• Blingismything wins a wild photo in the Wilshire at Santa Anita.Posted 10 hours ago
  • Irish Jasper comes from last to upset the Belle Harbor at the Big A.Posted 15 hours ago
  • Big Looie upsets Social Inclusion in the latter's first race since the Haskell.Posted 15 hours ago
  • Cinco Charlie goes gate to wire in the William Walker at Churchill Downs.Posted 1 day ago
  • Effinex runs to victory in the Excelsior; Wicked Strong finishes third.Posted 1 day ago
  • Mr. Jordan DQ'd at 1-5 in the Tarpon Stakes; Royal Squeeze placed first.Posted 1 day ago
  • Dortmund worked 6F in 1:13.60 (12/22) at Santa AnitaPosted 1 day ago
  • Carpe Diem covers 4F in :48.60 (2/63) at Keeneland on SaturdayPosted 1 day ago
  • El Kabeir drills 4F in :46.81 (3/55) at Belmont on SaturdayPosted 1 day ago
  • Derby points leader International Star worked 4F in :50.80 (8/9) at Churchill TrainingPosted 1 day ago

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Ran right by Dortmund at the top of the stretch in the Robert Lewis then proceeded to gawk into the grandstand for the last 1/16th while Dortmund kept to business.. Crushed nobody in Texas next out but got some good rail experience and when he headed for home he was all business. Maybe he's starting to get the idea.. Look Out.
  • Jeff Jackson via Disqus · gawking? really? stay off the crack. he never stopped running and was whipped 12 times by gary stevens to the 3 whips used by martin garcia. go count them if you'd like. · 2 hours ago
This is one of the few horses that can compete with Dortmund. It would be nice to Gary Stevens win the Derby with this horse.
I don't think Gary would be riding if he couldn't compete at an optimum level. This type of stage is the type of stage he came back for. Never discount him in a graded stakes race. The man has won 3 derbys. I rest my case.
  • amdaman via Disqus · '88, '95, and '97. I too won some medals when I was younger... · 3 hours ago
So, since derby fever has really started to take over for me, I had to take a little walk down memory lane .. I watched many of the previous runnings, enjoying each and every one. Until I hit 2006. I still to this day can not bring myself to re-watch the 2006 derby (And certainly not the Preakness). It makes me heart sick. While I had been around those who had casually watched, at minimum the derby I had never really gotten into myself until Barbaro. I had always appreciated the horses, but had never had one captivate me like he did. I was ecstatic when he won. I still can't be ok with it though. The would of/could have been's that will never be answered, are to much. Lets hope they all run safe and strong this year. Good luck to all, bring on the derby.
Word has it that Gary. Stevens is an old man and can't ride anymore. I don't know where the heck they're getting their intel from. I'm not buying that. I think he is still one of the best out there. A real seasoned veteran. I got nothing but love for ya Gary, win or lose.
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  • travel_vic · Longden DID NOT have artificial knees either. · 5 hours ago
  • travel_vic · IF you knew ANYTHING about joint replacement therapy PAIN is the very first thing relieved but RANGE of motion is significantly reduced in even the best of outcomes. · 5 hours ago
Worked 4/26/2015 at GGF, 4 furlongs in 49:40 handily. Track: Fast. 33/86 for the distance.
I actually REALLY like Carpe Diem. I have liked him ever since his debut. I think he's got a shot but it does make me nervous that he was beaten soundly by Texas Red in the juvenile when AP toyed with Red like it was nothing. It just makes me feel that AP is head and heels that far above the rest but Carpe is my sentimental pick.
  • Ricky via Disqus · The BC was very fast pace and carpe encountered some traffic problems. He was however pulling away from most the field. The fractions will be the same if not faster for the Kentucky Derby this year. A closer won the BC, and it was 3/16 shorter. Yet pretty much all the favs in the derby are on the pace types. With very few strong closers in the field, I think it would unwise not to have carpe in your numbers, including to win. But some thing AP is the greatest think ever and no one else has a shoot. Truth is put his last race up against a few others in the field and it is not so impressive. Not saying AP is not good or even great. But he is sure far from a sure thing · 1 day ago
  • CauseForConcern · Santa Anita had synthetic, and no horse could bring home the roses. The synthetic was taken up, and with the dirt surface, two of the past three Ky Derbies have gone to the winner of the Santa Anita Derby. Likewise, Keeneland went with the synthetic surface, and no horse could prevail in the Ky Derby after winning the Blue Grass Stakes. Now, Keeneland has taken up the synthetic, and returned to the dirt surface this year, so???? The winner shall be the Blue Grass Stakes winner, in following suit with the Santa Anita angle. It's so simple!!!! · 6 hours ago
Slow work today 103.50 for 5 f. Guess he's saving it up for the Derby.
Has anyone heard anything about OK ? Has Stonestreet in all there racing wisdom decided to retire him ? ?
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  • Mark Kennedy via Disqus · Something's up jimmy they won't respond anymore since I posted on their Facebook page asking them to tell us the truth · 7 hours ago
  • Sullivan · Thanks for trying Curly and Moe · 7 hours ago
Goblin, Does racing post give a number for AP's last race at oaklawn
  • Goblin · See my reply below. I find a number 121 for him, but not attached to a particular race. Look at the link below. · 10 hours ago
  • jayr · Goblin's 121 RPR = (roughly) 110 BRIS, 109 BSF according to this site: http://www.chef-de-race.com/pfs/comparative_speed_figs.htm But no one else has him that high. His figures are all over the place. · 8 hours ago
I don't know if I'm the only one that has noticed..but It's pretty obvious that Baffert is keeping American Pharoah away from Dortmund until they meet at Churchill. I guess he wants to make sure AP will at least come to the starting gate for his whip down
  • tmallios via Disqus · Maybe he should run them in an overnite Allowance race on Thursday, then you won't accuse him of ducking him til the Derby. · 10 hours ago
  • Anthony Lopez via Disqus · Simple answer... Different owners, same goal! Separate them to get them both there! I'm picking Dortmund to win, but Bob knows that with two top talents it would be foolish to let anyone else get points and earnings that he can get with both! If BOB was ducking then he wouldn't run them both in the Derby!!! · 8 hours ago
the only stakes race I'm betting on this weekend before Derby weekend...going with Blingismything with T. Baze up!
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  • Mary Z. · Wow! Talk about suspense waiting for the photo. Was that close enough :) ? Congrats. Hope you made plenty of Derby money, jinlie · 10 hours ago
  • jinlie01 · I know right?! My heart was in my throat in that one! Thanks Mary! When #2 was scratched, I put a little bit extra on #4. Who do you like in the Derby Mary? · 9 hours ago
From Hronis Racing's twitter page: Stellar wind had arrived in Kentucky. She looks great!!!!!
  • DerekFisher · Yes! Bring on the KY Oaks! · 14 hours ago
  • Mark Kennedy via Disqus · Looking forward to seeing her in the oaks. I think she can get it done · 9 hours ago
The lasix issue can be a catch 22. You don't know if it's going to help the horse or hurt the horse. I believe that "if it aint broke don't fix it". Let the horse run under the conditions he is used to.
  • Mark Kennedy via Disqus · We tend to forget. European horses are much tougher. They don't need all that baloney to make the distance. They are already fit naturally · 9 hours ago
Anyone know the split times for the UAE Derby...specifically from the 3/4 pole in? That is where we can find out if Mubtaahij just 'looked good' or IS good. Cause American Pharoah, who is gonna be 2nd, has some pretty good speed. at least to the 1-1/16. Mub will destroy them. and prolly take with him a triple crown in the end. I dont see anyone with a bloodline like his (Dubai Millenium) that is bred for at LEAST the distance of the derby. He's already won 2 @ 10. Thats not just looking good
  • Goblin · Go to this link and click on race 4. As I said earlier this P.M., this entire thread is full of good conversation and information. I posted this link weeks ago. My information service is now closed for the day. http://www.dubaiworldcup.com/race/racing-info/trakus-chart · 10 hours ago
Anyone know the split times for this race...specifically from the 3/4 pole in. That is where we can find out if Mubtaahij just 'looked good' or IS good. Cause American Pharoah, who is gonna be 2nd, has some pretty good speed. at least to the 1-1/16. Mub will destroy them. and prolly take with him a triple crown in the end. I dont see anyone with a bloodline like his (Dubai Millenium) that is bred for at LEAST the distance of the derby. He's already won 2 @ 10. Thats not just looking good
Bred for the distance. Maybe he steps up. Somebody has got to.
  • Mary Z. · No pps, My tops scratched early. Took a look. Posted 7,6,8,4. Smove It's been running so well lately. GL I'm watching that speed 5. · 11 hours ago
  • Mary Z. · Gonna be a fun photo · 11 hours ago
3 & 4 in the 6th. Think the 3 likes the stretch out and blinks added
We are missing one important thing. It's called The Dream of your horse prancing on Churchill track as they play my old Kentucky home. The rare opportunity to make the starting gate. Sometimes for a trainer it also gets ur client to spend more money. We are all forgetting 20 horses at a longer distance. Anything can happen. Insert Mine that bird So while we may see him as not the Ky derby winner. The owner may not get it. He sees his horse having a chance not to mention bragging rights that you have a horse in the Derby. We tend to forget just how really hard it is to have a colt make the gate. While the Belmont would be a wonderful thing to win To have 2 weeks of dreaming your horse wearing t he roses is priceless to some

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