• Free as a Bird finds room and gets there in the Smart and Fancy! Posted 1 day ago
  • Goldencents runs them off their feet with a track record  in the Pat O' Brien!Posted 2 days ago
  • Tom's Tribute mows them down in the Del Mar Mile! Posted 2 days ago
  • V.E. Day nips his barn mate Wicked Strong on the Travers wire! Posted 3 days ago
  • Artemis Agrotera romps in the Ballerina! Posted 3 days ago
  • Abaco gets up in the Ballston Spa!Posted 3 days ago
  • Saturday, August 23 Del Mar Pick 6 Carryover - $106,668Posted 4 days ago
  • Close Hatches runs away with the Personal Ensign! Posted 4 days ago
  • Bern Identity takes them all the way in the Tale of the Cat! Posted 4 days ago
  • Tapestry shocks Taghrooda in the Darley Yorkshire Oaks! Posted 5 days ago

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Question. Lets just say that a horse or two from California decided to fly into your state for a little million dollar race - and that race happened to be scheduled for the same day as your cousins wedding... When you inevitably miss that wedding, how big of a gift would you send? Ya know, hypothetically.
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  • ktw321 · I'm sorta kinda half way kidding. It's an evening wedding and Parx is only about a half hour ride from the reception. So Ill be a little late. No one will even notice. My thoughts on the silliness of weddings aside, Ive seen plenty of em. Never had a chance to watch a Kentucky Derby winner tho · 6 hours ago
  • Mary Z. · I'd go to the race. Would chip in on whatever Jessie bought. Giggles! Nephew was married on Preakness Day 'o8, niece on Super Derby day '09, daughter on BC Day 2, '11. Pitas, ha,ha. · 5 hours ago
Who the best 3yo or horse in America is or will be is very subjective. What i find amusing is the jumping bean effect by many of the HRN so called "faithful" and visitors. All of a sudden S.B. is the modern day Julius Ceaser . He is being hailed as the greatest thing since slice bread. How is it that a vote has not been taken to have a parase in his honor. Mind you that this post has nothing to do with his talents. It is all about you,the bandwagon jumpers and you know who you are. Yes you will come back and throw your barbs at me .and say not me. Not one of you ever thought anything of California Chrome. He was mocked as winning on juiced up tracks.He could not get the distance. Then after the S.A. Derby and the Kent. Derby. He was everyones favorite. He was the springtime Julius Ceaser with the accolades and the bandwagon hoppers. Prior to the Belmont he was awesome. Now i guess it is true. Out of sight and out of mind. Now we have a new Boob tube idol to look at. S.B. is the greatest thing,you always thought that. C.C. was never as good. Absolutely hilarious. I can't wait to see if S.B. stubs his toe in his next race. I just enjoy seeing people who haven't a clue as to what is a top horse or not ,jump off the bandwagon. You wan't proof,look how you abandoned PLACE MALICE.Absolutely hilarious. Now take your shots at me.
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  • jockey2be. · I agree.Waaaaaaay to much jumping on and of bandwagons going on. · 7 hours ago
  • tmallios via Disqus · Thank you Jockey for understanding my post. It has nothing to do with who is the better horse. You are such a fan of horses and the racing game,it is refreshing to read your positive posts. This Saturday in The Forego Stakes, one of my best friends horse will be racing. His name is VYJACK, he is probably the only horse that i have a personal attachment to. Regardless how he runs,he will be my favorite. It would be an honor to have you adopt him as one of your favorites and root him on with that positive energy. Good luck to you. · 6 hours ago
We all have a right to say what we think. I didn't say anyone was wrong or right. I didn't say I knew more then anyone els. I was talking about both bandwagen jumping and that i liked both horses but felt that SB was a better horse. I liked SB before he got hurt and I like him more now and if he wins the BC it will prove that he was the best in that race. I don't feel that I know more than anyone about horse racing or horses even. I will say this. I have spent more time on a horse than most people. Training for all things , even racing but that don't make me smarter then anyone els. I do know a good horse when I see one and I don't care what he runs on, he is a very good horse and when he runs on dirt we will see that. No tmallios1, I'm not disputing anything that you said, I'm just making my own statment just like you. I might not know as much as you and I don't claim too but I am not clueless
  • tmallios via Disqus · Michael i am sorry that again you misinterpeted my post. I was not talking about your post regarding my post. The clueless comment was directed at those that tried to get away by saying that the Travers field this year was not strong at all. The field included the runnerup in the Derby,the Belmont Winner,The Wood/Jim Dandy winner/ The Curlin Stakes winner and lets not forget the Haskell/Woody Stephens winner. Those are the ones the comment was directed to. My apologies if you misunderstood. · 7 hours ago
Awesome run Shred Belief!!!! Stay undeafted!!!
Looking forward to seeing you return Wise Dan!!!
Awesome run Goldencents!!!!! Great job!!!
Excited for his return saturday in the bernaud baruch agasint wise dan.
too bad that a horse cannot choose its owner. Case here AGAIN, as it has been often, has TONS more class than his crude mouth goon of an owner.
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  • 5timeHOTY via Disqus · If only Chris Everett grew a set...and became Jim Everett, Rome would be eating through a straw to this day. · 13 hours ago
  • amino998 · “The second Shared Belief crossed that finish line and survived that inquiry, the discussion started,” Rome said on his show Monday. “‘Can you beat California Chrome for Horse of the Year?’ I don’t know. But that’s the good thing about it. "Assuming everything is right and both horses stay healthy, they’ll settle it on the track, not on Twitter, not in chat rooms, not in boards. The horses will do the talking and they’ll do it on the dirt. That’s the way it should be.” · 10 hours ago
Obviously, beaten favorite in Del Mar Mile, came out of race fine, will train straight into BC Mile, per trainer Phil D'Amato
  • Mary Z. · Good. · 16 hours ago
  • tmallios via Disqus · Yes he did lose the race and finished off the board. But did people see the start of the race,he broke bad and came out last in the field. Just was not his day,it happens. I have liked this horse in the past but never thought he was as good as Dan the past 2 years. This year ,barring any Euro Killers coming over and running . With a clean break, i seriously doubt that there is a Turfer in America that will beat him.Wise Dan has been amazing in his career. But based on his first 2 races of the year, i think he has lost a couple of steps. That is not a criticism,just Father time calling. It happened to the Dude. Dan in my opinion and i have stated before.He was the fastest Turf Miler in the past 20 years. · 12 hours ago
Mary, cugel, here's my opinion: Obviously is fast, unfortunately for him Dan is faster. Both are awesome milers and so much fun to watch. Obviously is second only to Wise Dan IMO.
  • Mary Z. · Dan has closed faster in the BC Mile. If Talamo can budget out Obviously's speed just a tad,Obviously can win that race. And there is something to not giving all at Del Mar or in September at SA. You really need to get that this is some personal bias against Obviously by the thread opener cugel. If one checks what the gelding can do and has done, one would not dismiss him as a contender, obviously. · 16 days ago
  • Acewinsagain via Disqus · Did any of you see "Rock me Baby" he was so much better than obviously and the winner toms tribute, hope he goes in breeders cup · 12 hours ago
The earliest important race in Doncaster's history was the Doncaster Gold Cup, first run over Cantley Common in 1766. St Leger was 1776.
Go Honor Code! <3
Nice post Michael, but why the "It's to bad SB is a gelding,that means they will run him until he drops and that my friend is bad for horse racing" supposition?
On August 24th, Constitution worked 4f in 52.02 (57/58) over fast track at Belmont Park.
I am responding to Tmallios post. Some people actually believed in SB before he got hurt. His race time are better and the way he wins, just looks easy. I like CC alot also but I think SB is a better colt. Hopefully they will meet in the BC. Horse racing needs both to run. Its to bad SB is a gelding,that means they will run him untill he drops and that my friend is bad for horse racing.
  • tmallios1 · Michael and whoever else did not read my post. It has nothing to do with who is better at this stage. It is about the majority of the people jumping on a bandwagon as they jump off another. But if you think i was critical of SB. Please tell me what did he exactly accomplish this past weekend. I have said that based on his record when he was healthy and pro rate it to a healthy 3yo,he just might be the best poly track horse in the world. Where am i being disrespectful towards him. In regards to the quality of the field he ran against,other than The Dude when he was right. I do not think there was a horse in the race that won a Graded Stake on the Poly recently. I understand why the connections ran him at DelMar and if i owned him i would of done the same. But if you want to take the racing and what is best for the game point of view. He should of been at Saratoga racing on the dirt against top quality 3yos'. I have read clueless accounts by many that the Travers field was weak. Pay n attention to those quacks. Not knowing about a subject and commenting on it usually makes one look clueless. · 15 hours ago
  • amino998 · Was down with the believing and thinking and hoping {Which one is better today or on some future date is unknowable today} but the last sentence dwindled into unnecessary negative projection. · 14 hours ago
Had the exacta, tri and win bets keying on the two Jimmy Jerkens colts. I'm a happy man...will have a winning meet this year at the Spa . Jimmy Jerkens learned from the master, his dad Allen. And his barn is on fire...winning at a 40% clip, and in the money 65%.
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  • Crowley55 via Disqus · Allen, Congrats. I too liked VE Day to bring it home and he did. It's a good feeling. I did have a tri with the 4,6,7 but didn't box it..I'm a novice in the handicapping world, is there a rule of thumb for when to box and when not? · 14 hours ago
  • tmallios via Disqus · I can't stop laughing Vic. Are you accusing Allen of copying someone else????? · 14 hours ago
From Racing Post.com: Epsom Derby 2nd, Kingston Hill, will have the G2 Prix Niel as an alternative option in case the ground at Doncaster thwarts trainer Roger Varian's plans to run Kingston Hill in the worlds oldest classic, the G1 English St Leger.
  • ILuvTurfRacing · It's just my opinion, but I personally believe the Prix Niel at 12f might be the better option for Kingston Hill anyway. At Epsom, I thought he ran like 12f might be his limit anyway. Could be wrong, but I can't say I'm convinced he'll actually stay the 14-1/2f trip of the English St Leger. · 14 hours ago
Duel group 2 winning two year old Kool Kompany will be offered for sale at the DBS September sale.
She's a full sister to BC Juvenile Fillies heroine TAPITSFLY.
No longer listed as 'In Training' on Godolphin's website. Although there was no formal announcement, after her recent performances I think it may be safe to say that she has been retired.



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