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*I began my career racing exclusively on one coast, and finished it running only on the other coast. *As a three-year-old, I was not a champion although I did split decisions with that year’s champion.Read More
today's Q : aside from Secretariat & Ruffian, who was the best horse from the 1970's?
They are wheeling Winning Cause back a week later?
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  • Mary Z. · Nikki's Sandcastle and Newsdad, too. Good field. I was so ticked off about Nikki's Sandcastle's loss on turf at GP a couple back. Theme around here, my ticked-off-itude. Keeps one coming back, wanting to be right. · 19 minutes ago ·
  • Jay S. · "Ticked-off-itude!" Too funny Mary. · 3 minutes ago ·
I love Moreno but Game on Dude should romp.
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  • likin sparks · He's gonna duel with GOD so let's see if he'll hang. · 57 minutes ago ·
  • Mary Z. · Okay, here is my guesstimation: Dude, Clubhouse Ride, the local Lucy's Bob Boy, Long River, Imperative, Moreno, Ruler Of Love. · 5 minutes ago ·
One of the greats. Probably the number one stud producing more top champions then any other stud.
We've all been on both sides of an inquiry or objection. Sometimes it's our horse that caused the trouble and other times our horse was on the receiving end.Read More
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  • Jay S. · Here's my take on it, having watched both views at least 20 times while the stewards were deliberating. WTC gets to GL and they do rub. The head-on view shows two things clearly: 1. GL turns his head to the the outside and attempting to veer towards WTC, but WTC is so much heavier and powerful that he doesn't budge. 2. WTC does veer slightly to the inside, but very little. This is verified by looking at the perfectly straight tractor grate marks in the dirt. Will only moves to the inside for about 3 to 4 grate lines, and those lines are only 2-3 inches apart. During this, GL is not being slowed-down. Just as WTC clears GL, Revolutionary decides to quickly veer outside over 4-6 feet and multiple grate lines. This causes Rev's hind end to brush the nose of GL, and Gary Stevens checks him quite sharply. As WTC clears others he begins to move to the inside without disturbing anyone. Rev and GL are both trained by the same trainer and the winner's share of 600 large was at stake. Everyone knows that WTC is my favorite and will think I'm just taking-up for my boy, but that's the way I saw it. If and when the front tower view ever hits the net, folks can view and agree or disagree. The only thing I know for fact is...the stewards agreed. · 1 hour ago ·
  • LennyGeorge · I sturdied to be a steward years back..I feel it has to be blatant and HAS to interfere with another horse winning with I bad bump ..Hit or drift in to cause the other horse to break stride or take up sharply just common sense prevails · 14 minutes ago ·
Greatest horse ever! No one comes close!
Z13s name is Ziconic.
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  • Buckpasser · Amino. Lol · 2 hours ago ·
  • Jay S. · The name I absolutely disliked when I first heard it was, "I'll Have Another." Funny, it sounds pretty darn good now. · 17 minutes ago ·
What happened to this guy?
Racetracks in Illinois submitted their 2010 racing dates request July 31 with the state's racing board. Between Arlington Park, Hawthorne Race Course, and Fairmont Park, a total of 420 racing programs were requested.Read More
  • travel_vic · Fairmont park may be on the way out soon. http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/illinois/fairmount-park-president-says-bill-amendment-could-doom-track/article_635872a0-9dcc-530e-8a5f-87893e08b37f.html · 6 hours ago ·
  • shackleford · It's a shame. The casinos own that committee and the local players are divided. One down for Arlington, one to go. · 1 hour ago ·
How hard is it for a jockey to win the Kentucky Derby? Read More
I love Kid Cruz in this race but Ground Control and Sassicai scare me.
horse Mountaineer - Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Jeffrey Brandes Race 9 - 6 Furlongs. Clm 5000n1y Purse $9,000 FOR THREE YEAR OLDS AND UPWARD WHICH HAVE NOT WON A RACE SINCE OCTOBER 16, 2013. Three Year Olds, 121 lbs., Older, 123 lbs. Claiming Price $5,000 Post Time: (10:04)/ 9:04/ 8:04/ 7:04 #1 Hones...Read More
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  • travel_vic · contenders before scratches: 1 Honest Expectation 6 Catastros 2 It's Gotta Be Us 4 Need Money Dad 9 5 go out and 1 6 chase them later. · 20 hours ago ·
  • travel_vic · how can you make a wager without knowing the odds? · 2 hours ago ·
After his last race Supermonic should romp.
I love Red Rifle in this race.
Munning Sister!
  • Mary Z. · I remember people saying this was a bad name, Munning's Sister, but she's pretty good now, isn't she? · 2 hours ago ·
Hey Leroy for the win.
Midnight Hawk will smash this field.
Dixie Strike!
Should romp in the Robert Hilton Memorial.