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Will Danza be a one-hit wonder or a star of this year's Kentucky Derby?

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Friday, April 18

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Johnnie Carrier is determined not to jinx California ChromeRead More
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  • Sullivan · Hey Dipak Roy, was wonderung when you'd show up! It has been a while! Dipak, his breeding doesn't say he can go a mile and a quarter, you're right, but he has been so much better than his competition that he could probably run his fastest mile and an eigth and then pulling up in the last eighth still be good enough to win · 1 hour ago ·
  • LennyGeorge · Your all wrong when you have the Prince John Seattle Slew cross it is devastating and Lucky Pulpit has it Lucky Mel was a speed sire but it seems that nick has been by passed and with great sires top and bottom with Numbered Account inbred this is maybe the Dream Horse we all been waiting for · 24 seconds ago ·
Question- What was everyone's favorite single performance by any horse from 2000-2010? There are no restrictions on location. I know a decade is broad, but somewhere in there is that one standout performance that stays in your mind.
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  • The Doctor · Naaa I changed my mind after watching the 2006 classic. that was a better field than the world cup and I don't think there are too many horses that could have run down bernardini after that great middle move that he made. · 52 minutes ago ·
  • The Doctor · https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvzZJzgk1d4 · 51 minutes ago ·
although i do not care for Tapit or Bernardini babies, i favor Ziconic over his older brother!
  • Sullivan · Don't care for Tapits? He is one who gets a high quality mare and actually doesn't disappoint. · 1 hour ago ·
  • The Doctor · you guys know the only two horses that have won the travers and then went on to sire more than one travers winner? · 1 hour ago ·
Pletcher has multiple horses in the race(Surprise-Surprise) The reality is that Global View just might be the best suited for the task. His best race to date was on the Turf. Could be this weekends Danza at the price.
Glad to see him have a timed work at least. Would have loved to see him in the TC, but if he gets back into form, he's the monster that will win the BC Classic easily.
Excellent short video of the start of Coolmore. Cameo's from Vincent O'Brien, a Young John Magnier, Robert Sangster, Nijinsky and some of NOrthern Dancer's talented progeny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7EXNTOzVd4
Z13s name is Ziconic.
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  • EP Taylor · LOL! · 8 hours ago ·
  • Sullivan · Secretariat is from Secretariat General, moderator of the United Nations. Very powerful name, as all great stallions have. If not Ziconic, what would you name the colt? · 1 hour ago ·
Rosie you are my hero!!!i am a 13yo girl and I'm going to be a jockey!
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  • Jay S. · Go get 'em J2B! · 7 hours ago ·
  • Sullivan · You are old enough to have a Facebook I think. Go ahead and friend Rosie, Maylan Studart, and join Jockey World. It wiill help you get a start. Good luck. · 1 hour ago ·
Updated futures odds just released...California Chrome is now the 2-1 favorite after dropping from 3-1 earlier in the week. Both Wicked Strong and Danza (named after actor Tony Danza) are listed at 8-1, while Vicars In Trouble is 10-1. Others include Hoppertunity and Cairo Prince at 14-1 and Wildcat Red at 16-1.
Q of the D : in honor of Ruffian's birthday today, who do you consider to be the best filly of all time aside from her and Zenyatta?
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  • coyne.kaylor · The question didn't specify Thoroughbred, so... Moni Maker, hands down. Otherwise, I'd pick Black Caviar. · 4 hours ago ·
  • Sullivan · Imp was okay. Not a great record, though very stout. Her only living descendants are in Pennsylvania. · 1 hour ago ·
I don't think he'll win if he goes to Kentucky, but I am a fan of this horse and think he will improve with age and experience. I hope to see him around next year as a strapping 4 year old!
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  • coyne.kaylor · I agree with you Northport. I've never been a backer, but he's made me a believer. I have to use him underneath · 4 hours ago ·
  • Sullivan · He ran well to be second over an overrated bunch. Could be hell on the regional Derbies, and should only get better with age. · 1 hour ago ·
Before i proceed any further on this thread. I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to one Claude R. McGaughey III(better known to John Q. Public as >>SHUG) I will be the first to tell you that i in noway have the credentials to question a trainer with his Resume , but here goes.Shug , what has happened to you in the past year. Are we looking for the publics attention,please do not tell me the ghosts of Elliot Guilliot are not around the corner. I loved the old Shug,quiet and conservative in his training methods. Always looking at the interest of the horse before anything else. I like the Shug who if he ran a horse back in 6 weeks time. He was considered over racing the horse. It all started with youboy hood dream when you finally won your Hometown Kentucky Derby. I get it,we were in La La land,and rightfully so. The dream ended abruptly when you lost the Preakness in such an awful performance for a Derby winner. The old Shug would of packed his gear and gone back to the Laboratory,pointing to the Dandy/Travers Double Header. Somehow the new Shug took over,he set aside all previous beliefs and methods. By the way,the ones that made him a Hall of Famer. He refused to see the signs of a tired horse(who laid it on the line the past 3 months) You instead allowed a 4Furlong work to sway you to the DARK SIDE. You ran in the BELMONT STAKES. OOOOuuuccccchhhhhh. This year,when everyone is screaming bloody murder and have caught on to the Cement based surface of Gulfstream PaRK. You raced T.C. hopeful Top Billing 3 times in a 50 day span over this catastrophic surface. Maybe it was a blessing that a minor injury occured and you were forced to scrape the master plan ,the one were you were prepared to run him a 4th time. Maybe the horse was smarter than all of the braintrust making the decisions. Maybe he faked the injury ,for some much needed relief. Then what does Shug do,Lets look at Honor Code. He missed substantial time due to leg issues. Rather than work him over the softer training facility at PMM,he has all his works at the Cement base factory(kudos Sullivan,you alerted me to this) If that was not enough,he aquelched plans to run ata a safer surface at Oaklawn. Just to run at the HIGHWAY. How did that work out.Which brings us to what me be the icing on the cake. He lef the best for last. Our guest of honor,the thread header. In Mr. Speaker,Shug arguably has one of the 3 best male 3yo turfers in America to date. This year he has run twice on the turf. He won a Stake and was placed ,in a hard luck trip. The only hiccup was the Dirt race. I have no problem with that race. You took the shot,that he might like the Dirt. Why not,Derby fever was spreading. No harm no foul with that move. My question is,why the LEXINGTON????????????????/. He has shown that the longer the distances ,the better he will be. Why the cut back and on a different surface. Please don't tell me you are looking to enter the Derby starting gate via the "BACK DOOR". Maybe wheeling a horse back in short time last year did not register yet. Mr. Speaker just may well love the Carpet on Saturday,he may even run a track record. But when will he ever run on this surface again. If you thought he was that good and you wanted a shot at the Derby. Why didn't we enter in the Bluegrass. Bigger purse and a more reasonable 3 week turnaround. You already have an experience to go back to. Point of Entry. You guys tried to force a square peg into a round hole his entire 3yo career. A stroke of luck made you guys try the weeds. You probably thought he was not good enough. So what do we have to lose. Shug,on the Turf. This guy is good enough. Do not waste the year.
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  • travel_vic · construction AFTER the fact with wishful thinking explanantions to UNKNOWN situtations sounds just grand......if you like to lie to oneself. · 4 hours ago ·
  • Sullivan · The constant here is Shug, maybe Dinny is the one picking the campaigns after his Derby success gave him credentials? Shug can't exactly quit seeing as Dinny is so powerful, but it would be interesting if he did. No clue what he is doing with the Farish horses. · 1 hour ago ·
Had his first winner today!
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  • Mary Z. · Which race, jmac? · 3 hours ago ·
  • Sullivan · r2 @ Keeneland. Nice little sprinting colt. Quality Road had a lot of speed, his get should be quite talented. I didn't see many in sales. Doubt his book would be small, knowing Farish. Perhaps people just don't want to let them go. · 1 hour ago ·
Here another talented horse who had a shot at greatness, along with constitution, shared belief, indianapolis, and a few others that are off the derby trail. Im sick and tired of politics and bullcrap in horseracing, i think we could have had the best field in over 20 years and now its over, at least five legitimate stars and i think shared belief was the best out of all of them. What a shame, all because of crooked politics and corruption in horseracing, until it stops, there will be no triple crown winner.
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  • Mary Z. · Is the thread opener missing a paragraph or two? I wouldn't say that injured horses were out due to politics. · 3 hours ago ·
  • Sullivan · I am bummed to see Indianapolis,Tonalist, and Constitution out of the Derbt, but it adds excitement to the summer. · 1 hour ago ·
Can't wait to see him in the Kentucky Derby, I think he is gonna run big!!!
I like Cairo's Prince, Tapiture, Ride on Curlin, General A Rod, and CC. Box them in Ex, Tri, and Super!!
  • Sullivan · If I was going to play a boxed High Five with the current field, California Chrome / General A Rod / Wicked Strong / Samraat / Medal Count · 1 hour ago ·
As arguably the most popular horse of the 21st century, nearly everything Zenyatta does becomes news. Her many fans got a thrill when Team Zenyatta proudly announced that Zenyatta’s second foal, a colt by Tapit, now has a name...Read More
On April 17th he worked 5F over in 1:03.40 over Fast Dirt at Payson Park finishing 5/6.
It’s no wonder that Game On Dude has been installed as the 4-5 favorite against six challengers in Saturday night’s $1.5 million Charles Town Classic.Read More
  • Show All 5 Comments
  • LennyGeorge · Wasted writing article.... no body is going to beat Dude...Clubhouse is off form also...Moreno??? Who's that ??? · 8 hours ago ·
  • amdaman · I don't think Moreno is a slouch. It surely is a tough spot to return off of a layoff, but he's probably going to make life difficult for Game On Dude. Having drawn to his inside, he'll surely be gunning for the lead. Game On Dude may end up sandwiched with Ruler of Love to his outside. I actually like the way Clubhouse Ride has been coming along. It seems they've been racing him into shape. I think the bullring suits his racing style very well. If he's ever going to beat the Dude, this is the spot. · 4 hours ago ·
How hard is it for a jockey to win the Kentucky Derby? Read More
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  • buckpasser · I was rereading an old Turf and Sport Digest, August 1965 to be exact, and here are some famous trainers and jockeys answer to this question.sunny Jim Fitzsimmons said the horse is 90%. However much depends on the jockey and the race. Take Arcaro you could depend on him to be there for the entire race. Others not." Hadley Woodhouse said" if you don't have the horse you'll get nowhere." Allen Jerkens "felt some jockeys help a horse a little bit." Bill Boland felt the jockey was most important with a difficult or unruly horse. Hirsch Jacobs said" If I get the best horse, there are plenty of riders who can win on him." Buddy Jacobson said "only on rare occasions does a jockey contribute much." Shoemaker said that"some horses run better for certain jockeys." Woody Stephens said "jockeys can be important on certain horses. Take Bald Eagle. He had to be handled just so to do his best and only Manny Ycaza could do it. We put Hartsck on him and he got rank and wouldn't put out his best." I quoted Hirsch Jacobs previously but the full quote is "give me the horse. If I get the best horse, there are plenty of riders that can win on him. If I get a bad horse, it doesn't matter." Jacobs quote pretty much sums up their opinions on jockey importance. The article concludes that it was generally agreed by the trainers and riders interviewed that the jockey was only 20 percent of the team. ( Turf and Sport Digest August 1965 pp.18, 31-32) · 11 hours ago ·
  • travel_vic · REALISM pays a visit from another village · 4 hours ago ·

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