• Prize Exhibit (3-1) powers home the best in the Megahertz.Posted 2 days ago
  • Uncontested (6-5) romps wire to wire in the sloppy Smarty Jones.Posted 2 days ago
  • Green Gratto (5-2) is a game winner of Aqueduct's Toboggan Stakes.Posted 2 days ago
  • Lockdown (2-1), full sister to Close Hatches, wins the Busanda at Aqueduct.Posted 3 days ago
  • Back at Oaklawn Park, Terra Promessa (6-5) rolls in the Pippin.Posted 4 days ago
  • Vale Dori (1-5) is too much for her La Canada competition.Posted 4 days ago
  • Tommy Macho (5-2) tons the best in the Hal's Hope at Gulfstream Park.Posted 4 days ago
  • Flatlined (15-1) wins a wild finish in the Ft. Lauderdale Stakes.Posted 4 days ago
  • Sandiva (7-5) powers by to win the Marshua's River Stakes.Posted 4 days ago
  • Sunny Ridge (5-2) powers home to victory in Aqueduct's Jazil Stakes.Posted 4 days ago

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55,000 Furlongs to the Finish


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We've seen speculations about Baffert and med regulations. Now let get to the facts. How many times were regulations changed so that Sherman could start Chrome with the nasal strip? Churchill? Belmont? Dubai? Everywhere outside CA?
After finishing a narrowly beaten 2nd to Light The Lights last time out in the listed Singspiel Stakes, Championship proves much the best this time around, soundly defeating both Flash Fire in 2nd and Noah From Goa in 3rd to win the G2 Al Fahidi Fort at Meydan.
So far the 4 listed are all dangerous. This race is going to be fantastic!
I want Classic Empire to win (:
Very disappointed in the bottom third to half of this field. There just aren't enough quality handicap horses to support a race with entry fees of this magnitude. The back of the pack would be just as well to enter some of the racing mules from the California fair circuit.
  • Robert S. via Disqus · Its not different than the bottom third of the Dubai World Cup. It is hard to fill any race at this level with 12 or more horses especially with two very dominate horses running in it. · 12 hours ago
Any updates....?
Three Rules could be very dangerous at his home track.
1st: Classic Empire 2nd: Three Rules 3rd: Gunnevera
in chromes 1st 6 races who did he beat that actually won much ?
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  • RealDynastyPicks · Seeing as Chrome only won 2 of his first 6 races, no one with any importance sadly. · 20 hours ago
  • Blue Larkspur via Disqus · How small does one's self image have to be to keep making inane posts about one particular horse? How much disability or welfare does one receive to have the time to come up with as many disparaging comments? To answer your question, no one cares. · 11 hours ago
Al Maktoum Challenge Round 3. Ryan Moore on board http://news.netkeiba.com/?pid=news_view&no=118293&category=A
Haven't seen him in a while. Can he still have a shot? In the Swale maybe? Not sure.... He's a good and beautiful boy.
Can someone update a undefeated watch? Few horses to add and few to take off.
Can the Admins of the site please clear all of this nonsense off of Arrogate's page?It has nothing to do with the horse, and those of us that are fans, followers, and close to the connections find it rather annoying. These type of 'discussions', to put it nicely, can be done elsewhere.
  • Mr. Ed via Disqus · Absolutely true. There should be a rule, if it's not about horse racing it shouldn't be said here. Too much soap opera behind the back talking negatively about posters and people instead of debate about horse racing. Some almost always post about anything but, and it's not 90% of the time it's all the time. · 12 hours ago
  • Blue Larkspur via Disqus · As soon as they clear the arrogate drivel off of Chrome's page. · 11 hours ago
Every horse eventually stumbles. It's Arrogate's turn.
https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e25c92c48e12e0bce8c58aa65ecbe414a2de19c3dd33123f2c55c7e362a60cfc.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d869a6019f4357dab2ff2a0bf8d3035af6340527ba35e701adc553d25f8be811.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ceb8f7952e083d3d9b9562f41b117c16e8aeb11e1879848d212562e906a4f371.jpg
  • BeastBob via Disqus · Sherman said he's a good mover. And the rumor from the farm is that he's precocious. · 1 day ago
  • Pamela Mac via Disqus · Yes, I heard that from the farms as well. Faversham just needs to grow a bit yet · 12 hours ago
Easy Big Shooter. No use getting personal. Just made a comment on a horse.
http://www.all-creatures.org/articles/ar-triple-crown-cruelty-2.html A very unsettling example is the incident of the mysterious “sudden deaths” due to cardiovascular / pulmonary failures of 7 racehorses over the course of several months (November 4, 2011 through March 14, 2013). [1], [2] The final necropsy report performed by none other than the corrupt California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) was inconclusive. Nothing surprizing there. Hell, it’s California’s racing sweetheart Teflon Bob who can do no wrong. Two of those deaths were linked to rat poisoning. Inexplicably the rodenticide found in the toxicology testing – diphacinone – was inconsistent with the rodenticide used in the barn yet considered insignificant and without suspicion by the CHRB report. Of course there were the usual myriad routine prescription medications and supplements dispensed by veterinarians in the Baffert barn (e.g. Clenbuterol, Adequan, Methocarbamol, Lasix, Phenylbutazone, Adjunct Bleeder medications, an assortment of vitamins etc.) however the single most perplexing medication that stands out is Baffert’s persistent use of Thyro-L (levothyroxine), a medication to treat hypothyroidism, in all of his horses. Repeat, all of his horses. Thyroxine is legal but a known performance enhancer and has the ability to alter the results of many laboratory tests. Baffert, in conflict with the policy of the American Association of Equine Practitioners ordered the veterinarians to prescribe it. But that’s okay. It’s the CHRB’s beloved Bob. And then to have the unmitigated presumptuousness to allege that he was using it to “build up” his horses. Who is this guy kidding? It is used for the exact opposite reason – to assist weight loss – a performance-enhancing tool. Pure and simple doping. Once Baffert discontinued its use miraculously there were no more “sudden deaths”. Verdict: Golden Boy Bob cleared of any wrong-doing. Again. There are lots of other examples as well including the morphine incident at Hollywood Park. This is the one in which Baffert coerced a groom to lie for him. The sad fact that Baffert hails from California and has close ties to all those instrumental in running the CHRB, all the important people such as Chuck Winner, Bo Derek (who reportedly has now moved on), Dr. Rick Arthur, and other prominent influencers such as Zayat Racing Stables to which American Pharoah belongs(ed), makes the entire spectacle that much more macabre. And what about the fact that Zayat was under investigation for placing large bets allegedly manipulating the outcome of races in conjunction with Baffert? What became of this? Yet people are fawning all over Baffert (and Zayat) these days because of the Triple Crown, stating what a superb trainer, how he’s mellowed, how responsible and accountable, how he loves his horses, how he brings greatness to the sport, what a god we have here in our midst. Hurl. Really, how on earth can anyone be so gullible to think that things have changed just because horse racing has a Triple Crown winner?
  • BeastBob via Disqus · Sig Bouncer • an hour ago "...Hell, it’s California’s racing sweetheart Teflon Bob who can do no wrong." It is interesting to note that, unlike Sherman, Baffert actually won races with different horses at other North American tracks outside California. · 12 hours ago
  • Neigh Sayer via Disqus · You misread and or misrepresented something although I'm sure not on purpose. Before you get irritated or a bruised ego, take a minute to listen. We all want the truth and facts. This is also not the place or time for this stuff, but if putting it out there, I just want to correct something. Two horses did not die of rat poisoning. Believe me, I paid attention to the vet reports and necropsies during and after the investigation. Rat poison was found in two horses, and you're correct in that it was not a type used around the barns. But it was a trace amount and not nearly enough to affect the horses health in a serious manner. Although most information regarding the connections of the horses was redacted, at least one was traced to the Baffert barn. The thing you need to learn is why would rat poison would be purposely given to a horse. The first thing to know is that rats don't die of "poison" they die from bleeding out. Rat poison has high levels of blood thinners. I'll stop there because as I said, this is not the time or place for this. You may have already figured it out, if not small amounts of rat poison has been used for a very long time, the information is out there. If you're unsure I'll fill you in at a later time where it's more appropriate. · 12 hours ago
BREAKING NEWS--quarantine may be lifted from Fairgrounds on Saturday making it possible for GUNRUNNER to get the heck out of dodge and head to Gulfstream
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  • Ruffianlover · Too late. All spots already filled and contacts and deals done · 13 hours ago
  • nu-fan via Disqus · I would find it difficult to believe that GP would chance having a horse that was anywhere so close to the Fairgrounds be exposing Chrome and Arrogate. Not worth it. Not when it is only 10 days away. · 12 hours ago
Buchiko would be retired from racing to become a broodmare.
I'm picking CC to barely hold on over Arrogate in about 1.47.50 flat(this is Gulfstream not Belmont or California). Sharman Ghost and KI will round out the superfecta maybe Eragon but he's to much of an unknown to pick him over these two established G1 winners. Everyone else is just running for the profit sharing.
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  • Mark Kennedy via Disqus · I think arrogate is the real deal and wins again Cc and Keen ice. Just like the Clasic · 18 hours ago
  • Ruffianlover · Gulf Stream is blazing fast and a cement speedway · 13 hours ago

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My horseracing journey began when I was 16 years old and my mom took me to Hollywood Park. Although I did not fully appreciate it at the time, the experience stuck with me forever. 10 years later, during one of my many international business trips to Hong Kong, I visited Sha Tin racetrack to watch the races. This is where my true passion began. 


Holding a masters degree in mechanical engineering, the puzzle of handicapping intrigued me. I have made a career of making decisions based on trends, patterns, and formulas, which is why I think I was initially drawn to the sport. However, I have truly learned to appreciate the horses and how magnificent they are as athletes. 


I currently live in San Jose, CA, and when not following racing, I like to spend time with my wife, mountain bike, and design high-speed bicycles that I build and race For reference, 55,000 furlongs is the distance from Hong Kong to my home in San Jose. Also, I have 1-year-old dachshund (aka wiener dog) that I am training to race in the annual Wiener Nationals held at Golden Gate Fields.   


The purpose of this blog is to help give people the viewpoint of a fan that is newer to the sport and eager to learn. I like to respectfully speak my mind, and often the ideas come out of left field, which could give a fresh perspective on a sport rich with tradition and history. hope to represent the many future fans that I wish to follow my footsteps into the Sport of Kings. 

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