• Get Happy Mister rides the rails to victory in the San Simeon.Posted 1 day ago
  • El Kabeir breezed 5F in 1:00.18 (3/16) Sunday at BelmontPosted 1 day ago
  • Whiskey Ticket just holds off Conquest Curlinate in the Illinois Derby.Posted 2 days ago
  • Moreno wins the Charles Town Classic, as Shared Belief is eased.Posted 2 days ago
  • Dramedy just holds on to win Keeneland's Elkhorn at 30-1.Posted 2 days ago
  • It's all Hootenanny in his first race back since winning the BC Juvenile Turf.Posted 2 days ago
  • La Verdad best in the Grade 2 Distaff.Posted 2 days ago
  • Carpe Diem covers 4F in :48.00 (5/76) Saturday at Keeneland Posted 2 days ago
  • Baffert says One Lucky Dane is out of the Kentucky Derby, per DRFPosted 2 days ago
  • Materiality, Stanford breeze 5F in 1:00.52 at Palm Beach Downs on SaturdayPosted 2 days ago

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According to Jim Rome via Twitter Shared Belief has a non displace fracture to his right hip. He will be fine after some rest.
wanting to learn more about this horse. she was stabled, born, & owned in Chillicothe, Ohio. which is where i live. i'd like to know where her stable was. i would love to get a plaque or a memorial made for her. perhaps a paper article.
  • Mary Z. · kaitlin, Have you read the Abigail Anderson's The Vault? She wrote about Imp. Here's the link: https://thevaulthorseracing.wordpress.com/2013/12/ The problem with trying to stalk her owner's info is that his last name was Harness. GL, and I will try to find more info, but you might try writing to the author of Imp's story. There are people who post here who have read many horse-ographies by Abigail Anderson, so I hope they reply to you. · 27 minutes ago
I wish the Illinois Derby was a prep race for the Ky derby. It upset me that they took it off the Ky Derby points series.
I have reviewed Bolo's races and he hasnt been given the green light. Basically his power button hasnt been pushed. Heres another interesting tidbit about Bolo, his pedigree has a long line of distance in it with a ton of stamina. Most Notably his damsire Chief Seattle who is also the son of Seattle Slew. Both were very good at distance and proven especially Slew. Both had an on and off button and very consistent. So too does Bolo. Now dont get me wrong, hes not the fastest horse but he did keep up with the beast Dortmund in 2 races. I think the added distance and being lightly raced and not pushed hard in those races, sets up nicely for him to compete well in the Ky Derby. I think he will run in the top 5. I am a gambling man and Im gonna put 100 on him to win. Im all too familiar with big longshots winning the derby and this years derby is no exception. I will definately have American Pharoah in my Exacta and Tri. Hes the one to beat. Stranger things have happened. Bolo is my pick. Any thoughts?
Nuclear scan? sounds like a vet clinic that wants to make some extra cash. Info won't tell any more than an MRI would do.
  • Goblin · Nuclear scintigraphy is less expensive than most MRI's, I believe. Here's an itemized cost sheet that I found. The figures (few) that I can find on MRI costs are estimates of $2,000-3,000, and described on one university vet med school site as "prohibitive". http://vaequine.com/clients/8292/documents/Nuc_Info_Sheet_2015.pdf · 4 hours ago
I hope Bolo runs in the Derby because I don't think you have seen his best yet. I think he has a shot to win so give him that chance!!!!
  • reversecowboy77 · i think by looking at his races he wasnt asked for much. They put him in position to get the points and save everything for the Ky Derby. Hes my pick. · 4 hours ago
What's your take on this Adamdaman? Dunh.
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  • Goblin · Hi, laz!! · 8 hours ago
  • ruffian75 · Hello, Laz!!! I don't know if you recall me, but, I appreciated your words on a post some three years ago. You are one of my favorite people!!! And, I am so glad that you have made a return!!! · 5 hours ago
Wishing Shared Belief all the best & a speedy recovery. Racing needs him.
kind of a bummer,glad hes going to be okay long term. was looking forward too the met-mile....nice job M.S.
In handicapping the Derby from a Pace Angle only. I noticed that there is hardly the front end big time speed , i originally thought there was. Some of the horses show some huge early pace figures on their PPs'. But if you look at their entire running lines,they are not consistent. Due to either smaller fields, or fields that lacked speed. They found themselves closer to the pace, without a fear of being run down by inferior closers. The only horse that has shown to be a SUPERIOR front end horse, has been American Pharoah. Yest the pace figures are not as eye popping as some of the others. But he has hardly exerted himself in any of his races in getting to the front. Although he showed he can sit off of a horse in the Ark. Derby. I doubt that they will be taking any chances in leaving the gate with caution. A.P. will do what his past barn mate just missed doing a couple of years ago. A.P. will bottom out this field from the beginning. He will never look back for the competition
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  • travel_vic · POSITION is not, nor has it ever been, the same as segmental velocity. The Derby always has some insane interests that try to steal this race and DON'T (I'm talking cheap speed not an Affirmed or a War Emblem)...Just because an entrant has run away from its competition, has more to do with the weak competition than a running style. · 7 hours ago
  • travel_vic · I cannot wait until the past performances come out, energy distribution wise, and many of these speed types will be exposed. The year that the Wood winner (Bellamy Road) was touted as a strong contender, his rising % median numbers disqualified him from the race. · 7 hours ago
Jim Rome announces via Twitter the nuclear scan results for Shared Belief. "Shared Belief has a non-displaced fracture on the point of the right hip. He is bright, alert and doing well. A heartfelt thank you to Mike Smith for protecting Shared Belief. His quick reaction is a big reason SB is doing as well as he is right now. Shared Belief could not be in better hands than he is with Jerry Hollendorfer. Groom Armando have been unbelievable. No timetable as for recovery time, but could be alot worse if not for quick thinking by Mike Smith." Confirmed by Jim Rome via twitter.
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  • hannahWTC1 · That's a good diagnosis compared to what it could have been if Smith hadn't of immediately pulled him up! Sad that he's missing the year :( · 7 hours ago
  • Mary Z. · Just heard about this during a work break, j. Thank you for posting the update. Good thing that the injury was caught right away and that they can do these scans and have a diagnosis so quickly now. I have gotten ticked off at the little guy on occasion, but he did the right thing. Wishing the champ a full recovery, and whether or not he ever races again that he has a great life. · 7 hours ago
I hope not to, but if I ever ingest something foul and need to expel it without it passing through my system, I will review these cr. comments about my friend's charge and his entire team. Now what was I going to say about babyish-ness about having to say cr about one horse if someone says cr about your own favorite? Oh, forget it. No lecture since no one here is actually a small child who could still learn.
In regard to Shared Belief's performance or lack of in the Charlestown Classic, he's not the first California based horse that's dominated in his home state that failed to fire when coming east to race. Lest we forget, the recent American turf star, Acclamation, was much the same. Acclamation absolutely cleaned up in every major turf race on the west coast but ran abysmally at east coast tracks. He finished last of 9 at Monmouth in the G1 United Nations and ironically last of 10 at Charlestown in the Charlestown Classic in 2011, though in fairness to Acclamation he was really a turf horse switching over to run on conventional dirt that day.
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  • Mary Z. · I would think Game On Dude would be the example horse with his Charles Town record. Just sayin'. Then of course his second in the Churchill Downs Breeders' Cup Classic was another example of "Cali speed". Never heard anyone say "Cali slow" at least. · 1 day ago
  • Mary Z. · And there was this??????????????? · 7 hours ago
Here is where SB is to rehab- http://www.pegasustrainingcenter.com/rehabilitation/services.aspx
  • Northport · This facility is owned by Dr. Mark Dedomenico, who owns Blind Luck, Sam's Sister, etc. It looks outstanding! · 7 hours ago
Dosage explained: http://www.pedigreeonline.com/handicapping.php
From Jim Rome on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimrome/status/590307281394237440
Mubtaahij on the track at Arlington this A.M. https://twitter.com/JohnGDooley/status/590221507466395649/photo/1
I'm a realist and not about to bet on a horse to win the Kentucky Derby (KO) with a DI >4.00, in the history of the KD, only one horse has done it: Strike The Gold:(1991). I'll be looking elsewhere, Mubtaahij, Bolo & Keen Ice (if Qualify)
  • barnzo · Hi busta - newbie here. Can you or anyone else give me a brief description of the dosage index? Or do you know of a good link to learn more? I'm not familiar with it as a handicapping tool. Thanks in advance! · 10 hours ago
  • Mark Kennedy via Disqus · I'm with you with one exception delete bolo add firing line. Those are my three · 9 hours ago
Hi all. Newbie here. Very grateful for this site - have learned so much over the past few months. Question about analyzing workouts - does anyone have any advice/science that they like to use? Keying off Danzig Moon - is it a slamdunk that his blazing fast workouts are a good thing? Is there any possibility that his workout was TOO fast and that could hurt him down the road? Thanks in advance for any comments!

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