• Endless Chatter wins her third straight in the Summer Colony! Posted 1 day ago
  • Judy the Beauty rolls right on by in the Rancho Bernardo!Posted 2 days ago
  • Main Sequence surges late to win the Sword Dancer! Posted 2 days ago
  • Moulin De Mougin swoops up the rail to win the Mabee! Posted 9 days ago
  • Enterprising rolls from last in the La Jolla! Posted 10 days ago
  • Cassatt much the best in the Monmouth Oaks! Posted 10 days ago
  • Wallyanna upsets the Hall of Fame with a late rush! Posted 11 days ago
  • Tricky Hat wins the John's Call by half a whisker! Posted 13 days ago
  • Wednesday's Del Mar card features a Pick 6 carryover of $195,206.Posted 15 days ago
  • Skyway proves best in the Best Pal! Posted 16 days ago

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Someone please notfiy me when flyride will be runnng...
When is serpe going to run this horse? i need a winner...
i will never stop loving him... his strive for winning inspires me! i wont to have a horse to! =) sometimes i just need to forget what others think! (i am not judging any one here that's righting comments! i mean people that don't like/don't care about this amazing horse) because to me Secretariat is a winning horse hero of mine. i love horses so much. and Secretariat... i mean, WOW! god bless all horses! god have peace and rest on Big Red!
As long as i am alive this horse will be my top fan... i am a horse lover! i hope he wins a lot more racies
Perfect position for Wicked Strong!!!! He won his last race form position number seven and will most likely do it again!!! Go Wicked Strong!
Who are your picks,anyone???
Travers 1 Commanding Curve 2 Bayern 3 Charge Now 4 VE Day 5 Viva Majorca 6 Tonalist 7 Wicked Strong 8 Kid Cruz 9 Ulanbator 10 Mr Speaker
Woodbine has announced plans to refurbish the Polytrack next month. Long-term alternatives are dirt or another synthetic surface. per DRF
  • travel_vic · There have been problems in the past, but addition of the binder, called Jelly Cord stopped that initial "kick back." http://www.horse-canada.com/horse-news/troubles-with-polytrack-at-woodbine/ · 14 hours ago
Hate that he missed so much of the year. And watch them only race him next year then retire him. I just hope he returns and is just as good if not better than he was as a two year old since most of the three year olds this year will probably not race after this year or next
  • shores · I hope he becomes the next Flat Out. Missing so much of his young career and making it up as an older horse. · 18 hours ago
  • honor code via Disqus · Me too! This is my favorite horse and I was so sad when he tore his suspensary. Come back & win some big ones Honor Code!!! · 15 hours ago
Polytrack came to Toronto (oddly enough) because one of the prominant OWNERS of the company sat on the board of Woodbine Entertainment! That person is no longer here, the horsemen NEVER loved the surface, it is VERY expensive to maintain and re-replenish (generally two huge loads of the stuff come each season and often dramatically alters the running styles for weeks thereafter), it stinks, it retains heat unbelievably in the summer, you cannot hear the horses running on it, it is gooey and once ON you, it is very hard to get out of your clothes, it often creates "false" champions only capable of winning on that one surface, many outriders wear masks as they have seen how often their mounts need to be scoped for debris down their pharynx, AND, since the organization lost the support of the Slots and Racetrack contract, FUNDS are at an all time low to fold back into the non-profit Woodbine Entertainment Company.......and the popularity nationwide is at an all time low......what would be your guess as to the future of this surface???
Gooooooooo Debbie ! ! !
it's official, Wise Dan will will run in the Grade 2, $250,000 Bernard Baruch Handicap at Saratoga on Aug. 30, trainer Charlie LoPresti said to DRF. Go Wise Dan!!!!!
Im thinking its an early lead by Bayern and pressed by Tonalist, and wicked strong closing on them quickly. Ill go Tonalist over Wicked Strong followed by Bayern... No upsets here. Im thinking 10 furlongs is just out of wildcat reds distance.
  • Show All 3 Comments
  • supercool666 · Why do you even need to "think"??? IT WILL BE AN EARLY LEAD for "Bayern", and not just that, he wont stop!! He is a superstar and I truly believe "Wicked Strong" and "Tonalist" don't have the class to catch him. Bayern is a superstar horse. · 10 days ago
  • jockey2be. · Im so happy Wildcat Red went to the Kings Bishop instead!I think he wins it! · 18 hours ago
Mr.Speaker is my "longshot"!
Now listed as a gelding
  • Mary Z. · Saw that recently, Northport. Thanks for posting. I had followed this guy since he was a very cute baby running around with La Ville Rouge. I remember he had to have surgery on his little tummy, maybe something about his umbilical cord? Was rather disappointed that such an adorable baby was not so attractive as an adolescent. Why he was taken from Barclay Tagg, I don't know. Margano had some nice races at Belmont, Tiller, and the Hill Prince with Summer Front, under his care.Who knows the goings on and mysteries. As a fan, I certainly don't. A notice came up on virtual stable, so I glanced at the Delaware race..Doesn't seem out of line for what he can do. Blinkers off, by any chance? I remember the brothers being headstrong, lots of head gear seemed like. Mouths gaping open, fighting restraint. Also read reports of how much weight they'd gain on time off--think that was mostly Nicanor. Used to follow the whole family, and I know he doesn't have to be anything like his brothers, just that they were bred in hopes to be like the deceased brother, so the story draws attention. I know they are big fan favorites at the Delaware and Virginia, and Maryland? tracks. Thought he may have been retired like the brother Nicky and Lenny, but apparently that DNA stockpile is full, and with little strange-named *Sereno, too. Anyway, GL to Margano. · 18 hours ago
I totally agree with you!!!!! He is the one to beat in this race!!! I can't wait to see him prove it!!!
I didn't think Bayern was going to get 1 1/8 at MTH, and I sure as heck don't think he is getting 1 1/4 at Saratoga. Seems like everything is lined up Wicked Strong to me. I think I'm playing WS, Tonalist, KC
Its funny how everyone is dancing in the streets as to Assmussen not getting this horse. Funny how the racing game did not come down on Steve A. the way he was abandoned by his owners.In regards to Stonerstreet,i think they owe alot to him for the success he has given them over the years and actually put them on the map with their horses that Steve A.turned into runners.
Hard race to handicap for sure! Mr. Speaker on dirt is a question, Wicked Strong is always just right there but not there, Tonalist can get the distance but can he stay with the pace to get up late, Commanding Curve claim to fame is not impressive, Kid Cruz hasn't shown he can compete at G1's consistently and Coltimus Prime did have nice showing at Fort Erie but who did he beat.. Ahh I dunno.. This one is a watcher only for me.
Midnight Lucky galloping at Del Mar this morning. Plan is to train straight into BC FM Sprint, per Baffert… per Jay Privman



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