• Spanish Queen impressive in her Honeymoon victory.Posted 15 hours ago
  • Loki's Vengeance scores in the Affirmed Success.Posted 18 hours ago
  • Private Zone takes the Churchill Downs Stakes, Bayern last.Posted 1 day ago
  • Tonalist returns a solid winner in the Westchester.Posted 1 day ago
  • Dame Dorothy edges Judy The Beauty in the Humana Distaff.Posted 1 day ago
  • Divisidero gobbles them up late to win the American Turf.Posted 1 day ago
  • Competitive Edge remains perfect with a romping win in the Pat Day Mile.Posted 1 day ago
  • International Star has been scratched from the Kentucky Derby.Posted 1 day ago
  • Lovely Maria and Boo Boo Clark strike to victory in the Kentucky Oaks for Jones & Jones.Posted 2 days ago
  • El Kabeir has been scratched out of the Kentucky Derby.Posted 2 days ago
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8th place Kentucky Derby finisher Mubtaahij came out of the race in good shape. Trevor Brown, assistant to trainer Michael de Kock, tell's DRF's Marcus Hersh that Mubtaahij will make his next start in the Belmont Stakes June 6th. Brown says that Mubtaahij will remain at Churchill Downs for one week before he ships up to Belmont Park. After talks of sending Mubtaahij to England, De Kock believes that the colt deserves another chance in a triple crown race, and he believes that he has as a better chance of staying the 12 furlongs of the Belmont than most American horses, and he probably did not run his best race Saturday. Article on DRF to be posted later today.
Fans of the horse don't want to believe the horse ran slow, so the easiest thing to do is blame the track. They were running perfectly legit fractions for the first mile of the race and then things started slowing considerably. The horses slowed down, plain and simple.
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  • travel_vic · Big difference from the "pretty horsey" crew and those who wager on horses is OBJECTIVITY: emotionless evaluations based upon fact and experience. If you work hard, study in depth, you may, ONE DAY, understand that. · 1 hour ago
  • Mary Z. · RL, To whom is your post really addressed? I'm asking this so as to possibly save myself time, but not amusement. · 45 minutes ago
No one hates any horse.Some of us have enough experience and insight gleaned over 45 years in the game to point out that this one (2015 Derby) was none too impressive and that running style exhibited will be very hard to duplicate over another 2 furlongs without getting nailed late..A front runner is not always early ..Affirmed for example was a stone cold sustained/presser War Emblem ran his Illinois Derby ON the lead as a late runner so that told many of us that he could easily go in the Derby.... Pace is the yardstick to compare all the colts as they reached their 3 year old month of May, and this group was slow...
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  • https://www.facebook.com/john. · AD NAUSEUM??? I don't see you pick any horse. I just looked at all your posts over the last 2 weeks. Alot of referencing historical fact and conjecture. The closest you came to analyzing the Kentucky Derby was 2 days ago. Here is a quote from YOU " American Pharoah :great potential BUT this one has never been challenged enough early in any of his contest to show us how he would react. At this point in his career he is much like Groovy was before he was exposed. We just don't know" that tells us NOTHING. You build him up..knock him down and then say we don't know. You say Firing Line late energy going backwards and that the Sunland Derby was a joke and a fluke..That dosn't sound like any positive pre race predictions to me..I am giving you a chance right now to give me 3 horses you like moving forward. Not monday morning quarterbacking the day after. Anyone that can read can compare times after the fact. What are you going to do with those times going into the Preakness. Come on Vic make a stand · 11 hours ago
  • travel_vic · The Dunning–Kruger effect was put forward in 1999 by Justin Kruger and David Dunning. Dunning and Kruger quote Charles Darwin ("Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge") and Bertrand Russell ("One of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certainty are stupid, and those with any imagination and understanding are filled with doubt and indecision"). Unable to know what they don't know allows one's supposed mastery of that tiny bit of knowledge within the whole spectrum to fulfill what they believe is mastery of the entire subject, when it is far from it.... It takes a lifetime to become master of almost anything and the wise understand this never closing the doors of education. · 47 minutes ago
Skipped running in yesterday's G1 English 1000 Guineas at Newmarket. Ran instead today against older fillies & mares at the Curragh in Ireland in the G3 Athasi Stakes and was beaten 2 lengths by 25-1 shot Iveagh Gardens.
Front runner in a medium route does NOT translate to front runner survivor in the marathon called the Belmont. Only Sustained animals can go that long and this IS NOT one of them by a long shot.....presser at best..If sound he could be competitive in Baltimore. Only special animals can stretch out to 12f at three that is why it is the one race in the Triple Crown that is often lost......Keep this limited talent baby at 8.5f.
does anyone know how pimlico has been playing in distance races??? Speed, closers, Fair, Biases????
  • travel_vic · Pimlico is the epitome of the speed biased track. Beware of local sprinters there stretching out and creating fast paces of race. LOTS o wire jobs. · 1 hour ago
wow mott says this guy is doing GOOD very rare for him to say that. Im betting alot on him in the Stephen Foster Cant wait. Hes really thriving At Keeneland(loves the Bluegrass) LOL
im looking forward to betting this guy in the Preakness. With bafferts horses taking most of the wagering i might get 8-1(or up) on this guy. LOL
Frosted is unbeatable in Belmont based on that run ......hope they skip the preakness...it was a massive run considering the sectionals
  • amdaman via Disqus · That come-from-last tactic won't work in the Belmont. Materiality would have a better chance with his running style. · 5 hours ago
Frosted unbeatable in Belmont based on his massive run and secectionals
  • amdaman via Disqus · The Belmont is rarely won from far back. That didn't use to be Frosted's style, but someone seems to have forgotten to tell Rosario. That come-from-last tactic won't work in the Belmont. Materiality would have a better chance with his running style. · 5 hours ago
This is the first time Dortmund ran this distance and he's on the rail no less yet he's not just beaten by AP but by Firing Line who he beat 2x already and another furlong Frosted would've gotten him. What else but the distance? You guys are too smart for your own good. lol
  • Brian Shaw via Disqus · I don't think we can say that for sure. It was one race and the track appeared to be very strange. Mubtaahij is a horse who looked like he could run 2 miles, based on his previous races and his pedigree and he had no run in the stretch. You had good horses like Carpe Diem and Upstart finish far behind. My personal opinion after watching the race over and over is that the track was very slow and the rail was dead. Dortmund and Mubtaahij ran along the rail the whole way and did not make up any ground in the stretch. Also, if you watch closely, Dortmund, Firing Line, American Pharoah and Carpe Diem were being prodded early in the race to keep up. And this was despite what appeared to be soft fractions that Dortmund was putting up. Those fractions should have been a walk in the park for those horses. American Pharoah was being prodded as soon as they entered the back stretch. It was just a strange race. · 9 hours ago
Classy filly, only getting better every time. Was very happy to see her take the Humana Distaff.
Had Dortmund shipped early and trained equally for the distance as did American Pharoah. I would personally have felt better about the outcome even with the loss. American Pharoah won the Derby with class and much conditioning over the track. I know trainers don't train all horses the same. The exception here is, this is not just any race, it's the Kentucky Derby. A further insult to Kaleem Shah racing was the jockey assigned to his colt is exercising the future winner while Dortmund is in California. A.P, galloped 1.5 miles 6 times in 7 days and then posted a bullet on day 8 with another gallop 2 days later. I tip my hat to American Pharoah for his conditioning and heart in winning Kentucky Derby 141. Imo!
I have been very high on this horse for a long time. First time I have seen him load into the gate completely washed out. Lots of lather streaming down his legs. I was very concerned and then he traveled 8 lengths farther than Dortmund. (Check Trakus chart). He was by far the best given these two obstacles that would doom 99% of horses. I usually toss horses that wash out at the gate. Firing Line in contrast had a perfect trip. Looked calm and collected going into the gate and still couldn't best AP. AP wins Triple Crown if he gets back to his normal self. Worried something is wrong but may be the the crowd and conditions at Churchhill. AP seven lengths better than any 3 year old at ANY distance past a mile.
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  • travel_vic · trakus charts are totally unreliable · 12 hours ago
  • VEGASJIM1952 · Do you know what happens when a horse changes leads? AP did not win by 7 and if Firing Line can run in 2 weeks (he likes his races spaced out) do not think this horse can not go by him. AP is no lock! · 11 hours ago
many colts have RELISHED the Belmont distance, including last year's winner.....No historical perspective creates ignorant comments
  • Steve Holmes via Disqus · If AP is healthy he will have no problem with Belmont 1 1/2. I worry he isn't right after watching him wash out so badly · 11 hours ago
Keeping AP wide and in the clear won the Derby for Victor. Too bad his ride on Stellar Wind was horrible! He got her stopped after a great break. When you are on the best horse you stay in the clear. Basic riding 101
  • travel_vic · exactly what two of our stewards noticed. Being outside was a benefit to that runner NOT a hindrance. · 11 hours ago
Please, hire a horse whisperer to find out what's up and what happened. I had a big WPS wager on this (I'd like to say 'bum', but will refrain for the time being) horse. For God's sake, look at the pedigree! He should have been supersonic. But wasn't.... At Aqueduct the rail birds are probably mumbling something about him being a mudder, or needing a tongue tie or a better jock. But still....
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  • Ruffianlover · You may just have to admit that he isn't that good as people think :( · 13 hours ago
  • travel_vic · THEORETICAL pedigrees don't' run races, individuals do and Upstart was an easy throw out....Could hardly handle 9 panels and screamed shorter. · 12 hours ago
If as expected A.P. dusts off the Preakness field ,and heads to the Big Apple seeking the Triple Crown. Be advised that pedigree for 12F or to some,lack of it . That this will be the reason that he won't win the Crown. His chances will be gauged on the same parameters that California Chrome had to deal with. How will he handle the 3 races in 5 weeks. That is what people should be focusing on. Not if he is bred or not. He has already shown he is superior in talent to any of these horses. So beating them again will hardly be a chore. As i stated earlier,APs' chances are a bit better. The Belmont will only be his 5th race of the year.
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  • triplechrome · Would that be 4 races in 8 weeks? · 17 hours ago
  • Ruffianlover · His running style also suits the Belmont. Deep closers don't fare well in the Belmont, it's almsot always won be a pace stalker who survives the distance · 13 hours ago
I thought that the Derby was a piece of cake. The Preakness will be like a giveaway. All i hear is how A.P. was staggering. But he was going away. This race will truly be like picking cherries. Easy as they come
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  • tmallios via Disqus · Mike, how are you. For some reason,this horse has not grasped many of the HRN fans yet. The horses that they are saying will make a comeback in the Preakness is really very funny. He dominated them in a race that many thought he was not suited for. Like i said,this will be a cakewalk · 18 hours ago
  • Ruffianlover · Going away with his freaking ears pricked! And all people want to do is hate and say it was slow. They will pick apart any thing just to make themselves feel better after they didn't pick the winner. This horse will just keep proving them all wrong. Yes he probably doesn't want 12 furlongs but what horse does? Horses survive the belmont, they don't 'relish' it unless your name is secretariat. Find a new hobby instead of bringing down magnificent animals that give their all for our entertainment · 13 hours ago
Also I really don't think they were staggering home like most think. I believe it was a slow track and the way the track was playing it was like Dortmund was going 45 and 4 on a fast track I think they were humming early.over that slow track I think it was a lot to do with the track on the time almost like it was last year.
  • Jay Harrison via Disqus · That makes no sense, you say they were humming early and then what, all of a sudden the dirt monster rose up and grabbed them? If the track was playing slow, they wouldn't have went fast for the first mile for a 10F race. · 13 hours ago
  • Ruffianlover · People just love to hate and will find ANY reason to bring down the winner when their horse doesn't win. Bottom line is tons of horses didn't fire and people lost money. The true champ did exactly what was asked if him and nothing more. Im GLAD he didn't rhn lights out or set a track tecord because now it sets him up perfectly for a triple crown. People trolled like this last year on chrome and he blew them away in the Preakness and only lost the belmont due to his painful injury where he could barely stand after the race said directly by his connections · 13 hours ago

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