• Arrogate draws post position #9 for Saturday's Dubai World Cup.Posted 1 day ago
  • Vale Dori (6-5) wins a virtual match race over Finest City in the G1 Santa Margarita.Posted 5 days ago
  • Malagacy (3-1) remains unbeaten with an impressive Rebel win.Posted 5 days ago
  • Enola Gray (2-5) much the best down the hill in the Irish O'Brien.Posted 5 days ago
  • Jenda's Agenda (2-5) stays unbeaten with a facile win in the Caeser's Wish.Posted 5 days ago
  • Mor Spirit (1-2) too good in the Essex at Oaklawn Park.Posted 5 days ago
  • Distinta (11-1) gets up on the shadow of the wire in the Inside Information.Posted 5 days ago
  • Twisted Tom (4-1) gets up in the final jump to win the Private Terms.Posted 5 days ago
  • Streamline (12-1) upsets the Azeri; rough trip for favorite Terra Promessa.Posted 5 days ago
  • Clothes Fall Off (6-5) undresses the competition in the Correction.Posted 5 days ago
Breeders Cup 2015
Dubai World Cup 2017

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Ihave read that it might be raining on Saturday. I thought that this was a polytrack type surface. If anything,that would be the only so called Elephant in the room. Personally i think this guy can run on rocks or broken glass,but he is not asked to. The synthetic surface for him or anyone else is always a question mark,until they answer it.
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  • Patricia King via Disqus · There is a thunderstorm predicted for @ 3 pm, and then cloudy with winds from the NE at 10 to 11 mph. First race is 3:45, and from 4 pm on the chance of rain remains @ 20%. The first two races on the card are dirt so they might see the biggest impact. At least races 7 and 8 are on turf so the dirt track can be reconditioned as best as possible for the DWC. · 9 hours ago
  • Captain Obvious via Disqus · C'monTom. Your racing knowledge is lacking. Didn't you notice your horse Chrome was running on dirt the past few years in the DWC unless you're still watching races on a black and white Zenith. Lol · 41 minutes ago
Returns friday in an Allowance Event at Aqueduct friday. Thought he was one of the most impressive winners on the NYRA circuit last summer. Ran into Syndergaard at the Spa and was no match. I think Chad can turn him into a solid stake horse..
  • amino998 · Hope owner, breeder and longtime Frankel friend Louis Lazzinnaro takes full advantage of the Fleek's NY Bred status and Dominates the Statebred Stakes for years and years · 57 minutes ago
Was looking for.derb notes and a thought flashed by. I know we didn''t forget: HOE IS MAZTERY DOING? WhY news is out there regarding his healing and recovering going. ...has anyone heard?
In the 24 years that Mike Smith's been going to Dubai he's never won a race there. I'd say he's overdue! http://awaan.ae/video/26801943/The-Winning-Line:-23-03-2017
Baffert: Dubai World Cup favourite Arrogate is the dirt version of Frankel https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2017/mar/22/dubai-world-cup-favourite-arrogate-dirt-version-of-frankel-bob-baffert DWC Preview https://www.racing.com/news/2017-03-23/dubai-world-cup-preview
  • Lkb via Disqus · But that's inherently not true . Frankel never lost on turf . Arrogate has lost on dirt . Doesn't matter it was his maiden race . Frankel won his . · 6 hours ago
  • be083 · I would tend to agree with bafferts assessment. Fastest horse ive seen with my two eyes ever. Frankel also didnt contest the derby or the arc, the two strongest races in europe. No disparaging the greatness of frankel. Its my opinion that there are holes is frankel's resume, namely the derby and the arc, both of which could have been contested. They opted for easier spots · 4 hours ago
1st: Mind Your Biscuits 2nd: St. Joe Bay 3rd: Cool Cowboy 4th: My Catch
Assuming that Baffert doesn't sit on Arrogate for 7 months after the DWC until the Breeders Cup, 'working backwards' from there the Pacific Classic also at Del Mar will be the likeliest prep. But assuming further that Arrogate may once again be kicking down his stall in the 4 1/2 months from the DWC to the PC, I believe the Gold Cup on May 27th could be the race to take that edge off or maybe the Stephen Foster on June 17th. Although I believe Baffert will stay home with him, I'll still hold out a sliver of hope that if he ships it will be to NY for the Met on June 10th instead. Whatever the case, it's hard to believe the end is only 2, maybe 3 races away.
  • Barrmorr · i mentioned earlier that I think the Met Mile would be perfect for two reasons. The timing fits what Baffert likes between his races and the wide sweeping turns at Belmont would be ideal for his lengthy stride. Some have mentioned the Met for Gun Runner also and 1 mile that may his best opportunity beat Arrogate. I agree that it seems hard to imagine Arrogate being inactive for 7 months. · 3 hours ago
For those who may want to avoid TVG and see the whole card from Dubai here are some alternatives. elahmad.com/tv/dubairacing.htm their coverage begins at 7 AM EST and covers the entire card. When it comes up click on Dubai Racing 1 XBTV starts its coverage at 9 AM EST. Enjoy the races and hopefully another a great performance by Arrogate.
The fact this horse has 0 comments and is ranked something like 130th on the all time list is disgraceful. We all talk about the sub 2.00 mile and a quarter like it's the most incredible thing ever, this horse broke 1.59 in 1950 after breaking the 2.00.00 barrier previously. He played lets break the record with Citation several times. Yeh apparenty the incredible racing exploits of Msahwish(ranked 56th) and Will Take Charge are more impressive. Also to all the AP Indy lovers out there apparently AP Indy is the 112th best horse ever. At least his son HC is apparently considerably better!!! Guess I was wrong the people on here who were HC fans liked HC primarily because he was an AP Indy.
  • marcos via Disqus · Stupid people, among us,, noor is a top ten horse for sure · 3 hours ago
  • BeastBob via Disqus · Look below. He has multiple comments 1000-2000 days ago. · 3 hours ago
1st: Gunnevera 2nd: Practical Joke 3rd: Three Rules 4th: Always Dreaming
Ami's Flatter worked 4f, March 23rd, in 49.75 (b) finishing 12/18.
American Patriot worked 5f, March 23rd, in 1:02.40 (b) finishing 1/2.
Unbridled Mo worked 4f, March 23rd, in 50.40 (b) finishing 3/7.
Divisidero worked 5f, March 23rd, in 1:01.68 (b) finishing 5/9.
i would be looking at the derby with this one, because the group is so weak. Of course it is hollendorfer, who has based his entire career on looking for checks in easy spots. With the lack of a true triple crown contender this year, it looks like this horse could win the derby against the projected field. Would be great for horse racing just to SEE a filly try the derby. I wouldnt run the horse against pharoah or arrogate. I would run the horse in a soft spot like this years derby. The derby is a soft spot with a big check, should be perfect for hollendorfer. Of course he will find some way to avoid any tough spot that might be avoidable. The only thing hollendorfer cant/wont dodge is the breeders cup held in california. Anything else its like lets find a nice soft grade 2 with an inflated purse. Hollendorfer is so bad, bad for horse racing. Unique bella should go in the SA derby. I think its an easy spot this year. If the horse doesnt get it done, off to the oaks (if we are lucky) or more likely a nice soft socal grade 3. Instead the coward and bad horseman hollendorfer will likely go for the SA oaks, then if we're somewhat lucky, the KY oaks, but more likely look forward to seeing unique bella coming to a soft grade 2 at SA or delmar this summer. Its just the hollendorfer way. Good for hollendorfer, good for the owners, bad for horse racing. Thats jerry hollendorfer in a nutshell
I'm stunned this horse has been voted eight. Citations won 16 races and the Triple Crown against Hall of Fame Competition crushing world records (and riding second to countless record breakers). This horse who IMO is the Greatest is constantly overlooks and deserves Man O War's place as the Secretariat of the first half of the 20th century. Breaks my heart to hear announcers mentioning Secretariat and Man O War as the standards for greatness without seldom saying a word about this colt.
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  • sczen50 · No--you're close Ferris but for the most part you're right!! I'll explain later. Citation even as Arcaro put it-running on virtually 3 legs at the end. If it wasn't for that injury in '49...who knows?? Ya' know?? I have a few books from back just before Sec ran. They're all comparing him to Man O' War. What got me..after Sec's Triple...you hardly ever heard about Big Cy again. I AGREE! 8 !!!??? ARE THEY OUT OF THEIR MINDS WHOEVER VOTED HIM-8!?? SMH! You should see Eddie Arcaro's list top10 ever!!~ You'd be surprised. No he doesn't have Citation #1 but..he's up there. · 216 days ago
  • marcos via Disqus · I have him as a superhorse · 5 hours ago
Very sad to see it will be redeveloped.
Interesting article on training methods http://www.thehorse.com/articles/38971/scientists-revisit-historic-exercise-research-in-racehorses?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=welfare-industry&utm_campaign=03-23-2017
Nominated for the Tattersalls Gpld Cup
UPDATE: For those who don't know (he was assumed to be alive given the information in Wikipedia and other sources), he died in 2012. After contacting McMahon Thoroghbreds of Saratoga this morning, I have updated the date portion on Wikipedia and will be adding more information later and have sent word to American Classic Pedigrees as well.

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