• Unique Bella is off the Kentucky Oaks trail with a sore shin, per Steve Anderson.Posted 1 day ago
  • Hence (10-1) rallies to win the Sunland Park Derby going away.Posted 3 days ago
  • Ghalia (2-1) edges a game Kell Paso in the Sunland Park Oaks.Posted 3 days ago
  • Itsinthepost (6-1) drives home the win in the Grade 2 San Luis Rey.Posted 4 days ago
  • Fear the Cowboy (7-2) comes running late to capture the Grade 3 Skip Away.Posted 4 days ago
  • Fast and Accurate (24-1) bursts through to upset the Grade 3 Spiral.Posted 4 days ago
  • Purely a Dream (12-1) pulls ahead in the stretch to take the Grade 3 Bourbonette Oaks.Posted 4 days ago
  • Arrogate, despite a dreadful break, wins the Dubai World Cup easily.Posted 4 days ago
  • Jack Hobbs is much the best in the Sheema Classic.Posted 4 days ago
  • Vivlos flies late to get up for the win in the $6 million Dubai Turf.Posted 4 days ago

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what as this one actually DONE? Broke a single track record ALONE on the lead, beat a few good ones in so so time NO weight carrying history, and almost all at a single distance. NO breadth of talent, few remarkable things........Animal like Ruffian tied the track record in her maiden win, Fager destroyed the track records at multiple distances that lasted for years and the adaptability of Forego has not been seen since he retired. Come on now, all this hype like the clones you are: clueless. And these BIG closing moves are as they always HAVE BEEN, on dirt, optical illusions. When the rest of the field is backing up bigtime, relativity makes your sustained moved look far better than it is.
Many folks just don't give Arrogate the credit he deserve and many of these same folks have lost playing against him!! Even the trainer gave him exceptionally high praises and I respect that, because he has proven himself time and time again how well he can train top notch horse. I think some people don't understand that most times horse takes a while to develop and some times get setbacks for different reasons. Sometimes some horse never made it back from setbacks and we never found out what they could have been,such Danzig! Now we have some very talent young horses like Unique Bella and Mastery who recently had setbacks and will probably miss Triple crown races or never make it back to racing. So what determines that a horse is Great or what makes a horse Great ?...Is it wining all his races, is it wining a Triple Crown, is it beating older horses, is it wining the most purse money, Is it beating his peers, is it wining on multiple tracks, is it wining on all tracks, it is wining at every distance, is it setting records, is it wining on and of the lead, is it wining on any track condition, Is it wining on every continent, is it running a match race, is it coming back from a setback, is it wining by the widest margins or maybe is it wining at every distance ? What must a horse prove that he is truly Great ? One thing I know for sure, I have had the fortune of seeing and had the gratitude of enjoying some of the Greatest run and I have seen another in Arrogate, because he has come back from setbacks and proven he can be a devastating beast to reckon with !!!
  • marcos via Disqus · This stud deserves his credit, AP chrome now big A, nothing to say against this great horse, hes doing his job, following orders to the letter,,,roll on big daddy. · 1 day ago
  • travel_vic · why would ANYONE bet a race he was in other than his earliest ones? He offered ZERO value each time after that. · 12 hours ago
"To commemorate Man o War's centennial, and also a reflection of this discussion below, the perpetual moving goalpost" Comparing Arrogate to the 'greats' that raced decades ago is not sacrilege, but it is rather incongruous. For those who say Arrogate cannot be mentioned in the same breath as say, Man o War: Racing history extends far longer than 100 years. Did Man o War prove himself in over 30 four-mile heats like Boston, who ran 4 mile match races up to 4 times in a single afternoon? Did he he carry 160+ pounds like the 19th century champions? Did he win 89 of 138 starts over a 9 year career like Kingston? Did he set the world record time over 4 miles like Lexington? See how difficult it is to compare horses that raced decades apart from each other? Few remember the 19th century champions today, but surely during Man o War's career there were cynics who exclaimed, "Today's thoroughbreds can't hold up to those of yesteryear. Man o War a great horse? Laughable! Now Boston, Lexington, those were true greats!" It's the perpetually moving goalpost. There is no 'greatest' ever, no 'top 10', or 'top 50' - these lists are nothing but extraneous mental masturbation. But just like Boston towered over his contemporaries in his day, like Man o War towered over his contemporaries in his day, Arrogate is towering over his contemporaries today.
This boy actually ran 144 times and is the last living son of Secretariat still alive :)
Great breeze today!
is it me or does anyone else notices that gun runner and other horses legs seems to be moving so much faster that Arrogate's yet he is drawing away?? it really is that amazing stride!
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  • BeastBob via Disqus · GR is a quick turn of foot horse. Arrogate is a long strider. · 9 hours ago
  • Icelocks · Good point !! But the only comparison I can think of is Arrogate is like Usain Bolt in Track and Field...they run with long fluid strides so the competition has to work real hard to keep up. · 6 hours ago
Guest Suite has better workout times than several recent Derby horses, yet also can close a bit...his slightly off pace style in the La Derby this weekend can make him a real threat, and he and Girvin are the only two that should complete the exacta. I know they will probably be the odds-on favorite and co-favorite on Saturday, but I don't see much else coming close on paper based on their previous races and I LOVE seeing 5 furlong workouts as opposed to 4f. Never can seem to ride the Louisiana contingents into the TC races though; final times and fractions will guide my picks from there. Just need to see improvements but not all-time highs that set them up for a letdown. Good luck all!
  • hello world via Disqus · nice horses but hardly stars, why can't Patch step up here for a trainer that knows the time of day? What was his last Beyer, like 94. He should be nicely positioned in the second flight just ahead of Guest Suite. · 19 hours ago
  • Icelocks · Don't overlook Local Hero going a 11/8 mile, for he has tons of speed and I believe he maybe better going longer - FYI that is why I played Neolithic in the Dubai World Cup !!! In addition, don't forget on his Father's side his grand father was the speedy undefeated Danzig and on his mother's side his grand father was was Saint Liam who won the 11/4 mile Breeders cup G1 so he has tons of class!! · 5 hours ago
Just thinking out loud. But is it just me or has anyone else thought about it. This now is 2 years in a row that Hollendorfer has had a 3yo Filly who would of bee 3/5 or less in the Kentucky Oaks. For the 2nd time in a row, neither will get the chance to run.
  • Mary Y. via Disqus · I thought about it. Both girls should be fine this summer. Million dollar baby Seattle serenade is entered in a sprint tomorrow, 3/30, SA r3. Faces the old speedball Distinctiv Passion. · 9 hours ago
  • ruffianlover · The only thought that crossed my mind is that I feel bad for him. Again. One had an illness the other an injury. Bucked shins are common in horses, and not surprising a progeny of unbridled's song has an injury. Also not many breakdowns at santa Anita but lots of horses pulling up there with injuries in 2017. Poor Jerry. Has the best three year old in the country two years in a row only to miss out on the biggest female three year old race, two years in a row. · 7 hours ago
Think I'll go with 1-Farrell 2-Daria's Angel 3-Majestic Quality 4-Vexatious(replacing original pick of Summer Luck)
Fayeq runs in the 6th race at Gulfstream on Saturday.
Makes American debut on Saturday at Gulfstream for Jimmy Jerkens.
Win the Triple Crown, every race in record time...Hands down greatness ! If we had the classics that Arrogate won.....in the 70's Secretariat wins them !!
  • marcos via Disqus · Wins them all by at least 2 lenghts · 1 day ago
  • CauseForConcern · But, he did break the record at Saratoga for a mile and a quarter, beating Secretariat's son, General Assembly's record, in the time of 1:59.2, the same time as Secretariat in the Kentucky Derby. But I never would compare the two, that one being better than the other. The best thing I would guess, is that they're both "In A League Of Their Own". · 9 hours ago
Is it just me, or do others seem to get the impression that over the years, the horses are getting frailer and frailer? More and more three year olds seem to be dropping out due to injury, even though compared to years ago, they typically race less today at this point in their careers than they did back then. I am no breeding or genetics expert, but I wonder if we are relying on too few sires these days. Secretariat's syndication was for 32 mares/year, and with those outside the syndication, he was typically bred to 50-55 a year. Top stallions now are bred to far more than that today. Every time you turn around, a top prospect is out with an injury. Sure, they have to be careful due to breeding potential, but that was true 40 years ago as well.
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  • ruffianlover · It's not surprising as she has unbridled's song genes. While they are very talented genes, it's a catch 22 as he also passed down unsoundness to his offspring. Luckily it's not a career or life ending injury. · 11 hours ago
  • Buckpasser via Disqus · You should find the article that Johnny Nerud wrote a few years ago in Bloodhorse. In his opinion, the fact that horses run races less than they ever did is part of the problem. He states that you have stallions who run in a small number of races and then are bred to mares than run less and it shouldn't be a surprise that their offspring run even less. In his article he shows how the number of starts has decreased over the years. I remember horses like Kelso, Buckpasser, etc. who would have a tune up in an allowance before a Saturday Stakes race. Look at several horses like Native Dancer etc. who competed in a race between the Derby and Preakness because the four plus weeks between the Derby and Preakness was too great a time to go without a race. It was not unusual to have two weeks or less ( Carry Back for instance raced almost every week in February as a three year old accounting for three stakes and an allowance) between starts for some horses. Take 1966 with Buckpasser as an example. After he came back in an allowance from his quarter crack on June 4, he then won the Leonard Richards June 18, then the Arlington Classic June 25, then the Chicagoan on July 6, then back to Aqueduct for the Brooklyn on July 23, then back to Arlington for the American Derby on August 6, then to the Travers August 20. He had rest and then came the fall campaign with the Woodward on Oct. 1, the Lawrence Realization on Oct. 19 and finally the JCGC on Oct. 29. It was not unusual to race like this in the past. Most horses then rested after the fall classics in Oct. or November and started back in Jan or Feb. in either CA or Florida. · 10 hours ago
British trainer John Gosden, one of the truly great trainers in the sport, had high praise for Arrogate's performance in the G1 Dubai World Cup after witnessing it in person at Meydan on Saturday. Gosden said: "It was extraordinary the way he overcame his difficulties. He's a beautiful horse with a lovely head on him. I've never seen a dirt horse with an action like that. He has an incredible stretch, and like all great athletes seems to have all the time in the world. Nothing is rushed about him. He's really like a long striding turf horse on dirt, which is most unusual. He does everything with such ease, which is quite unique, and he really topped off a great evening."
I still have not lost confidence in my boy. Hopefully they corrected what went wrong in NOLA and have this boy on track. Public has soured on him since his last race. Don't worry folks,after he wins the Wood. His bandwagon will grow by leaps and bounds.
Makes US debut Saturday in the Orchid at Gulfstream for Bill Mott.
4 Senior Investment Has a shot. 5 Monaco 8 Girvin 2 Hollywood Handsome a Super box should do it (2-4-5--8)
Repeatedly, this one has shown to be a hanger, a lot like Ferdinand
  • amino998 · 6 for 6 from 1 mile to 1 1/8th till he ran into Chrome _ To whom he was more of a clingon than a hanger :) · 11 hours ago
Arrogate outstanding horse... but not a Secretariat............ YET
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  • marcos via Disqus · Or spectacular Bid, but I'm pulling for him but the work load is not there to place him up that high, not his fault,,,he may be their caliber but you have to have the proof in the pudding. · 1 day ago
  • travel_vic · or Fager, or Tom Fool, or Buckpasser, or Equipoise, or Imp, or Domino, or Bid, or Cigar, or Affirmed, or Makybe Diva, or Red Rum or Desert Orchid, or Arkle, or Ribot, or Native Dancer, or Citation, or Boston, or Fashion, or Pan Zaret, would not even come close to the greatest gelding of the 20th century EXTERMINATOR, or Forego, or Kelso, or John Henry, of Count Fleet, of Salvator, or Colin, or Sysonby, or Nijinsky II, Sea Bird, or Brigadier Gerrard, or Mill Reef, or Tom Rolfe, or Damascus, or Hoist the Flag, or The Tetrarch, or Frankle, or Kinscem or Black Caviar, or Ormonde, Nearco, Persona Ensign, Ruffian, Asteroid, Tremont, Bahram, St Simon, American Eclipse, Eclipse, or Zarkava to name a few... · 12 hours ago
from the Equibase website for definitions: colt An ungelded (entire) male horse four-years-old or younger. the flavor of the month is not yet a HORSE according to them. http://www.equibase.com/newfan/glossary-full.cfm

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