• Sheikhzayedroad scoots up the rail for the Northern Dancer victory! Posted 1 day ago
  • Baltic Baroness wins the Prix Vermeille; Treve a disappointing 4th. Posted 1 day ago
  • Suntracer cashes in the Kentucky Turf Cup! Posted 2 days ago
  • Conquest Typhoon much the best in the Summer! Posted 2 days ago
  • Ball Dancing beats her stablemate to the wire in the Sands Point! Posted 2 days ago
  • 1st time Lasix and the U.S., Annecdote romps in the Noble Damsel! Posted 2 days ago
  • Conquest Harlanate rolls late in the Natalma! Posted 2 days ago
  • There will be a carryover of $59,132 when racing resumes Saturday at Los Alamitos.Posted 2 days ago
  • There will be a Pick Six carryover of $19,857 when racing resumes Friday at Los Alamitos.Posted 3 days ago
  • Living the Life best in a competitive edition of the Presque Isle Masters! Posted 7 days ago

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Bayern is the X factor in this race and I am interested to see how it plays out. Will he be given an early lead by Espinoza while Chrome stalks? Will CC be sharp enough off an injury and long layoff to overtake Bayern who can be a monster on an uncontested lead? Or will CC be sharp enough off that layoff to press Bayern throughout the race which could also prove to be disastrous. All depends on which Bayern shows up and if the same California Chrome shows up. If not for those two I like Protonico
I've wondered for a while and am finally asking, why are some European times so much slower than American times? Frankel is considered the greatest horse of all time by a lot of Europeans but his fastest mile was 1:37 1/5 and he ran 1 1/4 in 2:10, slower than an American allowance race. I have heard that some tracks in Europe are uphill, but wouldn't they also get to run down the hill?
  • Mary Z. · I used to wonder the same thing. I don't think they build up outrageous momentum on the downhill parts. Not like the turf sprint at Santa Anita. They tend to go much slower at the start of their races; fast running in the stretch. Turf conditions are probably way more natural than our groomed courses. Usually some degree of softer turf over there, or at least not as firm as many of the turf courses here. Watch many more Euro turf races. You will see how the run over there. You may not even notice the times after a while. · 4 hours ago
  • Northport · As a huge fan of European racing, final times are irrelevant to me. Some of the splits near the end of a race are useful to analyze (as Mary said, Euros go slow then fast, as opposed to Americans going fast then slow), particularly with Frankel, since he quickened pretty incredibly in his races. You will get some American-like final times on days when the ground is extremely hard, but given the damp climates in England and Ireland that doesn't happen a ton. That, paired with the fact that racecourses are built into the natural form of the countryside - with undulations and steep hills · 3 hours ago
does anyone think that Parx may close the #1 gate and move everyone over from the rail?
if tapiture has a shot at the chrome?
  • michael via Disqus · i dont see anyone else beating him even with the long lay off · 7 hours ago
  • https://www.facebook.com/p.dav · IF cc WALKS out of the gate, bangs a right, then finds a tree to take a snooze under, then YES Tappy has a shot... · 3 hours ago
Could be a Candy Boy kind of race.
sorry mary but very unlikley
  • Mary Z. · So what? Race is on Saturday. I could change my mind 6 times by then. Also hit reply, gracias. He may benefit from the ones getting too close to the speed. They won't want to let Bayern get away. · 4 hours ago
  • Mike Relva via Disqus · Please post here after the race ok? Am telling you Bayern has little chance. · 5 hours ago
  • michael via Disqus · i kinda like bayern but something tells me hes a tired horse!!!! · 4 hours ago
TOBA tells new prospective owners what the financial stake ahead of them may well be right here. https://www.toba.org/owner-education/costs-of-ownership.aspx
Giovanni Boldini has been sold to ScanVet Stallions in Denmark. He raced for the first time for his new connections today and won a listed race going a mile on dirt in Sweden.
  • ILuvTurfRacing · And he won a listed race on conventional dirt for his new connections first time out at Taby Racecourse in Sweden. · 4 hours ago
Both of my horses got the rail in the Derby and Cotillion. I saw a race at Parx and the whole track looked soft, hope not softer by rail.
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  • vodkak · Not in last years Pa Derby. Moreno took the 2 path the whole way and when he drifted to the 3 path WTC passed him on the inside. Tom you going? · 6 hours ago
  • tmallios via Disqus · As of right now i am 50/50. Have to be back in NYC on Sunday. Tough round trip drive to make in 1 day.Especially on the NJ TPKE.. Plus the 2 big races are a bit boring. To be honest,sounds like i am trying to talk myself out. I have excellent accomodations. If you go,have a good time and get many winners. · 5 hours ago
def.should be a very intresting race coming up.not quite sure what to think of bayern.i think baffert ran this colt in the ground at the travers.
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  • Mike Relva via Disqus · That's exactly correct,Baffert is about Baffert. · 5 hours ago
  • vodkak · And of course Kaleem Shah had no say where he runs? Baffert bashers are too much!! · 5 hours ago
Grade 2 winner Flashback has been retired from racing and will make his stallion debut in 2015 at Hill ‘n’ Dale Farm in Lexington, Ky. article on DRF
If you see Tapiture spending his time in the post parade continually biting his lead pony and getting more and more washy then stay away from Him.
my favorite jockey
He looked terrible going into the gate in the Arkansas Derby and Kentucky Derby. In the last two races He has looked much better. Watching Him in the post parade will be very important.
I just bought a progeny of this guy, St. Averil’s Fire as an eventing prospect. Would love to know more about St. Averil. Anyone else showing a St. Averil baby?
Had a question that I hoped someone here would have the knowledge to answer. I've searched around but wasn't finding satisfactory answers, but how much does it cost to keep a horse in training with someone like Pletcher, Baffert, Shug, or Mott? How much would they differ from different sized stables like those of Lopresti or Motion or small time trainers at less prominent tracks. I know location plays a big role, as in New York would be more expensive than Louisiana. Just looking for general annual figures, that could show the different ranges.
  • vodkak · Less well known trainers at tracks such as Monmouth and Parx run about $75-100 per day. That doesn't include vet fees and travel expense. Once you get in the league of Pletchers, Bafferts etc I would imagine $150-200 per day. · 6 hours ago
this is going to be a great race.untapable,s.c.m,and cassatt.in that order of finish.parx the place to be in person or on hr tv cant wait for saturday!!!!
I keep reading about how Shared Belief should win the 3 year old championship, and how he is so much better than California Chrome. Now I do think that SB is a great horse, and he is one of my favorites to watch race. That being said I absolutely do not think that he should beat out California Chrome for the 3 year old championship. everyone keeps saying that because SB won the Pacific Classic against older horses that he should be the champion. I don't care if he was entered into and won a race at Bristol against nascars. A championship is what you have won and CC won the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and was a little over a length away from the lead with an injury in the Belmont and the triple crown. The undisputable fact is that the Pacific Classic shouldn't even be in the same conversation with the Kentucky Derby qualifiers and let alone The triple crown races, and I know people are going to argue that but all they have to do is go out to a public place and ask everyday (non horse racing fans) who won the Kentucky derby, Preakness, or Belmont. Then ask who won the Pacific Classic and compare how many people know the answers to the winners of which race. more than likely you will get several correct answers to the Triple Crown races, but more than likely the most common question to the Pacific Classic question will be "What is the Pacific Classic" and honestly most people would probably ask "Who is Shared Belief" but most people will know who California Chrome is. Now I'm not saying that SB isn't as good as CC, in my opinion he may be better and I am very excited to see them race, but the bottom line is CC has won the biggest events that a 3 year old can win and SB has won a few mediocre at best races.
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  • ekindy · He hasn't won anything yet. But ask yourself this: what if SB wins the Breeder's Cup Classic, beating California Chrome in the process? The average person on the street may not know what the Pacific Classic is, but they sure as heck know what the Breeder's Cup Classic is. And if you present them with the fact that SB beat CC in this race in their one and only meeting, most will come to the conclusion that SB should receive year end honors. · 2 days ago
  • Glenn Davis via Disqus · And if VE Day wins the JC Gold Cup and beats the other 3 y/o's in the BC Classic, while SB and CC lose their next races, who's 3 y/o HOTY? WTC did it like that last year. · 6 hours ago
I have been following this horse since before he ever started. My partner and I wanted to buy him. The horse needs to run. He is not the kind of horse that can take 45 day breaks and stay fit. Mario Pino rode him in his first start and he was smoking up the rail. This is a very nice gelding. Just needs the right touch. I am very pleased to see him out of the Tagg barn. Nothing against them, but they just didn't have this horses number. I hope Mott does. I love the change of equipment and this is a stalker that likes to have horses on the outside of him turning for home. It keeps him from drifting. I haven't seen the PP's but if Rosario keeps him a little off the pace and doesn't go wide turning for home.....watch out. Very nice horse. By the way tmallios, you do realize that this horse finished a very good second to Pinball who is a decent horse, even when Mills wasn't fit. I feel Mott will do very good with this horse. Keep an eye on him. It may not be this race but if Mott runs him in a 21 day turn around he will be stakes caliber.
  • tmallios via Disqus · PINBALL......PINBALL and to paraphrase from Alan Iversons PRACTICE!!!!!!PRACTICE!!!!!!. Not to disrespect Pinaball nor his owners and bring them into this in a disparaging manner. But you said it right,Pinball is a decent horse. Mills under the tutorledge of Barclay Tagg was more than a decent horse. You make it sound as though he was a major underachiever in his races. You are comparing him to a decent horse. I do have the PPs for Friday and know the horse very well,alot better than you might give me credit for. Look at what Mott is doing with him on Friday,he is running him back in the same class that Tagg saw fit to classify him. Trust me my friend,if this horse were as superior and much better than he has been doing. Mott would of stepped him up against better horses to gauge his talents and his abilities. More than likely Mott took over closely after his race on Aug. 6th. He gave him 3 works and has had him in his care.To repeat,he is running him back in the same class.Apparently he has not seen enough in this horse as to step outside of the box. Looks a though he has been running the same speed figures without much development.You are correct,his spacing has been spotty. But i do not know about you. But the trainers i know ,they do know 1 thing. Unless a horse runs ,they cannot make money with them. But if a horse does not run on a timely basis. It sure is not because the trainer is rewarding them with time off ,for good behavior. I respectfully laugh at your response to euipment changes as well as the general publics great respect for it. I will make a statement and i hope trainers do not take it the wrong way. I have respect for them. But based on what many feel about Blinkers on or Blinkers off and how much they help. Trainers then must be very dumb to a degree. If i owned horses,i'd tell my trainer to run 2 races without blinkers and a couple with blinkers. If they are soooooooo important. Why not find out early. Yes i know charecteristics change with age. I use sheets. I have seen horses make an equipment change and go on a winning streak. By speed figures,they declined .Yet the horse won. People credit the equipment change. NO IT IS THE COMPETITION CHANGED. · 7 hours ago




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