• ZATT's Star of the Week, is ... Winx!Posted 1 day ago
  • Elektrum (5-2) gets up in the final jump to win the Grade 3 Dowager at Keeneland.Posted 1 day ago
  • Roca Rojo (4-1) storms home to romp in Belmont's Athenia.Posted 1 day ago
  • Lightstream (2-1) rolls late to pass Malibu Stacy for the Raven Run win.Posted 2 days ago
  • Royal Posse (5-2) likes the off going and upsets Governor Malibu in the Empire Classic.Posted 2 days ago
  • Bar of Gold (4-5) wins the Empire Distaff by a country mile.Posted 2 days ago
  • Pat On The Back (20-1) puts them to sleep in a sloppy Sleepy Hollow.Posted 2 days ago
  • 2001 Kentucky Derby winner, Monarchos has passed away at the age of 18.Posted 2 days ago
  • Winx absolutely dominant in winning a second Cox Plate.Posted 2 days ago
  • Quidura (7-2) scores another graded stakes win at Keeneland for Graham Motion.Posted 3 days ago
Breeders Cup 2015

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This year BCC will be fast, very fast!!! Here are some G1 winning split times at 10f on the Santa Anita dirt track over the past few years: Bayern: 23, 23 1/5, 23 3/5, 23 4/5, 25 3/5. Game On Dude: 22 4/5, 22 2/5, 24, 23, 25 3/5.
  • Stay Thirsty via Disqus · 2 or even 3 of the board hitters will be closers. · 6 hours ago
Do you know what are the best career final fractions of each horse's competition in mile and a quarter races? California Chrome - 24.44 2016 Pacific Classic. Career in 1 1/4 Mile Races: 6 Starts 4-1-1-0. Fastest 1 1/4 Mile Time: 1:59.93 (calculated) – 2014 BCC. Melatonin - 24.27 2016 Gold Cup race at Santa Anita. Career in 1 1/4 Mile Races: 2 Starts 2-0-0-0. Fastest 1 1/4 Mile Time: 1:59.79 – 2016 Gold Cup at Santa Anita. Beholder - 24.65 2015 Pacific Classic. Career in 1 1/4 Mile Races: 1 Starts 1-1-0-0. Fastest 1 1/4 Mile Time: 1:59.77 – 2015 Pacific Classic. Arrogate - 23.84 set a Travers Stakes & Saratoga track record. Career in 1 1/4 Mile Races: 1 Starts 1-0-0-0. Fastest 1 1/4 Mile Time: 1:59.36 – 2016 Travers Stakes. Wish Beholder was racing in this year's BCC. She would definitely beat some of the boys.
i compared are probables of the BCC as if they were running on the Hollywood park track
Santa Anita turf course when ultra firm can often lend itself to a closer. The mile turf will be loaded with speed. Ironicus will be rolling.
I know, someone out there is going to say, Found has won on short rest in the past. Save your breath,,,not this year.
I admire Found, but in this day and age to expect a horse to race for the 10th time this year against the likes of these is asking much. Give her a rest for gods sake. As good as she is, she has often come up short when not given enough time between races.
I get a kick out of how many of the Frosted haters go on other horse's topics for the sole purpose of bashing Frosted, and sometimes even create new accounts just for that purpose. I guess the hatred is so prevalent that there isn't enough room on the Frosted topic to hold everybodys' invective. Not sure what the horse has ever done to deserve this level of scorn.
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  • Mr. Sandman via Disqus · Not hate...stating facts. Plain and smple. · 1 day ago
  • Ferrisjso26 · Exactly. I think it's jealousy that CC has never had as brilliant a performance as the Met Mile. If you look at posting history, the whole "Frosted is a miler" BS started the day he won the Met Mile. The army of haters didn't really exist before that win. All of the major troll attacks on Frosted's page came afterwards. · 2 hours ago
He was Arrogate's work mate on Oct. 18 at Santa Anita. You can watch it here: http://www.paulickreport.com/news/breeders-cup/big-long-jumping-arrogate-breezes-seven-furlongs-santa-anita/
KEEN ICE FOR THE WIN- Huge plot twist!!!!
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  • sczen50 · LOL! UHHUHH Sure~ It is a plot twist. · 1 day ago
  • Ferrisjso26 · The reaction on here by everyone whether you're a Frosted Flake, Chromie, or whatever the Arrogate bandwagon calls themselves would be absolutely priceless. Imagine the call "KI has done it again, he has passed CC, he has passed Frosted, he is going to win the BCC!!!!" · 2 hours ago
To many, history has already been written, the Breeders’ Cup Classic is a foregone conclusion. The best horses in the country will line up to race on November 5th but one chestnut hero seemingly shines above the rest. While California Chrome tries to remain perfect, another horse waits in the wings still trying to prove his worth. He is no supervillain trying to foil the hero’s plans but rather he is the battered anti-hero, a far cry from perfection, racing for glory. “The night is darkest before the dawn” and so might be the case with Frosted. After his three-year-old campaign, Frosted began the year with a record-breaking performance in the Al Maktoum Challenge Round 2. He broke alertly and tracked the pace before powering home in the 9.5 furlong race. After spending fifty-one days training in Dubai he followed up with a lackluster performance in the Dubai World Cup finishing fifth. Frosted returned to his city and the sight of his Belmont Stakes defeat to run a historic performance in the Metropolitan Handicap. When Joel Rosario asked Frosted for his run, he exploded in the stretch to win by 14 lengths in a final time of 1:32.73. Still basking in the glory of a career defining performance, Frosted won the Whitney in commanding fashion. He set blistering fractions and won wrapped up. But after scaling new heights, setbacks were almost inevitable in remaining true to the story of an anti-hero. In the Woodward, Frosted was sent to post as the overwhelming favorite. After break, Frosted was taken back to track the pace and failed to show the same aggression he had in his previous race. At the head of the stretch, Frosted loomed large but was defeated in a blanket finish at the Graveyard of Champions. This loss seemingly casted Frosted into in his darkest hour as his ability and reputation have now been pulled into question. A life spent in the shadows of racing’s elites have caused many to overlook “Gotham’s” hero. He is a stark contrast to the consistent, upbeat hero seen in a traditional narrative. He is at times frustrating to watch but he also has the brilliance to leave his audience speechless. Frosted has had his “back broken” by his competitors however, the dawn might be drawing near as Frosted preps for his second attempt at the Breeders’ Cup Classic. Given the time he needs between races, Frosted may be able to rise to the occasion. As Frosted puts his “mask” on, he confronts the daunting fear of the challenge that lies ahead, a foe that seems insurmountable. Despite the critics, the stalwart gray once again emerges from the shadows, equipped for another fight. By accepting this challenge, Frosted reprises his role as the Dark Knight to restore the hope that was lost and the faith in him that was broken.
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  • Blueyedhusky via Disqus · Site. · 12 hours ago
  • elhubbo · I thought I was the only one who did Supervillian Frosted fan fiction, lol · 9 hours ago
It's fun to speculate some of these like Frosted or Keen ice but reality takes hold. Chrome is in top form and would have to have a melt down for those to beat him. Saw him at SA Oct 1 and can say I have never seen a horse like that before and after the race. Cannot describe him but you have to see him up close to understand how special he is. The only wild card is Arrogate. Baffert is good training his young prospects taking them off the track when they want to do more. He builds up the run in them and let's them have it all out race day. Exactly what he is doing with Arrogate to beat CC. And it will probably work.
  • Mr. Sandman via Disqus · You lost me at.. 'exactly what he is doing with Arrogate to beat CC. And it will probably work.' Please tell me you aren't a prisoner of the moment zombie who is googoogaga over Arrogate's Traver's win too. It was a great win for a 3 year old colt but, it was one race! He has only 5 races to his name and one graded 1 win, all other wins were stakes races. Arrogate will not duplicate his performance in the BCC. That race was an anomaly. As good as that looked, he had help, PP 1 and his stablemate AF guiding him and keeping all the speed away from him as he was never really challenged early on in the race. Chrome is a different animal who can take the lead or sit back in stalking mode, licking his chops to be given the signal by VE to show you his lead change...thing of beauty...forget about it. · 1 day ago
  • Malcolm · i am not lost on this statement--great post Jeje smiled when i seen the word melt down · 5 hours ago
I sure miss watching Shared Belief race, especially as we approach big Grade 1 events
Most trainers would have raced Arrogate again I think. Why didn't Baffert? Baffert is the best when he has a good one. I think he didn't race him again because he knows how good the colt is and doesn't have to race him. And that should worry the CC camp. I could be wrong just an opinion. Just watch the Travers again try to talk yourself out of it. I love CC but I think he will not be able to hang with the colt in the stretch. Remember too prep race or not the 3 yo can only get stronger month by month. Oh by the way who thinks Found will actually run in the Classic? OBrian is having fun with yanks I think.
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  • Pebbles via Disqus · Would they? Look at Destin earlier this year. Often after peak performances horses are rested until the major race to avoid the dreaded bounce. It seems that Baffert is just engaging in more of a business as usual routine. I understand your POV. You saw the horse freak and you think that he can do it any time he wants. I come from a more conservative school of thought that believes that lightly raced horses need to be treated differently than usual handicap horses. As for Found, I would not be surprised at all if she entered the race. O'Brien has won the BC Turf 5 times including last year. I think the Arc/BC Classic is of a bit more interest to him than winning his 6th BC Turf. After winning the Arc, is there any bigger race to win on turf? Maybe he does enter the BC Turf, but as I said, it would not surprise me at all if he entered the Classic instead. · 10 hours ago
  • crosslinks09 via Disqus · I think Baffert would have liked to have another race in him. Arrogate is fast but, I think he's fragile. Baffert might get another freakish run from him but, IMHO, I think he might have been better suited for the Dirt Mile instead. The Traver's was a very impressive win for him but, looking at the field of contenders and races they come out of, The Woodward was way more competitive and will prove to be the most "live" of the two. I look to see Shaman Ghost to show up based on that fact. The CC camp has nothing to worry about though. And Aidan O'Brien is a no-nonsense trainer, I think if Found is in good order, he will take a shot in the Classic with her. He has all the confidence in the world right now after going 1,2,3 in the Prix De l'Arc de Triomphe this year. She has a very good chance if the star align again for him. · 7 hours ago
She reminds me a bit of Beholder in the way she runs. Nice race by her, I'm looking forward to seeing her again. There was one comment on the YT video of the Anoakia though, and that was, 'she looks big for a two year old filly.' She actually does, at least to me. Anybody else see that?
Retired and will stand at Spendthrift farm
Article http://www.paulickreport.com/news/thoroughbred-racing/lani-finishes-late-closing-third-first-start-since-belmont/
I've already got 2 headlines written up for Frosted's performance in the BC Classic. Which one do you thinks best folks, give me your thoughts: "Frosted gets Smoked in the Classic" OR "Frosted gets iced in the Classic". :-)
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  • Blueyedhusky via Disqus · Frosted gets crushed in the elections...wait! that's not Frosted, it's that other loser with the funny hair. · 12 hours ago
  • elhubbo · I like Nyquists Revenge is a dish best served cold. · 9 hours ago
Monarchos' Greatness Was Cut Way Too Short http://cs.bloodhorse.com/blogs/horse-racing-steve-haskin/archive/2016/10/22/monarchos-greatness-was-cut-way-too-short.aspx
The Traver's record stood for many years ,and now Arrogate owns the record at that distance at Saratoga, Many Champion's have tried, many more will try,Arrogate may not be going into the BCC to beat chrome,,he may be going to crush Spectacular Bid's record,and that my friends is why I favor Arrogate,,, is chrome dodge-n the record at Saratoga--- it is only a mile an quarter hmmm Baffert ssays he may not want Arrogate to get speed crazy welllllll ,,,that has already Happen----Go Get-emmmmmm Malcolm.
  • Stay Thirsty via Disqus · Mike Smith should play this race like Mucho Macho Man, Frosted, or Itsmyluckyday. Make California Chrome have to work! Pressure him!! Force California Chrome into those wicked Travers fractions! · 1 day ago
  • Pebbles via Disqus · What are you on about? Arrogate is going into the race to win it. It will not be easy. Duplicating that performance would likely not be enough to get the record that Spectacular Bid set. So you are suggesting he would surpass that performance. Quite unlikely, but if he does it he is indeed the superstar you suggest. · 10 hours ago
BC Distaff = Songbird = 12-0 baby!!!!! Woo Hoo. :-)
  • Mr. Sandman via Disqus · You really have her that high? VE is going to do whatever he can to not make that happen...sticking right there at her hip. Stellar Wind has beaten the Queen twice now most convincingly. Songbird isn't in Kansas anymore. She has to go up against the wicked witch of the east and west. Good luck with that. There is no shame losing to either titan if Songbird loses but, oh my, if she can pull it off...wow! She might go undefeated next year too. · 13 hours ago
  • Mr. Sandman via Disqus · What if Songbird loses? = 11-1. · 10 hours ago

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