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Question- What was everyone's favorite single performance by any horse from 2000-2010? There are no restrictions on location. I know a decade is broad, but somewhere in there is that one standout performance that stays in your mind.
although i do not care for Tapit or Bernardini babies, i favor Ziconic over his older brother!
A professional looking '14 debut for Toormore. Challenged by The Grey Gatsby, but had plenty left to repel and win the Craven at Newmarket.
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  • Northport · Somewhat related question: Racingpost and others keep referring to Toormore as the champion 2 y/o of 2013, yet Kingston Hill was the Cartier winner. Was Toormore champion in Ireland or England exclusively? Honest question, the only awards I really follow in Europe are the Cartiers · 5 hours ago ·
  • EP Taylor · Northport- Toormore was rated higher at 122 pounds, vs Kingston Hill's 120. They consider Toormore the best 2 year old from last year, but Kingston Hill won the Cartier for best 2 year old. Toormore just has a higher rating. · 6 minutes ago ·
Q of the D : in honor of Ruffian's birthday today, who do you consider to be the best filly of all time aside from her and Zenyatta?
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  • LAZMANNICK · Zenyatta actually ran the final fplits in her races very fast, probably faster than any of them. · 10 minutes ago ·
  • kaitlinefree1 · i also have to give mentions to Kincsem, Lady's Secret, Twilight Tear, Two Lea, i believe Genuine Risk was good, winning the Derby & getting second in the Belmont & Preakness, Regret & Shuvee. · 7 minutes ago ·
Z13s name is Ziconic.
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  • SSilence86 · EP actually there is a Hard Spun mare named Beer Run that ran at Hoosier. There is one out there named Beer Goggles by Milwaukee Brew.. LOL! · 2 hours ago ·
  • EP Taylor · LOL! · 15 minutes ago ·
passed away this morning. fought a long battle.
Pletcher has multiple horses in the race(Surprise-Surprise) The reality is that Global View just might be the best suited for the task. His best race to date was on the Turf. Could be this weekends Danza at the price.
Excellent short video of the start of Coolmore. Cameo's from Vincent O'Brien, a Young John Magnier, Robert Sangster, Nijinsky and some of NOrthern Dancer's talented progeny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7EXNTOzVd4
Before i proceed any further on this thread. I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to one Claude R. McGaughey III(better known to John Q. Public as >>SHUG) I will be the first to tell you that i in noway have the credentials to question a trainer with his Resume , but here goes.Shug , what has happened to you in the past year. Are we looking for the publics attention,please do not tell me the ghosts of Elliot Guilliot are not around the corner. I loved the old Shug,quiet and conservative in his training methods. Always looking at the interest of the horse before anything else. I like the Shug who if he ran a horse back in 6 weeks time. He was considered over racing the horse. It all started with youboy hood dream when you finally won your Hometown Kentucky Derby. I get it,we were in La La land,and rightfully so. The dream ended abruptly when you lost the Preakness in such an awful performance for a Derby winner. The old Shug would of packed his gear and gone back to the Laboratory,pointing to the Dandy/Travers Double Header. Somehow the new Shug took over,he set aside all previous beliefs and methods. By the way,the ones that made him a Hall of Famer. He refused to see the signs of a tired horse(who laid it on the line the past 3 months) You instead allowed a 4Furlong work to sway you to the DARK SIDE. You ran in the BELMONT STAKES. OOOOuuuccccchhhhhh. This year,when everyone is screaming bloody murder and have caught on to the Cement based surface of Gulfstream PaRK. You raced T.C. hopeful Top Billing 3 times in a 50 day span over this catastrophic surface. Maybe it was a blessing that a minor injury occured and you were forced to scrape the master plan ,the one were you were prepared to run him a 4th time. Maybe the horse was smarter than all of the braintrust making the decisions. Maybe he faked the injury ,for some much needed relief. Then what does Shug do,Lets look at Honor Code. He missed substantial time due to leg issues. Rather than work him over the softer training facility at PMM,he has all his works at the Cement base factory(kudos Sullivan,you alerted me to this) If that was not enough,he aquelched plans to run ata a safer surface at Oaklawn. Just to run at the HIGHWAY. How did that work out.Which brings us to what me be the icing on the cake. He lef the best for last. Our guest of honor,the thread header. In Mr. Speaker,Shug arguably has one of the 3 best male 3yo turfers in America to date. This year he has run twice on the turf. He won a Stake and was placed ,in a hard luck trip. The only hiccup was the Dirt race. I have no problem with that race. You took the shot,that he might like the Dirt. Why not,Derby fever was spreading. No harm no foul with that move. My question is,why the LEXINGTON????????????????/. He has shown that the longer the distances ,the better he will be. Why the cut back and on a different surface. Please don't tell me you are looking to enter the Derby starting gate via the "BACK DOOR". Maybe wheeling a horse back in short time last year did not register yet. Mr. Speaker just may well love the Carpet on Saturday,he may even run a track record. But when will he ever run on this surface again. If you thought he was that good and you wanted a shot at the Derby. Why didn't we enter in the Bluegrass. Bigger purse and a more reasonable 3 week turnaround. You already have an experience to go back to. Point of Entry. You guys tried to force a square peg into a round hole his entire 3yo career. A stroke of luck made you guys try the weeds. You probably thought he was not good enough. So what do we have to lose. Shug,on the Turf. This guy is good enough. Do not waste the year.
Johnnie Carrier is determined not to jinx California ChromeRead More
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  • LennyGeorge · If he wins .... watch out Triple and hope he stays healthy...He was walking at the finish line his last start and it was the 2nd fastest running of the erby if Churchill keeps the track even not deep watch out · 57 minutes ago ·
  • skid24 · The California horses this year have not been strong in stamina. Hopportunity, Candy Boy, Chitu, Midnight hawk, and CC have all been suspect at 1 1/4. Most have been marginal at 1 1/8. Pedigree wise the most suspect has been CC. The talent is there with CC. But winning against stamina suspect types make me doubt he can deliever versus Wicked Strong, General A. Rod, Ride On curlin etc who are bred to handle the distance and also have shown some ability. Maybe he does a ala Smarty and stretches to 1 1/4 but count me as doubtful/ · 33 minutes ago ·
Great Match up between The talented Indian Skimmer and the talented Miesque. They hooked up at Chantilly for the Prix De Diane going 12f. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZP6y9P4Rk0
  • EP Taylor · This was patent Sir Henry. He could read a filly like a clock. He had Indian Skimmer give probably her very best career performance here. · 35 minutes ago ·
On the rise off the claim in Saturday’s Seedy 4th with Maylan at the controls… ever think about grabbing this one before?
It’s no wonder that Game On Dude has been installed as the 4-5 favorite against six challengers in Saturday night’s $1.5 million Charles Town Classic.Read More
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  • https://www.facebook.com/john.karczewski.39 · I saw him that day at Monmouth too Andy. I was really excited because I heard so much about him. He was pretty washed out that day. He could add to an already interested pace scenario. Would love to see him peform well against the "big boys" · 2 hours ago ·
  • LennyGeorge · Wasted writing article.... no body is going to beat Dude...Clubhouse is off form also...Moreno??? Who's that ??? · 53 minutes ago ·
California Chrome, Wicked Strong & more get their own bourbon cocktail in time for Derby!Read More
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  • amino998 · California Chrome Cocktail -- straight off the shelf of a Colorado apothecary with a Lemon liquer back. · 4 hours ago ·
  • shackleford · Wicked Strong... best horse, best cocktail. · 1 hour ago ·
Every time this Mr Dumb talks, he must make his ass jelelous of what comes out of his mouth. Norris is looking at another big effort in the Woodstock Stake.
Can some on tell me if this horse is running in the oaks? is it good enough to get in? was going to be one of my yearly novelty bets on the american classic races. thanks
Rosie you are my hero!!!i am a 13yo girl and I'm going to be a jockey!
On April 17th he worked 5F over in 1:03.40 over Fast Dirt at Payson Park finishing 5/6.
He is one of my favourites horses to win the Kentucky Derby. He is a beautiful and fast horse.
Vic- What can you tell me about that young Jock at woodbine. Tommy Wong?. He gets decent compliments coming off his Apprentice year. have you seen him ride? I never heard of him.
  • LAZMANNICK · EP if you look at his record last year he scored with quite a few longshots even though his win pct. was low. He's really good from coming well off the pace. I connected a few times with him and at really good odds too, betting those horses only b ecause he was riding them. · 3 hours ago ·
  • EP Taylor · I am going to read up more on this young man. Skye Chernetz is another young good rider coming up. I will keep an eye out for Tommy this year. · 2 hours ago ·



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