• ZATT's Star of the Week, is ... Winx!Posted 3 hours ago
  • Elektrum (5-2) gets up in the final jump to win the Grade 3 Dowager at Keeneland.Posted 6 hours ago
  • Roca Rojo (4-1) storms home to romp in Belmont's Athenia.Posted 6 hours ago
  • Lightstream (2-1) rolls late to pass Malibu Stacy for the Raven Run win.Posted 1 day ago
  • Royal Posse (5-2) likes the off going and upsets Governor Malibu in the Empire Classic.Posted 1 day ago
  • Bar of Gold (4-5) wins the Empire Distaff by a country mile.Posted 1 day ago
  • Pat On The Back (20-1) puts them to sleep in a sloppy Sleepy Hollow.Posted 1 day ago
  • 2001 Kentucky Derby winner, Monarchos has passed away at the age of 18.Posted 1 day ago
  • Winx absolutely dominant in winning a second Cox Plate.Posted 1 day ago
  • Quidura (7-2) scores another graded stakes win at Keeneland for Graham Motion.Posted 2 days ago
Breeders Cup 2015

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BREAKING NEWS : In a shocking turn of events, Aidan O Brien announces that Arc winner Found will be entered in the Breeders Cup Classic. Found has never run on dirt before and her pedigree suggests turf.
Not surprising considering he sent Gleneagles last year. As we found out last year, Found will likely find the early pace of the BCC (particularly the first 6f) too much for her to maintain her elite turn of foot in the stretch. The only way Found will be a factor is the BCC is a slow early pace, which allows her to stay in contact with the pack early. String the race out and she's done.
This hit 16 minutes, Steve
Hearing she will be entered in the Classic. Not a decision that I support
Vazirabad rebounds from his narrow loss to Quest For More last time out in the G1 Prix du Cadran to win the G1 Prix Royal-Oak at Saint-Cloud with Endless Time in 2nd and Siljan's Saga in 3rd.
  • jonquil · Yeah, he basically did what was expected - he's too good to let one loss shake him up. :) · 1 hour ago
The Traver's record stood for many years ,and now Arrogate owns the record at that distance at Saratoga, Many Champion's have tried, many more will try,Arrogate may not be going into the BCC to beat chrome,,he may be going to crush Spectacular Bid's record,and that my friends is why I favor Arrogate,,, is chrome dodge-n the record at Saratoga--- it is only a mile an quarter hmmm Baffert ssays he may not want Arrogate to get speed crazy welllllll ,,,that has already Happen----Go Get-emmmmmm Malcolm.
  • Stay Thirsty via Disqus · Mike Smith should play this race like Mucho Macho Man, Frosted, or Itsmyluckyday. Make California Chrome have to work! Pressure him!! Force California Chrome into those wicked Travers fractions! · 1 hour ago
Hard Aces / Second Summer / Bal A Bali
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  • MaryZinke via Disqus · I also included Bal A Bali because he should not mind the distance. So, I went against the usuals with speed Lieutenant Colonel, then Hoppy for his post-Dubai return, then Bal A Bali. · 119 days ago
  • Steve Gibson via Disqus · Melatonin :-) · 1 hour ago
Wow they finally dropped the filly who beat nobody this year to second in the rankings. Must have been a slow day at the office. Chrome should have been number one from the start.
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  • hoof_hearted2016 · That's unfair, she BEATS every horse that is brave enough to turn up and face her!!! Think of it in Boxing terms, GGG is rated as the pound for pound best in the World (or certainly one of the best) but you look at his CV and it's littered with journeyman and guys who are not world level, You know why?? coz most of the top guys are scared to face him that's why! · 6 hours ago
  • MaiyaDay via Disqus · Chrome's been #1 for the past 42 weeks. Where have you been? · 1 hour ago
I remember the first time I seen her race, I was just messing around playing Australia the one night and had no idea who she was, she blew me away( I believe it was the Queensland oaks) and hasn't lost since. It doesn't matter the distance, doesn't matter the conditions, just a superior animal. I can only dream we get to see her at Royal Ascot next season. I don't know if racing could get any better than a Tepin/Winx/Solow battle.
1st- Second Summer 2nd- Imperative 3rd- Hoppertunity 4th- Lieutenant Colonel
1st - EFFINEX 2nd - Imperative 3rd - Donworth 4th - General A Rod 5th - Class Leader 6th - Cyrus Alexander 7th - Point Piper 8th - Hard Aces 9th - Melatonin
92SF for his debut. Good start. Bright future
I get a kick out of how many of the Frosted haters go on other horse's topics for the sole purpose of bashing Frosted, and sometimes even create new accounts just for that purpose. I guess the hatred is so prevalent that there isn't enough room on the Frosted topic to hold everybodys' invective. Not sure what the horse has ever done to deserve this level of scorn.
  • DDAmasa via Disqus · I haven't seen any Frosted hate. Just people expressing the opinion he's not a 10F horse. Considering he's lost every 10F race he's run, it's a legitimate discussion. · 4 hours ago
  • ChromeSecretariat · I certainly don't hate Frosted and if California Chrome gets beat in the BCC I certainly hope it is by Frosted. But, Frosted just doesn't seem to be a 10F horse at this point. It's like asking Usain Bolt to run the 400 meters against the best in the world. I was hoping Frosted and Dortmund would meet in the BCC mile and be neck at the stretch (Like CC and Shared Belief in the 2015 San Antonio Stakes), and see who comes out on top. I just feel that it a better distance for both horses. Certainly their owners are not afraid of running against the toughest competition. Maybe at they mature as 5-year-olds they will win at the longer distance as Melatonin and Hoopertunity did in winning their first mile and a quarter races this year. I certainly hope so. · 3 hours ago
I like the idea of a North American race to rival the DWC, and there are - well, sensitive and politically incorrect reasons for it. I have one thing in common with the owners of the last two Triple Crown winners. I'm Jewish. There are a lot of prominent Jewish owners now in North American racing, who, even if allowed in Dubai, would feel very unwelcome there. (Maybe Zayyat, being from Egypt, could pull it off, but few others). The UAE is a virulently anti-Semitic place, and since they do not allow in Israelis, it means that they do not allow in half the world's Jews. I am not OK with that, and would not send a horse there. I bet most Jewish owners would feel the same way. (For that matter, I wonder how women owners feel as well.) This does not matter to the European owners, since this sort of anti-Semitic bigotry is far more common and more acceptable in Europe. But it puts Jewish owners at a big disadvantage. I just don't like the way Stronach is financing it. Make it a $4-5 million race and get a corporate sponsor.
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  • Mary via Disqus · Glad you posted this. This is exactly why I will never support Frosted, Arrogate, etc. People keep asking me why I don't like Frosted, and I just tell them because he's gray, and not the real reason, which is 'politically incorrect'. But as a woman and someone that lives in the Western World, I find it hard to wrap my mind around why horse racing fans would ignore how sheiks and Saudi Princes' treat women, and their total hatred of everyone in the West. In horse racing circles, it may be hidden from public view, but it is still there. · 51 days ago
  • topkat via Disqus · Excellent post thank you · 4 hours ago
Pegasus World Cup, World's richest Horse Race, for ALL of 2 months!! hahaha I'm already hearing strong rumours that next years Dubai World Cup will be a $15 million race. :-)
  • Mary via Disqus · good grief, Charlie Brown. Where will it end? A 100 million dollar race? · 26 days ago
  • topkat via Disqus · Who could you possibly know that would tell you Next years Dubai race will be 15 million? that is totally contrived, there is no such talk about that purse being 15 million, what you talking about?? · 4 hours ago
How man people here would like to see California Chrome come back and race in 2017
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  • Malcolm · in vid-he broke a bit awkwardly may be no concern sure would love to see him stay in for 2017 · 5 hours ago
  • DDAmasa via Disqus · I think I'd prefer he retire after the Pegasus. · 4 hours ago
both age 5--- some of that Endurance we all look for --for the mile and quarter
I get a kick out of Frosted being picked as the major threat to California Chrome in the 2016 BCC. Not that I don’t like Frosted. He was my favorite 3-year-old of 2015 after Texas Red and Dortmund were injured. But, while Six of the 10 probable starters of the 2016 BCC have won at least one 1¼ mile stakes race, none of them is named Frosted. Frosted has finished 4th, 3rd, 7th (of 8 in the 2015 BCC) and 5th (2016 Dubai World Cup) and just doesn’t seem suited for the classic distance. The six who have won at 1 ¼ miles include all 4 of the 3-year-olds: California Chrome (4 wins), Melatonin (2), Effinex (2), and Hoppertunity (1), and 2 of the 3-year-olds Nyquist and Arrogate (1 each). None of the 4-year-olds in the BCC has ever won at a mile and a quarter. As far as I have been able to find, only 3 dirt horses from the 2015 crop of 3-year-olds have been won at the classic distance of 1 ¼ miles:AP (twice), Force the Pass, and Keen Ice all won at 1 ¼ miles in 2015. As far as I know, no other horse from that crop has won at the 1 ¼ mile distance. The class of 2016 also has 3 dirt horses that have won at 1 1/4 miles, Nyquist, Deauville, and Arrogate. As for the class of 2014, 6 horses won at 1 ¼ miles as 3-year-olds, Bayern, CC, Shared Belief, Effinex, Mr Speaker, Tonalist, and VE Day. Effinex won the Suburban in both 2015 and 2016, and Melatonin and Hoppertunity, won at the distance in 2016 as 5-year-olds. Through their 4-year-old season the class of 2015 won a total of 10 mile and a quarter races and added 6 more this year for a three year total of 16 wins so far at the Classic distance. Four horses from the class of 2014 ran 1 ¼ miles in under 2 minutes: Bayern, CC, and Toast of New York (who never actually won at the distance) as 3-year-olds all in the 2014 BCC and Melatonin in the 2016 Gold Cup at Santa Anita. Arrogate, of course was the fourth of the 10 in his sizzling Travers Performance. No horse from the 2015 class has run 1¼ miles in under 2 minutes. In the 2014 BCC, in a full field of 14 entries, 7 were 3-year-olds. The top 6 finishers were all 3-year-olds. In the 2015 BCC, the 3-year-olds finished 1st, 4th, 7th, and 8th while the 3 entries from the class of 2014 finished 2nd, 3rd, and 5th. Tonalist was the only horse to compete in both races and finished 5th in both races. Of course, horses don’t usually read statistics and we only have to remember how Onion and Matterhorn caused the defeat of heavily favored horses. Then again, neither is running in this year’s BCC. Probably Moanin will ship from Japan at the last minute and upset all the Americans :). Nevertheless, I'm thinking Chrome in sub 1:59.
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  • Mr. Sandman via Disqus · Arrogate isn't proven yet even though he had one explosive race in record time. He needs to duplicate that feat a few more times if he is to be taken seriously and in the same boat with Frosted, Effinex, Melatonin, and Chrome. He looks really good in his workouts but, can he transfer that onto a real race again good competition again and again? I really hope he isn't a one hit wonder sorry we ever heard anything about you in the first place kinda horse. · 8 hours ago
  • cugel the clever · "Frosted being picked as the major threat to California Chrome" Where are you hearing that chorus? The voices in your head? There are only a few people on this site who are picking Frosted as the major threat to Chrome (Ferris, Stay Thirsty, Zipse are the only ones who come to mind). I'm not one of them. I'm picking Arrogate as Chrome's major competition. It's a common attack tactic in political rhetoric to lie about your opponent's beliefs and then attack the lie. That's what you're doing here. The reality is that most people who've expressed opinions on the matter have picked Frosted to finish off the board in the Classic. By the way, at 10F, Frosted lost each one of those four races to American Pharoah or California Chrome. How many of those great 10F horses you listed have beaten Chrome or Pharoah? Basically, they've taken turns beating each other. · 6 hours ago
I really have a bad habit of my favorite horses being like injured star athletes. I like to think my Buffalo Bills will be competitive once we have a healthy lineup! Hope this guy gets healthy enough for a small run at some graded stakes before they retire him. Come to Saratoga my man! We will soak you in the Springs and do some Yoga and you will be all better. I feel like even if he runs, he'll have a setback or something since it's hard to keep shaking the nagging injuries.
Well...he's in training & has been re-schooled, too, up at San Luis Rey Downs.

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