• Deceptive Vision just holds off Lunar Surge to win the Doubledogdare.Posted 11 hours ago
  • Ben's Cat finishes second in his 9yo debut today at Pimlico.Posted 15 hours ago
  • Night Prowler comes out late to win the Transylvania.Posted 2 days ago
  • Yiannis takes them all the way to win the San Pedro.Posted 5 days ago
  • Miss Ella wins the Grade 2 Beaumont in her second career start.Posted 5 days ago
  • Cozmic One is entered to make his career debut in Friday's 2nd race at Santa Anita.Posted 5 days ago
  • Lady Eli overpowers her competition in the Appalachian to remain unbeaten.Posted 5 days ago
  • American Pharoah completely dominates the Grade 1 Arkansas Derby.Posted 6 days ago
  • Promise Me Silver streaks to a perfect 7-fo-7 with a win in the Instant Racing.Posted 6 days ago
  • Masochistic drives to victory in the Kona Gold.Posted 6 days ago

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Post Positions: (1) Looking Cool 30-1 (2) Vyjack 12-1 (3) Street Babe 15-1 (4) Shared Belief 2-5 (5) Page McKenney 20-1 (6) Moreno 7-2 (7) General A Rod 12-1 (8) Warrioroftheroses 50-1 (9) Imperative 15-1
  • travel_vic · not a race as it is so much an appearance fee. · 2 days ago
  • Mary Z. · 4 Shared Belief/ 6 Moreno/ 7 General A Rod/ 3 Street Babe, Vyjack, Page McKenney,Looking Cool, Warrioroftheroses · 2 hours ago
is AP considred a big horse
  • slewof damascus via Disqus · no - but he's not small, either. He's well put together. In people terms, he's like 5'11 maybe 6' foot. Toned. Goes to the gym everyday. Has a trainer. Plays sports. · 2 hours ago
10 Dynamic Sky, 2 Biz?The Nurse? , 4 Unitarian, 8 I thought he was retired Optimizer.
Diversy Harbor, Habibi, Three Hearts, Arethusa
His race is already on you tube..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnEBMP3EWuk
  • melann · he wasn't that far behind the field. People act like he finished way back. He did make up some and caught the field!! · 3 hours ago
I watched the race. He ran much like his mother. He did catch up but then didn't seem to know what to do, he didn't seem tired. I wouldn't count him out yet. I think he just needs more experience. I doubt seriously if the Mosses would ever consider gelding him.
  • amdaman via Disqus · Doing it now would be premature, but if after a while he shows he's not stallion material, and gelding him could make him a better racehorse, why wouldn't they geld him? · 3 hours ago
A few more performances like today's and Cozmic One will become a gelding
  • Mike Relva via Disqus · No way that happens. · 7 hours ago
  • melann · I really doubt that. With his pedigree he would make an awesome stud! · 4 hours ago
As I said "he'll get smoked." Heard there is a maiden race in Montana July 4th they might try.
  • Mike Relva via Disqus · Is Montana where your trailer is located? · 5 hours ago
  • melann · He is just a maiden, and still learning. He will get better with time. Go somewhere else and spout your BS · 4 hours ago
at least a horse this large will make a lot of glue
  • jockey2be. · Lay off it already.So you're saying to kill a horse because he didn't win his maiden?Wow.Get a life. · 4 hours ago
Why are you guys on Carpe Diem's page talking about American Pharoah. It's Carpe talk here man.
Insignificant fact of the day. Horses with Storm Cat in their pedigree are 0-44 in the derby.
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  • Douglas Rutherford via Disqus · That stat on STORM CAT has not been a secret for years n years . Thats been the talk for many many years . · 15 hours ago
  • Ricky via Disqus · Well dortmond, ap, carpe, firing line, along with a few others have storm cat. · 5 hours ago
Dead last, was not a factor at any point of the race. Bring on the excuses. Nothing about this horse ever said real talent. Chalk another one up to the pedigree hype.
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  • plosives · Were you hoping to receive the glad star for being a jerk? It is too bad we can't give it to you, since you were to chicken to even leave your name. The hype is good for the sport. I was never a huge fan of Zenyatta myself, but I see why so many people were anxiously awaiting his debut. Personal preference aside, I was hoping he would do well - to draw more attention. · 12 hours ago
  • Mike Relva via Disqus · Hoping your mom grounds you to your room and removes the computer. · 7 hours ago
I can't believe the finger pointing and bashing has already started. What is with you people so eager to create needless and childish drama? Why do you need someone to tear down? How old are you people? You know what I saw today? I saw a horse who actually made up a lot of ground but didn't know what the heck he was doing yet, which is not uncommon for many first time starters. I'm not saying he'll win next out or third out. Heck, he may never win or he may bounce out of this fantastic. BUT THERE IS NOBODY TO BLAME. So the horse lost. Big deal. Who the heck do you people think you are tearing apart his connects and his classy trainer? HORSES LOSE. Shirreffs is the absolute best trainer for this horse and his loss does not disprove that. No trainer possesses a magic wand that'll sprinkle pixie dust on a horse and magically make him what he isn't. He has done a fantastic job with this horse already. The horse is what he is. And what he is we just don't know yet. The people creating this drama and pointing fingers and whining "wah wah it's your fault it's his fault it's their fault", make me ashamed to be a part of this fan base. Grow up and use some critical thinking.
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  • Kelso5timeHOTY via Disqus · You start your comment off with accusing people of creating childish drama, and yet you post a useless, childish , and dramatic comment. It was one person. I don't see anyone else on here attacking anyone. Also What ground did he make up? He was 11 lengths back through out the running and finished 8 1/2 lengths behind the winner. · 7 hours ago
  • Mike Relva via Disqus · Knew they would come out from the woodwork. · 7 hours ago
I'll give them $800 for him :) It wan't a dismal race. Sluggish off the gate and finished last, but at least he made up a some ground on the last turn before finishing evenly. Too soon to give up on him.
  • Chelsea Devries via Disqus · The field finished up the final 1/4 in 24.2 so I'm not surprised he couldn't close into it, he did make up something like 1/2 a length so he must have been at least trying a little at that point. Today he was definitely the sixth best horse in the race. · 10 hours ago
  • Mike Relva via Disqus · Hoping next race will be better. · 7 hours ago
Looks like no alysheba for him
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  • jockey2be. · Uh oh.What happened? · 8 hours ago
  • Jbyrnes1 · I see nothing on Honor Code not going to the Alysheba. So unless I see something tomorrow, Idk what to make of this news. · 7 hours ago
yep should be a cake walk,not a bad way to pick up 1.5 million.the met mile is going to be intresting .looks like bayern might be making his 2015 debut payback!!!
raced today. got third not to far behind after a 13 month layoff. look for him to make some noise this year.
Is anyone else going tomorrow???? I will be there! Excited to see Shared Belief in person. I can't say I'm his biggest fan, but I also can't pass up the opportunity to see a horse like him run when it's so close to home.
Is it just me or all the comments gone from here?
I'll spell it out... R E L A X

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