•  A Bewitching performance by Inimitable Romanee at Keeneland!Posted 10 hours ago
  •  Beholder romps home a winner in the Santa Lucia!Posted 4 days ago
  •  Puntrooskie rolls home an easy Woodstock winner!Posted 4 days ago
  •  Imperative shocks 'em all in the Charles Town Classic!Posted 5 days ago
  •  Dynamic Impact edges Midnight Hawk in the Illinois Derby!Posted 5 days ago
  •  Mr Speaker rolls in the Lexington Stakes!Posted 5 days ago
  •  Frac Daddy lays down the law in the Ben Ali!Posted 5 days ago
  •  Sisterly Love game in the Doubledogdare!Posted 6 days ago
  •  Daring Dancer rolls in the Appalachian!Posted 7 days ago
  •  Stormy Lucy flies late to win the Santa Barbara!Posted 11 days ago


What the Horse Racing Nation is talking about...

Well, it's a great Derby for the bettors, but the horse lovers lose again as fragile favorites fall. Wicked Strong and Uncle Sigh are sprinter's offspring. Liking Dance with Fate, Hoppertunity and Chrome, of course, but there isn't a worthy TC contender in the bunch.
Is he skipping the Derby now?
pletcher is such a prudish snootbag! Freakin crook!
Q of the D : what is a horse that you consider to be underrated or forgotten about?
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  • LAZMANNICK · John Karcz, in many cases the HRN top 250 horses all time leaves lots to be desired. For instance Untapable, who has not even won a single G1 yet in two tries, is currently rated at #52 all-time with TC Winner Omaha at #54 and Holy Bull at #56. Wow. What this really is is a popularity contest based on whoever is popular at the time. Personally if HRN wants lists like this taken seriously they should recruit 20 well informed and experienced people from around the country (and not current bloggers some who only go back a few years) to set the list so it will at least be realistic. Otherwise just call it a popularity list, not a list based on actual class related accomplishments. · 1 hour ago ·
  • https://www.facebook.com/john.karczewski.39 · I know the HRN ranking is just a fan voted list. I made that comment kind of tongue in cheek which is why I followed it up with a lol because I said it jokingly · 1 hour ago ·
Arthur Hancock talking about Sunday Silence. So interesting. http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/videos/13191/arthur-hancock-on-sunday-silence
As I studied our copies of The American Racing Manual as a kid, my favorite section was always the Hall of Champions … Probably because it only included the true legends. It was the best of the best. Swaps was one of those special few. Arguably the best horse ever to come out of California, Swaps wa...Read More
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  • travel_vic · One of the amazing things about that Hall of Champions is the ones from the early century (Colin, MOW, Exterminator) are still there an none of the new "champions" you know the phoney made in Japan like ones, are not allowed in at all. · 2 hours ago ·
  • travel_vic · Some of the ones no lonher in that Hall of Champions are WHirlaway, Salvator, War Amiral, Alsab, Armed, Hindoo ( the on Sullivan thought so little of made 20 starts in 1881 won 18 placed once and was third once and Domino · 2 hours ago ·
Likely last season starts Wednesday
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  • BryanH912 · and govenor hassan wants a casino at rockingham · 2 hours ago ·
  • BryanH912 · if they get they win and get the casino a lot of horse barnes would be torn down first its been in many newspaper artices and another road block for suffolk downs is traffic. HUGE PROBLEM · 2 hours ago ·
Scary event this moment as a loose horse caused some damage. Amazing the filly came out of it with minor injury: http://www.courier-journal.com/videos/sports/horses/triple/derby/2014/04/24/8090821/
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  • yukichan · Evidently the filly just needed antibiotics .... amazing she didn't break anything considering she stradled the rail anf then somersaulted over... · 3 hours ago ·
  • travel_vic · why oh why do nuts overuse antibiotics without EVEN KNOWING the pathogen they are trying to eradicate? No wonder they don't work any longer. Fleming predicted this. · 2 hours ago ·
NBC has added fashion correspondants ..... really? I'll be amazing if they ever show the derby this year- hate to interupt the fluff -_-
125th season this year but according to my connections, if something serious is not done there soon, it may be one of the LAST..http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/Where+hoofbeats+have+been+heard+years/9764560/story.html
Vic...that lower back issue was meant for you. Of course, chiro wont help your left lung.
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  • travel_vic · In 1897 he opened the Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport and started teaching his techniques. Lawsuits followed, and after brief incarceration, · 2 hours ago ·
  • travel_vic · quote from Daniel David Palmer: "A subluxated vertebra ... is the cause of 95 percent of all diseases ... The other five percent is caused by displaced joints other than those of the vertebral column." · 2 hours ago ·
My guy is back on the work tab! On April 24th, he worked 3F in :38.00 over Fast Dirt at CD finishing 4/5.
Well Los Alamitos just created a 500k g2 stakes race going 9f for california chrome to target and dominate
Here is an impressive filly by Sea The Stars named Vazira who won on the All weather track at Chantilly going 9.5f first out. She got passed in deep stretch and then came back on to win by almost 2 lengths. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blo-irrtFPg&feature=youtu.be
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  • horseshlong77 · frankel was a beast, probably the best turf horse evr in my opinion · 4 hours ago ·
  • travel_vic · ever the undefeated Ribot is not in the likley spot or Mill Reef or Brigadier Gerrard...Come on now · 2 hours ago ·
Could California Chrome be the latest Derby Also-Ran who "romped" in his final Derby prep?Read More
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  • travel_vic · emulating LUkas? Wow what a terrible role model · 14 hours ago ·
  • bruckat · this is going to be predicted by the weather, no doubt about it. A month ago the talk was about Prince Ciro. Every day every track is different. Go for the horse and jockey that you feel is the best for the track on derby day.If it were 4 or 6 horses thats a race this will besurvival of the fittest! · 3 hours ago ·
Where is he?
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  • EP Taylor · I LOVE the sire, and LOVE the Dam. But it would take a miracle for any horse to beat Kingman in the English Guineas. This is the one I would expect bigger things come Derby time. · 5 hours ago ·
  • EP Taylor · take that with a grain of salt....the mircale part. · 5 hours ago ·
Which horse was better Conduit or Point of Entry
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  • LAZMANNICK · Just my opinion and thoughts and in no way am I trying to demean what others are saying. The Animal Kingdom we saw in the Queen Anne never ran two inches and IMO the race is a complete throw out. The Animal Kingdom we saw chasing Wise Dan in the BC Turf Mile would have won that Queen Anne fairly easily. As for who did he beat in the World Cup? IMO we haven’t really had any strong fields in the World Cup since the switch to synthetics. We no longer see horses of the quality of Cigar, Silver Charm, Singspiel, Invasor, Pleasantly Perfect, Roses In May and Curlin. Victoire Pisa might be a really good horse, but other than racing in the Orient where has he raced and won, how can we judge how good he is because he won a World Cup other than what people say about him? I think Animal Kingdom at his best was definitely world quality, the problem is, other than the World Cup on synthetics and the Queen aAnne when he was at his absolute worst, he never got a chance to prove it at the top of his game. I feel the same about Point of Entry, but then those are just my thoughts. · 6 hours ago ·
  • LAZMANNICK · I should also have mentioned Dubai Millennium, a very good horse. · 6 hours ago ·
Jockey Calvin Borel talks about his Derby horse, Ride On Curlin, in this NEW VIDEO from the backside of Churchill Downs!Read More
lets look at some promising colts that didnt make the field for the ky derby. i really thought that if these horses would have gotten there then the derby would be very wide open. Heres the list: Constitution, Shared Belief, Exit Stage Left, Indianapolis. Shered Belief was my top pick until he ran into some problems on the way. Oh what could have been. I will be picking Ride on Curlin. Long shot play.
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  • SSilence86 · Classy · 6 hours ago ·
  • Sullivan · Honor Code, Havana, Top Billing, New Year's Day, Social Inclusion, Commanding Curve, Strong Mandate... By the way, kudos on the name. · 6 hours ago ·



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