• Untapable heads a field of nine in the $1 million Cotillion. Posted 2 days ago
  • California Chrome draws the rail for the Pennsylvania Derby. Posted 2 days ago
  • Sheikhzayedroad scoots up the rail for the Northern Dancer victory! Posted 3 days ago
  • Baltic Baroness wins the Prix Vermeille; Treve a disappointing 4th. Posted 3 days ago
  • Suntracer cashes in the Kentucky Turf Cup! Posted 4 days ago
  • Conquest Typhoon much the best in the Summer! Posted 4 days ago
  • Ball Dancing beats her stablemate to the wire in the Sands Point! Posted 4 days ago
  • 1st time Lasix and the U.S., Annecdote romps in the Noble Damsel! Posted 4 days ago
  • Conquest Harlanate rolls late in the Natalma! Posted 4 days ago
  • There will be a carryover of $59,132 when racing resumes Saturday at Los Alamitos.Posted 4 days ago
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Tapiture will appreciate deep track
I had to go back and watch this fillys races after all the attention bestowed upon her. The first thing that caught my eye is that she has won 9 races , yet sadly only bankrolled ballpark $247,000. That is similar to running in roughly $60K purses and cleaning up. I saw her last race at the distance. Apparently te filly that ran a strong 2nd was not that highly thought of beased on the announcers call of the finish. The time was fast,but i have no idea how the track was playing. Excluding the owners and racing team involved,as well as the Breeders. Being un-defeated to this stage is so over rated, it is probably unfair to this filly. Just knowing how fast the horses in whatever division she runs in can run. If she hit the board it would be a major accomplishment. I am sure that Wenzel is a capable horseman. If she really were the goods as they say, there is no way (and for lack of better terminology) waste 9 races in the Northwest. If money is the issue,and she were that good. They could of sold her for 7 figures by now.
Global View is back home. He will get 60 days turn out, the. will train at GHF for a month before '15 campaign. From Glen Hill Farm
WHERE One runs has nothing to do with HOW one runs. Would not Derek Jeter be the same ball player if he was at Podunk Junction ball park or Yankee Stadium?
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  • ekindy · I don't necessarily agree with that. The stadium itself doesn't make him better, but the competition he faces at that stadium certainly does make him a better ball player. Do you really think he would have been a great player in his 30's if he had spent his entire 20's playing for some single A (or worse) team? Actually all you need to do is look at Japanese players. Certainly there are success stories of players who played in NPB (which is much closer, IMO, in talent to MLB than Emerald Downs regulars are to the top thoroughbred talent) who made it in the MLB, but there are just as many failures. Now that analogy isn't the best because not facing top level competition in racing isn't nearly as bad as not facing top level competition in baseball. But she's not going to go unchallenged in Santa Anita the way she was in Emerald Downs. She's going to face competition that is not only just as physically talented as she is, but also much more experienced in finding ways to grit out tough wins. That could make a difference. I'm not saying she's doomed for failure. Physical talent like hers goes a long way in this sport. But they aren't doing her any favors by letting her go unchallenged this long into her career. · 17 hours ago
  • buds · TV- Not your best comparison. Lets just agree she needs to win some race at tracks other than Emerald Downs. · 56 minutes ago
Would anyone like to share any tips on their methods for handicapping horses stretching out from a sprint to a route for the first time in their career, not including breeding. Is there anything else possibly in their running lines etc. Also would anyone care to share their thoughts on a horse's running style in sprints? Will a closer in a sprint still be a closer in a route or will coming out of a sprint suggest possibly showing more speed in a route? Any feedback would be helpful. A few times in recent weeks I have found myself handicapping 3-4 year old horses with 10+ starts stretching out for the first time and not knowing what to make of them.
  • Anne Shaw · Not sure if its the best but I watch the numbers at 1/4, 1/2, top of the stretch and see if they are gaining, just passing tired horses, or really moving out. Gains near the finish where they open up usually indicate they can go farther. · 12 hours ago
Not only is it up for sale, it is has pending litigation coming from LA Quarter horse owners over distribution of Video Poker money. If they can't come to a quick resolution, then FGs will cut 2 mil from purse money for this years meet- the biggest hit will be the LA Derby. The purse would be lowered from 1 mil to 600,000.
What a great run! I'm really impressed with him.
im going with tapiture,and untapable in the cotillion...
Indiana Derby looks like a good spot!
When/Where does it show on the Jockey Club site how many mares a stallion bred for 2014? I
  • Northport · jockeyclub.com --> Resources --> Fact Book --> Breeding --> Report of Mares Bred. I don't know when they will be posted but that is where you will find them. · 15 hours ago
Top 2yo Competitive Edge has hairline fracture in left foreleg and will miss remainder of year. Per DRF
My favorite (by far) 2year old filly of this year!!!I love her!!!!
Bred to Malibu Moon
So GENIUS,using your formula. Does that mean if an A Student and Arista worthy one attended a Community College ,he or she would come out with the same abilities as if they attended an Ivy League school. After all.it has nothing to do how one learns. They would be the same finished product when they got out.
Gallant Bloom: 1 Artemis Agrotera 2 Merry Meadow 3 Bridgehampton 4 Classic Point 5 Willet 6 La Verdad
While Winstar acquired Fast Bullet as a stallion, they also purchased half interest in Jojo Warrior. Good purchase
Her owner gave her to someone which I believe is who I am purchasing her from. She is currently at a trainers learning all her basics. She really is a lovely girl. I do not know the name of the current owner yet but she was not a rescue. They do not have her papers but I will need something if I am going to show her later on. Thanks Mary
  • Mary Z. · Susan, Is this your mare? If so, the lady at this fb page may have info. https://www.facebook.com/jillwaltonhorses/photos/a.369093139824195.80656.122477694485742/421611064572402/?type=1&theater · 18 hours ago
These people need to learn about ( public relatiions)
  • Goblin · I know what you mean, jimmy; but if they said too much, they'd be accused of "hyping" her. I rather like the connections' low profile approach. (Or maybe I'm becoming accustomed to it at this point.) · 19 hours ago
quote: That CDI would be interested in selling Fair Grounds is not surprising. The company came under heavy fire earlier this year from various Louisiana entities – including the state legislature, which threatened to withhold its license to operate Fair Grounds – for failing to reinvest profits from slot machines and video poker games back into horseracing. Moreover, CDI’s long-term strategy appears to be focused more around casino gambling and its signature racing product, the Kentucky Derby, than operating a string of racetracks.
Fair Grounds UP for sale. http://www.drf.com/news/churchill-attempting-sell-fair-grounds



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