• Saturday's Del Mar card includes a Pick Six carryover of $77,661.Posted 3 days ago
  •  Better Lucky rolls late in the Shine Again!Posted 8 days ago
  •  Fashion Alert outduels Take Charge Brandi in the Schuylerville!Posted 11 days ago
  •  Enterprising flies late to win the Oceanside!Posted 12 days ago
  •  Belle Gallantey shocks Princess of Sylmar in the Delaware Handicap!Posted 17 days ago
  •  Finnegans Wake defeats Admiral Kitten by an eyelash in the Arlington 'Cap!Posted 17 days ago
  • There will be a Pick Six carryover of $167,021 when racing resumes Friday at Los Alamitos.Posted 19 days ago
  • There will be a Pick Six carryover of $42,460 when racing resumes Thursday at Los Alamitos.Posted 20 days ago
  •  Assateague goes wire to wire in the Dr. James Penny Memorial!Posted 21 days ago
  •  Assateague goes wire to wire in the Dr. James Penny Memorial!Posted 21 days ago

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Vic no ever beat you to the feeding tub and it shows by you diathermia of the mouth with and what comes out is a lot of b s
  • Mary Z. · Joe, you are rude, late to the party, inaccurate, mistaken, and you added nothing to the discussion. · 7 hours ago
  • travel_vic · diathermia or diathermy is usage of electrically induced heat in therapeutic purposes. Ah the lost vocabulary generations STRIKES AGAIN · 1 hour ago
Me and my sisters are going to watch the movie Seabiscuit in a few minutes!
hard to beat the chalk..NOW if it rains hard at the Fort often the first one out of the gate triumphs so watch for the bias on races underneath if it is wet. 2 Ami's Holiday 8 Lynx 10 Lions Bay 6 Coltimus Prime 6 and 8 go out and 2 10 come later......Poor old venue is on life support and is hemorrhaging money.
My super-fecta pick for Wednesday's G1 Sussex Stakes at Goodwood: 1st-Kingman 2nd-Toronado 3rd-Darwin 4th-Outstrip.
My super-fecta picks for Wednesday's G3 Gordon Stakes at Goodwood: 1st-Snow Sky 2nd-Observational 3rd-Windshear 4th-Somewhat.
Steals the Prince of Wales in a front running performance!
Recent July picture of Cairo Prince
Beating the colts is not the issue.More than likely she would go off the wagering favorite if she ran in the Haskell. If the horses she would have to defeat are Wildcat and Bayern.Unless she had a troubled trip, ido not think she would lose to them. But the key question is,how much effort would she put through. To date she has not been extended at all this year. She might not come back from a strenuous effort as well as she did before. Are they willing to risk possibly losing her for the rest of the year.Just to say they won the Haskell. 0 Replys tmallios | 6/30/2014 5:59 PM | - Re: Untapable. Jay and Triple Double,let me say i really appreciate the special attention afforded to me. You guys remembered my posts from 10 days ago. Yes i did say that the profile fit her. I did not say she should run. I never said she should run in the Travers.All i said was that if she won the Haskell ,the pleas would be a plenty for her to run. Now since you refused to remeber my other quotes,strategically i may add. Above is a post i made on June 30th. How good am i. I predicted she would go off the betting favorite. OOOOOOOPPPPPSSSS ,did you see where i question the move and what may happen. I must be a mind reader. Back to the 2 of you. If my girlfriend paid as much attention to me as the 2 of you do. I may actually consider proposing to her.
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  • tmallios · I wont make those,if you paid any attention to my posts. I am the biggest proposer of fillies not running against the boys. Yes ,sometimes on paper they do look more superior than the field. But it is all about the physical stress the race puts on them. I am the one that took on the entire site after the BC when all wanted Ria to try the boys. They all trashed me. Then after she failed,they became hypocrits and started trashing the owner after the fact. Go back to that entire thread,Ekindy and i were the only ones that were against her running. · 4 hours ago
  • triple_double · TMallios said, blab, blab, blab, blab. We know you want to write a novel-like posts to get attention and now you are complaining. haha Mr Attention Seeker aka TMallios, as long as you continue writing a contradicting opinions about the same topic, you will never received a "thumbs-up" from me. Hmm, let's see, I'm eager to read what do you have to say about the Whitney (aka Palace Malice clueless fan base) next week. Please make it a little longer so I have something to read during the weekends. hehehe · 2 hours ago
could you please email me i just got a mare that i believe you use to own and i was just looking to get some information about her. aleciakeyes3@hotmail.com her name is No Afillyation
Although a "Big" fan of Chad Brown's, I wasn't impressed with his tutoring of Normandy Invasion, and his latest dirt escapade with Cousin Stephen. But, when it comes to turf, he is the King.
  • Northport · Do we even know if Normandy Invasion was that good to begin with? It seemed that Fox Hill was generating most of the hype around NI - Brown didn't try to make him out into something he wasn't · 3 hours ago
  • jmac500 · Uh Chad Brown is the best trainer in America! · 3 hours ago
Individual horses are still easier to find on your web site by going through Google than by using your menu - especially if you are trying to find what the silks look like.
Looks like there is a 3 other than or never win 4 lifetime allowance at Saratoga, on the 8th of August, going 7/8ths. This looks like the perfect spot and it makes the 3/4 work make perfect sense. We will have to wait and see.
Too bad, but connections had this one placed FAR too high all the time. On the farm he MIGHT be able to beat a few to the feed tub at least!
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  • amino998 · Way to go, Joe! · 7 hours ago
  • Mary Z. · It is war of the upvotes and downvotes between me and amino. Must be your full-time job, amino. I'm better at another job. Too bad The Fort calls today. Darn it. · 7 hours ago
I can't stand this crazy format. What ever happened to being able to post or comment on the home page? Please HRN fix this problem.
I bet they will check any new female barn help for "bugs"--thoroughly. !!!
Mary, that is funny.
Good, Thks
Scott Blasi is back working for Steve Asmussen - https://twitter.com/Txfleming/status/494081021345013760/photo/1
  • Goblin · I saw a similar tweet at DRF. Grening quotes Asmussen as stating, "He makes us better." I guess I'm not too surprised at this, but it's really a SMH moment. https://twitter.com/DRFGrening · 11 hours ago
  • ekindy · Hopefully he has learned to watch his mouth. · 11 hours ago
Oh no!




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