• Lady Eli remains unbeaten with her victory in the Wonder Again at Belmont Park.Posted 2 days ago
  • Force the Pass just gets up in the $500,000 Penn Mile with a late rush.Posted 3 days ago
  • Catch A Flight outduels Moreno to the wire in the Californian.Posted 3 days ago
  • It's all Golden Lad in the Mountainview at Penn National.Posted 3 days ago
  • Amelia's Wild Ride just holds off Ben's Cat to win the Pennsylvania Governor's Cup.Posted 3 days ago
  • Spanish Queen edges by Feathered down the lane to win the Grade 1 American Oaks.Posted 3 days ago
  • Divisidero relentless from the outside to get up in the Pennine Ridge.Posted 3 days ago
  • Delicious run by The Pizza Man to win the Opening Verse.Posted 3 days ago
  • Alsvid upsets champion Work All Week in the Aristides at Churchill Downs.Posted 3 days ago
  • 2-time Arc winner Treve is an impressive winner in her seasonal debut today at Saint-Cloud.Posted 4 days ago

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This is my pick for the Belmont. He needed time to acclimate and he's gotten it. Figure him to stalk the pace and pull away in then stretch.
I would buy one of her babies
Rock Fall / Clearly Now.
You know nothing Ms Harvey . You should have as good a life as CB's horses have.... Don't throw out the baby with the wash ....
Okay, Douglas Rutherford.....You do that toss. He will be 1st or 2nd in this race. You are a fool. A few may tout, but still will be 5-1 at least and he will win it. An Afleet Alex....2 races at 1 1-8 where he closed down lone leaders, 1 at 1 1-4 where he broke from worst post iaaginable and had a horrific trip and managed to close nicely into a slow pace. Every ticket of yours will be a losing one if you toss Materiality.
  • Douglas Rutherford via Disqus · Materiality will be the right TOSS to not be in the Exacta : 90% sure If you like him that well - best of luck : · 12 days ago
  • douglas rutherford via Disqus · Mostly everyone was calling me a FOOL as well for being such a fool leaving MR Z and FIRING LINE off my Preakness Sup , Tri tickets : I honestly go COMPLETELY with what I see , have been informed , as well what my sources and I talk out before making any final selections : I do see why people like Materiality : Of course I do : But at this time ~ which was before all the scratches ~ this was the dirrection we all was agreeing towards : Your post was like , 14 days ago ! When my sources tell me not to worry about a certain colt ~ and we all agree , then of course im going to have Balls and go with what we trust in : This has been WHY and HOW we have been able to reduce our Price on tickets while winning nice ones at the same time : The Preakness was a fabulous PAYOFF as easy as it seemed for us : ( IF IT ISNT BROKE ~ DONT FIX IT ) · 3 hours ago
Many of these have been training very forwardly. Tonalist & Wicked Strong both had strong works this week. Not training too well, Honor Code
  • Ruffianlover · If you knew anything about this horse you would know he hardly works well. His works are usually slow. He has never been an impressive work tab horse- but he is game come race day. He likes to be a deep closer though and they don't always run well at belmont. Hopefully Bayern and or private zone bring the heat so HC can come flying home down · 3 hours ago
Neck 'n Neck worked 5f over muddy dirt, June 2nd, in 1:03:71 (b). It was the only work at that distance.
I agree...did not look great in workout, but Materiality will be there and so will Mubtahinjh....Dead Rail all day Churchill day...Guess who ran on it...Materiality and Mubtahinnjh....I will take my chances with AP, Materiality, and Mubtahinnjh-clunkers for 3rd and 4th are Frosted and Keen Ice...Nowhere to be found-Lookin at Lucky and Tale of Verv
  • Players Klub via Disqus · I hope Lookin At Lucky is nowhere to be found. He hasn't raced in years. · 4 hours ago
Okay so before the K. Derby, some of you may have seen that I posted my very first "Four Horses of the Apocalypse" Awards. If you want to see those, they are posted in the comments section here... http://www.horseracingnation.com/news/Frosted_Upstart_Make_First_Appearances_at_Churhill_Downs_123 I thought it would be fun to do it again for the Belmont, so here goes. Please feel free to respond to my picks or put down picks of your own. :) 1. DEATH (goes to the horse that will see some action and is the lowest odds horse that I feel has no shot at winning) - CARPE DIEM 2. FAMINE (goes to the horse that won't get much action but has a possibility of ruining your tri or super, sending you home broke and hungry) - CONQUEST CURLINATE 3. WAR (goes to the horse that will battle right to the end but will come up short...) - AMERICAN PHAROAH 4. CONQUEST - (the horse I believe will be victorious over all others) - FROSTED Good luck all!
  • Blueyedhusky via Disqus · 1. DEATH - Keen Ice 2. FAMINE - Frammento 3. WAR - Materiality 4. CONQUEST - Mubtaahij · 4 hours ago
I'm only using him and Madefromlucky in the Belmont, exacta box!
Hi, I saw you have regal warrior in your barn. My husband and I broke him in 2008 in va. Him and and his brother, peters creek and sister were at trimbettas in 2009 when I left MD. I have been trying to track him down. I love Peter but can't find him and would love to give warrior a home when ever ya'll are ready to retire him. You can reach me via email, sflorian727@gmail.com, thank you.
  • Goblin · You're looking for Peter's Creek? Go to his page here at HRN---you'll be surprised and happy. :) · 5 hours ago
  • Sullivan · Peter's Creek's owner posts here regularly. The horse is part of a syndicate that was based in New England. · 5 hours ago
For all of you conspiracy theorists Carpe Diem was pulled for two reasons. His poor showing in the Derby and his last workout, which if anybody happened to watch, was very uninspiring. When he came into the stretch his head was all over the place and you could see he was over heated. A clear sign of a horse that's not ready to run 1.5 miles. Exacta Box-AP-Frosted-Madefromlucky-Keen Ice.
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  • Douglas Rutherford via Disqus · Pletcher already knew about scratching him even before that interview : It was written all over his face even ; Really wasn't wanting to be interviewed at that moment : but that's all part of the business . . . · 1 day ago
  • Deano · I think Carpe Diem matured early and other horses have matured and past him up ability-wise. He is a good horse but others are still improving where CD has leveled off. AP should win this race. The only horse I see that is still improving is Materiality. He may not be good enough to win but he looks like he could give AP a little challenge. · 6 hours ago
Should American Pharoah do as expected and win the Triple Crown on Saturday. To those that want to take the route, you can celebrate and be as obnoxious or classy as you want to be. You can say that this is one of the greats of all time . I will have no problem with that. The only thing i will have a problem with, and should he lose without a glaring excuse. Do not start bashing Victor Espinoza(ala the Chronies last year), do not start blaming it on the surface or that Baffert did this or that wrong. Just accept it and turn the page.
  • DDAmasa via Disqus · I'm hoping for some class. I think he is going to win by a nice margin. But I also understand that others may feel another horse has a chance or may be rooting for their personal favorite. Celebrating his victory (should he win) will be wonderful. But throwing "I told you so" in people's faces is very low class and obnoxious. · 6 hours ago
Twist my arm, and i think that A.P still has a better chance of winning come Saturday, than he has losing. A win or a loss will not change my opinion of this horse. Contrary to many who think that his Derby was slow. Based on the numbers i read,it might of been the fastest ever. So he has already shownme just how fast a horse he is. But after reading about his most recent work, the slightest bit of hesitation now comes my way. I see where some are saying,and i certainly hope that it is not Baffert nor anyone associated with the horse. That he is better now than he is ever been, because of the fast clocking. Speed in no way shows that he is coming into this racethe way he is supposed to. If he has not proven how fast he is based on his races,a 1.39 gallop out surely should not win you over. Lets analyze his workout pattern. After the Ark. Derby, A.P had 3 weeks to get ready for his biggest test to date. Note Baffert only worked him once in the 3 weeks. That is because he had the horse dead fit,and exactly where he wanted him to be. Between the Derby and the Preakness,no works were necessary. Here is where it gets hairy for me, i am not second guessing Baffert. Maybe i am overthinking the entire thing,and nothing is there. I loved the work last week,not fastand looked good visually doing it. If a horse is doing that great,why now does he need another workout,just 1 week after his last one.That means in the 2 weeks after he ran 3 races in 5 weeks, he needed 2 works within a 2 week span,where before he only needed 1 in a 3 week span.A.P. and i have said it before,has every reason in the world to be a tired horse. He earned that right by running 3 hole in the wind races . Like i said,maybe it is nothing, but why did he need the 2nd work???????I doubt the reason is that Baffert needed the frequent mileage. Maybe just maybe, things are not as easy prepping as they were. To that i say,he earned the right to be a tired horse.
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  • Pebbles via Disqus · I would not read too much into it. The fact is coming out of the Derby he was finally fit. As tired as he was in the Derby, why work him? Also, perhaps Baffert had some regrets seeing how he staggered home in the Derby, not working him more going into the Derby. He seems very fit. His paddock presence should tell you. Secretariat was a monster training up to the Belmont. Why can't Pharoah be too? Everyone says the Preakness was a paid work for AP - well maybe it was and that is why he needed to work twice for the Belmont because he should have been worked a bit more in the Preakness and wasn't. · 9 hours ago
  • hannahWTC1 · I think there is 2 reasons for the 2nd work out: 1. Sticking to the pattern. I believe Baffert worked Silver Charm and Real Quiet twice before the Belmont, and they both turned in very, very good performances 2. Baffert said American Pharoah was a little to edgy in his work for the Kentucky Derby (when he flew through 5f in 58 2/5). Baffert didn't want him working that fast for the 1 1/2 Belmont, so he worked him twice · 6 hours ago
I thought Lovely Maria was pointing to this race? I was excited to see the Promise me Silver / Maria Match up.
correction, pointing towards Azalea Stakes on Jul. 5th GP. DOING GREAT!!!
You can see why he'd be a threat to AP in the Belmont. A rested TOV vs a tired AP with another 5/16 of track to work with and maybe there isn't a horse in his way this time? If you were ever going to bet on a horse in the Belmont who just broke his maiden two races ago, this would be the time to do it.
  • Hey Now! via Disqus · Bingo. 20-1 you have to throw something on it. · 7 hours ago
He is en route to Belmont Park right now being vanned.
Promise me silver will be golden with mike smith aboard he knows the track the horse knows the game and he is great with undefeated horses .11 to 14 percent of horses in training ever win a single race she won 8 and this will be #9

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