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Just kind of venting here. I am a big fan of the "old school" sports, obviously horse racing, boxing, and baseball. It really bothers me that the general public or even casual sports fan think and will say that horse racing or boxing are"dead". It bothers me that people don't realize there are different divisions in each sport, horse racing has their divisions based on age, gender, race distance, and surface.Boxing's divisions are based on weight class. I think a large part of the "dead" perception is that there hasn't been a notable American heaveyweight champion in over 20 years just has there hasn't been a TC winner in horse racing in almost 40. People just look to the "glamour divisions" without realizing that the respective divisions in each sport have been producing some of the best talent in recent years then we have ever seen ie Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacman, Bernard Hopkins Roy Jones Jr..and Wise Dan, Rachel,Zenyatta,Groupie Doll,Mizdirection,Royal Delta,Beholder,Game on Dude etc etc
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  • tmallios · Welcome to the real world Vic. As they say"The Gig is up" and i do not mean Gig em Aggs. The foals are down,what the hell does that exactly mean. Are you in the breeding and buying industry. I seriously doubt it. Even if it i down 10% from its peak. So there are now 30,000 foals instead of 33,000 foals. Oh my lord,shut the doors,we are losing our future. You say ltax laws are in place to so called hurt the modern day owner. Well excuse me,welcome to mine and millions of others world. Guess what !!!! Tax laws affected many in their normal deductions. You blast the modern day racing head for not having the experience in the Racing game. I agree with you there.But the reason for that is your so called experts in the past 30 years,they did a pathetic job looking into the future and protecting not only the growth but the integrity of the game. You see Victorio,they lived for the momment. They rode the treadmill of strong economys that over exadurated the Breeding Game as well as many new owners flocking in to the buisiness. You have and always trashed the Racinos.The new CEO'S are looking ahead. They basically have accepted the fact that this game cannot be salvaged with a stand alone on racing. So they supplement it with outside money.The only way to salvage this game is to Downsize it and restructure its base and management scale. Will never happen Victorio. Local state governments have found a Golden Goose in the Rcinos,and if tying them to the hip is the only way to continue ,then so be it. They are employing many people and also providing a product. I do not say the following in a disrespectful manner,although some will take it that way. The majority of the posters here are more of the traditional fan. They are purists believing in the fundamentals of the game. They detest Lasix,they care about the breed. They know down in their guts that the game is corrupt in many ways. Yet they find ways to look past them. I have met and know thousands and thousands of fans and gamblers. Before i came to this site. I would be able to count on 1 hand the people that i met that matched the profile. Maybe that is why i am as some say,rough around the edges. It is all about how the game was introduced to us. Is Breeding important to the racing,absolutely it is. But in a time where the competition is for the dollar at hand , it takes a back seat to the problem at hand. Fund the product at its introductory state to the general public. The public that will hopefully support this game in Gambling and potentially owning horses. Then and only then will the bReeding game will be relevant again. Also it has nothing to do with people not approving of the Breed and staying away. It is the same problem that faces everyone world wide. So unless you have been immitating Rip Van Winkle or traveled out of space for the past 5 years. It is the DAMN ECONOMY that destroyed racing and the world as we knew it. · 2 minutes ago ·
  • Sullivan · In the UK, racing is an event, not a business. It is still somewhat like this at Keeneland, Saratoga, and at a few othet small dayd at Churchill, Belmont, and such. Whitney warned about this in a foreword he wrote long ago. David Alexander also mentioned the issue. 10,000 people stand at Newmarket uncomfortably for the horses, 50,000+ pack Meydan even though there is no betting... Strub used to cringe when they mentioned thr handle at Santa Anita instead of the horses performing... It is becoming less and less of a sport everyday · 15 seconds ago ·
It appears pretty definite now the connections of Cirrus Des Aigles have chosen to ship to Hong Kong to run in the G1 Audemars Piguet QE II Cup on April 27th at Sha Tin, bypassing a potential clash with unbeaten Arc winner Treve in the G1 Prix Ganay at Longchamp on the same day.
  • ILuvTurfRacing · The Mike De Kock trained duo of Vercingetorix & Sanshaawes fresh off of success in Dubai willl also ship to Sha Tin for the AP QE II Cup along with the Japanese duo of Uncoiled & Epiphaneia · 8 minutes ago ·
Today's Q : who was the most in fluential sire of sires of the past 50 years? Raise a Native, Northern Dancer, A.P. Indy, Bold Ruler, or Storm Cat?
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  • buckpasser · Coming back into Prominence at least here with AP Indy, Pulpit, Tapit, Malibu Moon, and if California Chrome wins the Derby, his sire Lucky Pulpit, tail male to BR would gain some better mares too. · 14 minutes ago ·
  • buckpasser · Last point. I also think that Secretariat, given the mare quality that he got, was disappointing at stud. While a very good broodmare sire, he wasn't the top stallion that people thought he would be. Certainly Seattle Slew turned out better than people thought in my opinion and has carried on the BR influence. · 10 minutes ago ·
Italy is set to have no internationally-recognised Group races from next year after a meeting of the European Pattern Committee resulted in the nation being axed from the sport's top table. - http://www.racingpost.com/news/horse-racing/italy-axed-from-european-pattern/1638458/#newsArchiveTabs=last7DaysNews
  • Northport · Personally this really disappoints me. Italy used to be a pretty respected country when it came to the horses that ran there (Ribot comes to mind obviously), but even in recent years, horses like Electrocutionist, Rakti, and Falbrav got their starts in Italy before going on to have very successful international careers · 12 minutes ago ·
have you seen the record wins & 2nds! Wayne Lukas, Beware of his expertese. I saw him years ago tighten the saddle himself on Frans Valentines first win and sindicated the horse after the race who was owned by Green farm stable owned by Earl Sheib (of Famous Auto Paint shop Chain) "Fran" was his wifes name!
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  • travel_vic · inheireted or there are doubts that ANY of those would have still been sound at 5....Mr. capped tooth man HAS to get his name in the papers now! · 37 minutes ago ·
  • travel_vic · Friends described Wiinning Colors, on here arrival at Caliborne, the STUDDISH most female they had ever seen and , NOT surprisingly with all that suspected steroid in the system, took her a very long time to "catch." · 34 minutes ago ·
Will Danza be a one-hit wonder or a star of this year's Kentucky Derby?Read More
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  • Davidm9999 · Very intersting and timely pedigree profile on a NOW horse. I hope Danza is not a one hit wonder. We could use some quality in this crop as they sort themselves out. It "appears" Danza may be on the short list of those who might be able to handle the 10F Debry distance. Should know more by the end of day on May 3rd. · 2 hours ago ·
  • travel_vic · to ascribe the traits of the individaul by the traits of the parents is not scientifically a sound expansion · 49 minutes ago ·
Sad to hear about her. Died after delivering her Bernardini foal. RIP
Is there any interest in doing an auction competition? Everyone gets $5,000,000 and at the end of the horses's 2yo year, we see who made the most money?
Tomorrow's Craven Stakes is always a sign for me that the European flat season is off an running. Interested to see if Toormore is the real deal at 3.
I have only one concern, he has done all of his races & training in cal.
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  • Sullivan · It has to rain first, but he did work a few mornings over a damp track at Los Al. My concern is the blinkers. For him to win this, he will have to go 22 / 45 / 109 in order to get away from the speed. When he tires down the lane, and they come up to him, with blinkers on, how will he know? It is a lot harder to navigate blind. and fight an enemy you don't know. · 2 hours ago ·
  • tmallios · Where on this horses Past PPs has he shown to be an Unrateable/Wacky speed freak. While sprinting he has always come off the pace. In his 2 distance races that captured all attention. He went to the front in 1 race and comfortably sat in the next. When the horse runs,he does not pull or tug his jock all over the track. Blinkers will not make him lose control on Derby Day.Come Derby day,it will be an equal opportunity as to how fast or slow they will go. How will they react to the elements of the Mob they will be facing for the first time. How will they react to being stuck in a makeshift mini stall,for 25 minutes before they race. How will they react to the explosion of noise from the Grandstand and the infield ,when they finally step on the track.Problem with many is that they only see the ones affested by this if they run off in a rank and uncontrollable manner. Not the case,pay attention to the ones that forget to show up. It affects them so much,they never get going . They stay in the shell the entire race. Assuming CC will handle the miscelleneous elements. Losing it on the track and speed popping is the least of my worries for him.i · 1 hour ago ·
Apparently has been took out of training "for now" doubt will will see this beautifully bred colt on the racetrack.
He's been beaten by Constitution and Cairo Prince. Does Wicked Strong have what it takes to turn the tables in the 2014 Kentucky Derby?Read More
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  • johnsnare · wiked Strong has a lot of distance in his pedigree. Looks like the 2014 derby will have a lot of front end runners, and a few with distance porblems. a horse that is comfortable coming off the pace, should have a distinct advantage. laying off the pace should have · 8 days ago ·
  • thepuresilverband@yahoo.com · Wicked Strong with breed Chrismatic of trainer Wayne Lukas who had won the Derby and 2nd with Chrismatic's stable mate "cat Theif" How many trainers have won 1st & 2nd in the kentucky Derby. (Baffert must be in envy). Later on Breeders Cup 3 Mill Classic, I bet a $5 Bet on Cat Theif & BudRoyal which got me over $3,000! Just a $2 exacta was over $1,000!! I like the breeding and both Chrismatic & Cat Theif had the fastest both almost record speed Beyers! Dont Discount Wicked Strong! · 6 hours ago ·
Take charge is from Take Charge Lady, Wayne Lukas has 4 Kentucky Derby wins! Don't Discount!
Cyclometer, a 6-year-old Cyclotron horse blessed with natural speed, has been victimized by slow starts in his last three races. Team Headley hopes that won’t happen when the California-bred chestnut runs in Saturday’s Grade II Potrero Grande Stakes for older horses at 6 ½ furlongs on the main track...Read More
I hope we see a work out at CD before the derby
  • https://www.facebook.com/john.karczewski.39 · I think that is a good point that not many people are talking about. There isn't much to knock about this horse and I don't know as this is one of them as I think the talent was out west this year but it is certainly something to consider. Who knows how he will travel or take to being on a plane. Also, this goes for most of the horses, but Churchill seems to be one of those unique tracks in that some horses dislike it and some really flourish. The weeks leading up to the Derby when horses work at Churchill is one of the few times a year I really pay close attention to workouts for that reason. · 7 hours ago ·
I'm looking forward to Samantha Nicole's next race.
Ide Be Cool will not get recognition until his trainer puts him in a better race. He could have run IBC in the DeD Jackpot Stakes G3, Lecompte, Risen Star, or LA Derby but did not.
The chairman of The Jockey Club calls for transparency of the veterinary records of all horses entered in this year's Triple Crown races.Read More
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  • travel_vic · follow up to that BAD regulation that your fictinal example claims are SO SO BAD> Deficiencies in this original statute, which had become noticeable by the 1920s, led to the replacement of the 1906 statute with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, which, was enacted in 1938 and signed by President Franklin Roosevelt. The 1938 Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, along with its numerous amendments, remains the statutory basis for federal regulation of all foods, drugs, biological products, cosmetics, medical devices, tobacco and radiation emitting devices by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. · 8 hours ago ·
  • travel_vic · Corporations would be poisoning all of us if it weren't for these laws. Like the suit sales guys says and I GUARANTEE IT. · 8 hours ago ·
what will be his m/l in the derby? I say 3-1
The first Kentucky Derby 2014 Future Wager Pool opens Wednesday, Nov. 27 and closes Saturday, Nov. 30.Read More
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  • travel_vic · I have attend pst draws for many big contests and the ends of the gate always are given out last, particularly on the rail · 9 hours ago ·
  • buds · 4-15 are preferred. 16 n out are bad unless u r big brown, nehro, animal kingdom, I think ill have another was out there somewhere as well. meaning it doesnt really matter if the horse is good enough. 1 is real bad · 8 hours ago ·



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