• Cadet Roni relishes the slop in the Wishing Well at Santa Anita.Posted 4 days ago
  • Flora Dora gets to the wire first in the Big A's Busanda.Posted 5 days ago
  • Frosty Margarita just holds on as Rudy Rodriguez goes 1-2 in the Maddie May.Posted 5 days ago
  • Forever Unbridled powers by for victory in the Houston Ladies Classic.Posted 5 days ago
  • Da Big Hoss explodes up the rail to romp in the John B. Connally Turf Cup.Posted 5 days ago
  • Mohaymen continues his march to Kentucky with an easy win in the Grade 2 Holy Bull.Posted 5 days ago
  • Smokey Image wins the California Cup Derby by a pole to remain undefeated.Posted 5 days ago
  • Pricedtoperfection bursts through to Sweetest Chant at Gulfstream.Posted 6 days ago
  • Pacific Heat runs away from the field in the California Cup Oaks.Posted 6 days ago
  • Sassicaia splits horses to win a thrilling finish in the Toboggan.Posted 6 days ago

2016 Kentucky Derby - Sunny Ridge Pedigree Profile

Does the Withers winner Sunny Ridge have Kentucky Derby potential?

Undefeated Watch

  # UndefeatedTrainer/Last Win
 6Lady Eli
Divine Park
Chad Brown
Belmont Oaks
 6Smokey Image
Southern Image
Greg James
California Cup Derby
Uncle Mo
Doug O'Neill
Breeders' Cup Juvenile
Kiaran Mclaughlin
Holy Bull Stakes
Medaglia d'Oro
Jerry Hollendorfer
BC Juvenile Fillies
 4Amis Gizmo
Giant Gizmo
Josie Carroll
Kingarvie Stakes
 3Cathryn Sophia
Street Boss
John Servis
Forward Gal Stakes
 3Awesome Banner
Awesome Of Course
Stanley Gold
Swale Stakes
William Mott
Dwyer Stakes
 3Eighth Wonder
Pioneerof The Nile
Dee Curry
Donna Freyer Stakes
Giant's Causeway
Todd Pletcher
Ginger Brew Stakes
 3Lucy N Ethel
Ramon Preciado
Old Hat Stakes

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The problem for Keen Ice, and his supporters in the Donn, is that this spot would appear to be ripe for the upset.Read More
  • Mike in SB · I am with you on Keen Ice, it looks like a perfect race to try and beat the favorite, but if he doesn't win it really looks wide open. I like Mexikoma for the upset if the odds are good. · 1 hour ago
Standing at Irish Hill Century Farm
My pick for the My Derby
The Triple Crown prep season heats up when seven Triple Crown hopefuls are set to clash in the 78th Running of the Grade III Robert B. Lewis at Santa Anita Park.Read More
He a great horse but almost got beat in the 1M jackpot due to the tiring track. If he stays sound he'll have a great shot at the derby
While Songbird makes her 3-year-old debut Saturday at Santa Anita amid much fanfare, fourth-place finisher Nickname will headline the Martha Washington at Oaklawn Park. Read More
Total jockey error.
Samantha Nicole has been retired and will be bred to Bernardini.
Does the Withers winner Sunny Ridge have Kentucky Derby potential?Read More
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  • Tinky via Disqus · Lisa111 – Your criticisms of the subject post are, to put it mildly, well off base, and ironic. I say "ironic" because both your conclusion and faux-confidence are apparently based on foundations of sand. To begin with, referencing “Chef-de-Race” influences is not the same as using Dosage. Did Laurie say anything about Dosage profiles? The answer is “no”. She referenced some sires, and used the C-d-R designations as shorthand for their basic stamina influences. There is nothing whatsoever wrong with that, as they are fundamentally sound. It is true that Dosage profiles are largely a joke, but again, she didn’t refer to them. Next, let’s get to the heart of your “analysis”: "…there is a reason why out of the thousands and thousands of stallions throughout the decades, there are only 224 worthy enough to be called chefs. The reason is that they are PROVEN to pass along specific optimum distance traits to their offspring and beyond. Most first and second generation sires and dams and dam sires are not proven to do a thing yet and therefore can be looked at but not relied upon.” The above suggests that in spite of your bravado, you have little understanding of how to read pedigrees on a practical level. Or, put another way, you are apparently ignorant of the basic science of genetics. Chef-de-Race sires are certainly prepotent, and can be categorized in terms of stamina. But it is ludicrous to suggest, as you do, that non-Chefs are somehow difficult, if not impossible to categorize in the same manner. What on earth gave you that idea? Please do name some stallions which have stood for a while, and cannot be assessed as stamina influences. It is true, of course, that some stallions are more versatile than others, but that is very different from your radical suggestion. Next, we have this: “Sunny Ridge has within his chart the potential to garner enough stamina to make that 10f at Churchill if he gravitates to one of those bloodlines. Odds are in his favor to do so.” The first sentence is so broad as to be virtually meaningless, as the same could be said about almost any horse. Your conclusion betrays your basic lack of understanding of how genetics work. It is not at all likely that any racehorse will primarily derive its stamina from influences that are several generations back. That’s simply not the way that genetics work. The influences that are close up are overwhelmingly likely to determine the stamina of a given horse, not some stout influence(s) four or five generations back. In the case of Sunny Ridge, while his sire is capable of producing horses suited to 10f., his bottom-line, as Laurie suggests, is not encouraging in that regard. Songandaprayer, and his sire Unbridled’s Song, are largely speed influences, though both were capable of getting milers as well. Neither one was remotely a source of stamina. SR’s second-dam is out of a mare by Distinctive Pro, which falls into exactly the same category. So, by far the most important bottom-line influences in his pedigree suggest clearly that nine furlongs is likely be his outer limit, and that even that distance cannot be taken for granted. Cherry-picking a couple of high-class runners in an effort to buttress your views is not at all compelling. In fact, it is never compelling. Of course there are anomalies, and high-class runners are more likely to prove anomalous than ordinary runners. Over half of what SR has inherited can be traced to Reines? Really? Please do show us the science to back up that assertion. Finally, I’m quite sure that Laurie doesn’t mind disagreements and/or constructive criticism, but arrogant nonsense may be a different matter, which is why I have chosen to comment on the topic. · 20 hours ago
  • pedigree_power · Lisa11, Thank you for posting. Extreme negative reviews are helpful, fun and interesting to me.You've made it clear that you don’t care for my work, yet I find it remarkable that it doesn’t keep you from reading and contributing. If comments are deleted, it isn’t my doing. As a writer, I believe in free speech for all viewpoints as long as they do not incite violent riots and looting. I rarely reply to comments unless asked a specific question. However, since you found it “funny” that I didn’t reply, I will honor your request to do so, despite your ad honim attack. When there is something in my articles that isn’t understood, a simply query about use of certain words, designations or request for more precise information is all that is necessary. It is impossible to respond to each of your many comments, in the space allotted. However, I will attempt to give a satisfactory reply to your logical fallacies and will try my best to separate the rambling emotionalism and argumentative theory from the factual content. Here’s the thing about reading pedigrees, there are two ways to go about it. In June, 2015, I crafted the article, ‘Pedigree Handicapping 101’ wherein I explained that pedigrees can be read in two ways, for breeding or handicapping. In the breeding context, naturally, one takes a closer look at the entire pedigree to find not only the optimal bloodlines for the type of foal one wishes to achieve, but also conformation and temperament qualities. Pedigree handicapping uses only part of the pedigree. It isn't rocket science or even as complex as reading a pedigree for breeding. Pedigree handicapping IS a formidable tool for determining precocity, surface and distance preferences. Noting that there's a strain of "X" sire or dam 4 or 5 generations back doesn't do anything for the handicapper, since the closer generations are the most influential. The easiest and quickest way to determine a horse’s chances over a specific surface or over a general distance is to analyze the sire, damsire, and the female family back to two generations. I often look at the second damsire to make a stronger opinion of the overall pedigree. Each generation beyond the first lessens the impact since previous ancestors have already passed along their genes. Since the two types of reading pedigree are different, the pedigree analysis is going to vary. The breeding assessment is, of course, longer due to the amount of information. Pedigree profiles for the benefit of discovering optimal distance and surface requires an appraisal of only the first few generations. Also very necessary to both the breeding and handicapping profiles is conformation. This is as important to the evaluation as the pedigree chart. Gait and running style are also valuable to the pedigree handicapping profile. You commented that, “You pass yourself off as some pedigree guru…” I have never passed myself off as any type of guru, nor have I ever used the word in any context pertaining to myself. If you have an example of this, kindly show me the reference. I have, on occasion, used the phrase “for you pedigree gurus or pedigree geeks” to bring up an aspect of a horse’s lineage, such as Rasmusen Factor or other notable breeding theory. Pedigree evaluation, as all endeavors in the breeding and racing industry, is an ongoing learning experience. Others may regard me as an expert, but after 20-something years of study, I humbly concede that it may take another 20 or more years of study and practice before I can think of attaining that exalted status. “The main reason for my original post was in direct response to a rather hypocritical article written some time ago which was directed right between my eyes. And …you should go back to that scathing article you wrote about "us dosage freaks." I’m flattered that you recall an article that I wrote two years ago. The article I penned in February, 2014 entitled, ‘Dosage and the Kentucky Derby’ was written · 2 hours ago
Guys, this list is based on how they're rated here on Horse Racing Nation. That means that horses of the present day (or last decade or so) are going to be rated much higher than horses of yesteryear, who were probably better than them. How are they rated? By HRN users clicking the stars on the profile. This is not really an official list, because it fluctuates and changes on a day to day basis. I agree with Eric that having I'll Have Another rated above Sir Barton is ludicrous, but this is really just a "ridiculous list" for lack of better term.
The Sunland Park Racetrack barn area remains restricted on Monday night as several more horses have tested positive for EHV-1. We will have additional details on that in the morning. The simulcast wagering facilities and casino remain open on their normal schedule, and the concert and festival calen...Read More
  • GaryChandler via Disqus · Stop dumping sewage sludge on race tracks and pastures. http://crossbowcommunications.com/sewage-mismanagement-killing-millions-of-people-annually/ · 1 hour ago
@ 'travel_vic' - Thank you for pointing out more truly higher quality racers from the past. Pretty Polly was bred, trained and raced her entire career in the U.K., so she wasn't "U.S. based". Pan Zareta is interesting and difficult to rate accurately, given that she only beat Old Rosebud and was then beaten by that racer. Hindoo...no argument, it's another ignorant omission here. Phar Lap raced only one race in North America, in Mexico at that; although he was owned by a U.S. citizen who caused him to be shipped from Australia when the horse's lease was ended. Lexington obviously deserves honorable mention, but I observe that his most famous son Boston, won five times more races (40 to 7). American Eclipse, again, no argument there.
Tonalist and Honor Code over Sea the Stars, who's not even supposed to be on a "U.S." list...the ridiculousness continues. And if there's enough "voters" here making up these 'rankings' to know about Henry of Navarre, then I repeat: Where's Boston? Where's Fashion? Where's Artful (the "winner" of Sysonby's only loss, where it was proved he was drugged by a bribed groom)? I'll tell you where...hidden away in the minds of knowledgeable horse racing enthusiasts, who evidently are not many of those forming the ratings on this farce of a list.
Julia Ferreira is the latest to be featured in Mary Cage's series "Racing's Future," which features young racing fans who plan to pursue a career in the Thoroughbred industry.Read More
  • Mary Z. · Good luck, Julia! Your home track, Woodbine, is gorgeous. I agree with you about Ramon Dominguez and Musketier and your enthusiasm for the sport. I can't figure out why anyone would not love it. · 1 hour ago
They are all American!!!! How about Kincesm 54 wins from 54 starts, travelling all over Europe. Cabine won 17 of what would prove to be his last 18 races. On four occasions Carbine won twice on the same day 1889 he raced five times in six days over a combined distance of 15200m for four wins and a second. His victory in the 1890Melbourne Cup was noteworthy. He set a weight-carrying record of 10 st 5 lb (66 kg) in the Cup, defeating a field of 39 starters and setting a record time for the race. He carried 53 lb (24 kg) more then the horse running second" Kington Town, Son of secreteriat still holds the record for fastest melbourne cup win. Black Cavier 22 starts 22 wins , Makybe Diva three Melbourne cup wins, Pharlap 37 of 51 in four years , Frankel, Red Rum - three Grand Nationals etc etc
  • amino998 · The Top 250 Thoroughbreds All-Time represent the Top 250 US-based runners that are no longer active, as voted on by Horse Racing Nation members. The rankings on this page are updated every 30 minutes throughout each day. · 12 days ago
  • travel_vic · Kingston RULE was the last Melbourne Cup track record holder · 2 hours ago
Hindoo, Pan Zareta, Pretty Polly, Phar Lap, American Eclipse, Lexington etc etc. Palace Malice??? Not even close to the top 100
This is race is coming up very weak. It's pretty sad actually.
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  • Ross via Disqus · Most of the good horses either retired or passed. · 4 hours ago
  • Sullivan · I'll take this group over what showed up last year anyday -- · 2 hours ago
Frosted passed his first test at Meydan with absolute flying colors. Read More
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  • By The Numbers via Disqus · So many awesome horses returning this year, it's hard to pick a favorite! Keen Ice, Chrome, Frosted, and Effinex are all favorites of mine for at least a year (Chrome for longer). Don't know who to root for if they all make it to the DWC. Frosted IMO stamped himself the World Cup favorite. Chrome and Keen Ice could change that in the next few weeks, but for now Frosted is a clear leader. Prayer for Relief and El Naawi have both been competitive in the G1 Donn over the years. I wouldn't call them G1 horses, but they are solid G2 horses and Frosted just ran circles around them. I said it before the race on BH, and I'll say it again: I don't think Chrome can handle Frosted. The horse hadn't raced since Oct., just a week or two ago arrived in Dubai, and he can run like that? Shattered the track record, dominate as it gets. Last years crop took a lot of beating, people seemed to think they were scrubs after AP was so superior. But that crop was stellar. Frosted and Dortmund IMO are horses that don't come around often, and they had the extreme misfortune of being born in 2012. This year, I think they're just going to put on a show. · 7 hours ago
  • Douglas Rutherford via Disqus · Keen Ice and Frosted ought to have a wonderful 4 yr old season . This was one reason that I had them Always in my Top 5 thru 2014 and 2015 . The more conditioned they got , the better they should have gotten . Dortmund I believe is just too big for his own good . Has fabulous talent . His size though I believe has him on the edge and just cant shake off the setbacks . I would actually consider retiring Dortmund . Allow him to enjoy the career of another type of race : breeding ! · 4 hours ago
This list was complied by a bunch of johnny-come-lately, ignorant know-nothings. Rating Barbaro above Easy Goer? WHAT?!! Where's the mighty Swaps? Only set 10 World or track records from 1956-1957. His 1970's counterpart was Seattle Slew. And, I get that this is a U.S.-only list, but where's Boston and Fashion? I repeat, bunch of ignoramuses.
  • Eric via Disqus · Also, Wise Dan and Palice Malice rated above Exterminator, who the owner of Man 'O War himself (Samuel Riddle) ducked a match race with, TWICE? Shared Belief who couldn't even beat Bayern in the BC Classic, rated above Stymie, who beat males in match races? REALLY? I'll Have Another, rated above Sit Barton? Really? REALLY?? Groupie Doll and Lovely Maria rated above Devona Dale, winner of the Filly Triple Crown AND Glorious Song, 2nd to Spectacular Bid in the Haskell Invitational? REALLY??? REALLY???? This list is a farce. On top of everything else wrong here, the British horse Eclipse is included; isn't this list is supposed to be "U.S.-only"? · 4 hours ago
Really excited for her Malibu Moon foal. Hopefully a colt.

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