SeattleStrike12 via Disqus · He has giant legs, seriously, and he has muscle on top of muscle, he will win the kentucky derby · 2 days ago
  • SnidgetAsphodel via Disqus · Love to see legs that look like legs and not toothpicks. · 8 hours ago
Why is RfR only running in the Bay Shore-G3 and not the Wood-G1??

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