• Shared Belief refuses to lose in the Grade 1 Malibu! Posted 5 hours ago
  • Alert Bay surges to victory in the Mathis Brothers Mile!Posted 5 hours ago
  • Sam's Sister up late to defeat Taris in the La Brea! Posted 6 hours ago
  • Spotted Heart rolls late in the Md Juvenile Filly Championship Posted 8 hours ago
  • It's all Salutos Amigos in the Gravesend! Posted 11 hours ago
  • Hoppertunity breezes 5F in :59.60 (4/131) at Santa AnitaPosted 5 days ago
  • Top Billing posts :38 2/5 for 3F work at Payson ParkPosted 6 days ago
  • Dortmund wins a thrilling three-way photo in the Los Alamitos Futurity!Posted 6 days ago
  • Sky Flight gets up late in the Tropical Park Derby Posted 6 days ago
  • Cinco Charlie wins the Sugar Bowl for his 4th juvenile stakes win. Posted 6 days ago

D&D Drennon Creek Farm a Different Kind of Farm

During a visit to Lexington, Kentucky recently, I met David and Debbie Clay and learned about their new broodmare farm. David’s roots run deep in Kent...

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2014 Malibu (G1)

Shared Belief refuses to lose in the Malibu

After tasting defeat for the first time, while banged around hard in the early stages of the Breeders’ Cup Classic, Shared Belief returned today to hi...

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What the Horse Racing Nation is talking about...

California Chrome, the winner of both the 2014 Kentucky Derby and Preakness, has been selected to receive the 2014 Secretariat Vox Populi Award.Read More
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  • Buckpasser via Disqus · To a certain extent this award was tailor made for Chrome. He brought a great deal of excitement to racing and more importantly he proved once again that you don't need a million dollar youngster to win America's Classics. In the tradition of the other rags to riches horses, like Stymie, Carry Back, Canonero II: California Chrome has made his mark on racing and more power to him. · 10 hours ago
  • Ruffianlover · A very deserving winner · 11 minutes ago
honestly tmall I wouldnt have been surprised if SB didnt fire at all. His resume was better than most and he has had a bullseye on him all year and has often been in tight and cutting back from the 2 classic routes I thought was a horrible idea and i was already thinking he was a great bet against. Conquest was always well thought of but never delivered. I expected more of Indianapolis as he seemed to be the horse right there but down the back stretch you could clearly see SB was struggling. The cutback does hurt. As a trainer and an athlete I know this plus he spotted them all. He did not have an easy trip. I figured he would lose or win kind of easy but they went too slow early AGAIN. That is what you failed to see. They went slow and he overcame that and that is what kept him running better. I twice this year thought he would lose when he won with similar trips. The BC I knew he was done but had TONY and Bayern. Today does not help nor hurt HOTY. Those that say how tough he had it and that probably GOD coulda won the BC, yes I said it, he couldve the way the race was run, suggests Bayern has no shot. The main horse is Main Sequence and Wise Dan. If they give it to SB I wouldnt be surprised. CC had a perfect trip and couldnt win on the paved highway on either Belmont or BC day and could not muster an impressive pass of a horse either. At least SB did not have any horror races amongst the other top 5 three year olds. I would have thought if Pharaoh ran and won there would not even be a three year old on the HOTY ballot. But I have seen worse as people would say SB did an a la Zenyatta stay in CA and he proved he is at the very top at many a distance. Can he run out of CA? He only lost once and every other three year old lost sometimes badly like the horror runs of Bayern more than once. He had every excuse to have lost today and should not have even been in this race IMO but I think they are trying to do what they did last year. It would be hard pressed to see a horse win two eclipse awards wo a BC win. If he won by two more lengths that wouldve been different.
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  • hannahWTC1 · "but they went to slow early AGAIN" 45 half is to slow? · 4 hours ago
  • Ruffianlover · Chrome ran the best race out of any horse in the classic. Went wide the entire time, and it was only his second race after a layoff- he wasn't even in his best shape. Which is why he demolished the field in the Hollywood Derby on a surface he had never run on before. Also Chrome not even at his best, was gaining on the top two with every stride. Hardly ran a bad race compared to others who had zero excuses like Tonalist · 26 minutes ago
I just had to come on to see how much those would put down yet another win by Shared Belief. Its never good enough, its always against junky horses, he didnt win by 8 lengths, blah blah blah. This horse is so freakin good and goes against what he is built on time and time again. This is a stamina horse who wins a Grade one race going only 7f and beats the ENTIRE FIELD, not just a 70 to 1 horse. No win that this horse gets is ever enough. When Chrome loses the excuses are rampant, they didnt wanna push him, he got blocked, and on and on and on. When Shared Belief wins, well, he didnt win by 8 lengths so he's really bad. He never flew on a plane so he's really bad. PATHETIC. This little guy has no business running and winning 7f races in the first place but when he does, its nothing. Its not really a win, look the other way. Chrome beats 5 opponents in a cake turf race and he's the greatest horse in the world. Shared Belief runs in a race built for speedsters and its mocked. I wish so badly that the Breeders Cup Classic was run fairly. Shared Belief is a freak of nature who tackles and wins at every distance under the sun. Grow up and stop knocking a horse who has given it his all in every single race he has ever been entered into. EVERY ONE OF THEM. It's a horse for God's sake. And a damn good one at that. He doesnt need awards. He just needs to get into the ring with Chrome fair and square. I cant wait for that day to come.
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  • Mary Z. · You said what I was thinking except with all of the swear words edited out. · 3 hours ago
  • Ruffianlover · your post is offensive to Chrome fans like me. I have never called Chrome the best in the world. Just like I wouldnt call Untapable the HOTY even though she is one of my favorite horses in training. I am a die hard Honor Code fan but I wouldn't say he can beat anyone. You people have to stop labeling everyone as the same. All people are trying to say is that just because he won today, doesn't mean he is HOTY. SB is good- but didn't do enough this year to win that title. He barely beat a sub par field at a distance he has already won at before. Chrome beat the Canada HOTY on a surface he had never run on before. SB would be interesting to see in Dubai- I think he has the best chance of winning there compared to Bayern. But I am excited to see him in 2015 and face Chrome again on even and fair terms when other horses don't take out half the field. · 33 minutes ago
http://www.hrtv.com/videos/2014-breeders-cup-classic-bump/?VideoCategoryId=0 Thought I would post this link since their was lots of controversy over Baffert entering 4 horses in the Malibu, some saying he was going to take out Shared Belief. HRTV posted the overhead of the Classic, in an interesting turn of events, Shared Belief is actually the only horse to make contact with another horse at the break. Bayern never touched SB, just as Bayern clears Shared Belief, SB lunges right with the front end, hitting Moreno. Kind of takes the wind out of the "He got the wind knocked out of him" sails, doesn't it?
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  • slewcrew7778 · You do know that "directly" overhead and overhead "2 miles away" is still OVERHEAD, right? This overhead view from the side proves nothing except that horses do not move sideways while in stride by some invisible force. Neither was Smith seen pulling the reins to the left as clearly as Garcia was seen pulling his to the right. · 2 hours ago
  • Ruffianlover · Hannah, not sure what video you were watching but the link you posted ABSOLUTELY shows Bayern's making contact with SB. The WHOLE reason SB contacted Moreno is because he was forced into him by Bayern. The video COMPLETELY shows that. It goes against your entire argument. I am as big of a Chrome fan as you are, but I disagree with you on this- Bayern took out both SB and subsequently Moreno, and then Toast of NY came in later to finish off Moreno. Both the top two should have been taken down. And Garcia's ridiculous claim of he had no idea the horse veered to the left, or Baffert saying his horse just got out Infront of SB is BULL CRAP. And this photo that I posted right after the a classic proved it. Garcia has such a loose hold on the reigns he is lucky he had any control over Bayern's what so ever. And it clearly shows Bayern's impeding on the path SB had already declared coming out of the gate. Any other race and Bayern would have come down as the winner you can guarantee it https://equineink.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/screen-shot-2014-11-03-at-7-00-13-pm.png · 45 minutes ago
After tasting defeat for the first time, while banged around hard in the early stages of the Breeders’ Cup Classic, Shared Belief returned today to his familiar spot in the winner’s circleRead More
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  • Johnsmith24 · The final time was spectacular, I don't care who who he barely beat or how close the race was, the time was very very solid. I did not think 7F made any sense for this horse and he won anyways, he is the real deal. · 1 hour ago
  • Ruffianlover · Barely beat a sub par field. Yes he was cutting back in distance, and good for him for showing heart in this win, but still no HOTY for a horse that never left Cali and didnt touch the TC. Looks like he is still in form which is good, because I am excited to see him and Chrome square off in a fair race where neither gets interfered with, both get nice trips, and both are in top form. · 58 minutes ago
Trainer Doug Anderson said three races are under consideration for multiple stakes winner Sugar Shock’s scheduled comeback early next year, including the $100,000 Pippin Stakes Jan. 17 at Oaklawn and the $400,000 Houston Ladies Classic Jan. 24 at Sam Houston Race Park in Houston.Read More
  • Mike Relva via Disqus · Great the trainer did the right thing for her by giving her a break. · 2 hours ago
  • Exterminator · I'd like to see her in the Houston Ladies' Classic, as I plan on making the trip down to Houston for the race. · 1 hour ago
Good race and win !!! jlp
All out to beat a 70-1 shot in a close finish... A 70-1 shot in a field of LEFTOVERS looking for a check. He is a very nice horse, but not as good as advertised.
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  • Mary Z. · vodkak/vodgag and t-d are the same disturbed person. · 2 hours ago
  • Mary Z. · Had any of the others won, you may have said it was a big win over a grade 1 horse. · 2 hours ago
I fell in love with this horse the first day I saw him Unforgettable moments ... R.I.P. Wallyanna ... Leo .'.
Dear Tim & Mario Pino What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us. Un fuerte abrazo Leo
Good race. Before I am labeled a hater, I would like to say he ran very well and I am impressed. But, lets not talk crazy. Tamarando was the only other G1 winner in the field, and he is far removed from his G1 form. Before you say "you were the one rooting for Indianapolis because he is a very good sprinter", I do believe Indianapolis is a very good sprinter. I don't understand why he was pressing the pace though. He is usual a stocker, making a one run to assume control. He wasn't in his best position and ran on well at the end. The fast time was inevitable, a race had a 43 half early in the card I believe, and the swift half in 45 assured a very good time. Santa Anita obviously wanted Shared Belief soaring on opening day. He barely beat Conquest Two Step for goodness sake. Good race? Yes. HOY winning race? far from it. Great race? No
  • hannahWTC1 · And I add. Shared Belief I believe is a monster on Poly, but doesn't have his same electricness on dirt. · 3 hours ago
  • southern.humor · Seeing as there are about 3xs as many dirt races as Poly races, why would they not run him on both. Especially if they want any award of any kind any year they HAVE to run him on the dirt - and guess what he still wins. Surprise. Sorry he doesn't win by 10 + lengths every time. I don't believe batteries were included in his anatomical assembly. He is not a machine. He isn't going to win an award this year. Even his staunchest fan will admit to that. Enough. People be damned that they are happy he ran a good race. I don't understand. · 3 hours ago
Probably time to stick a microphone in their grilles for the story about the sale of Shared Belief after his maiden win... unless someone has a link :)
Love Daddy D T
Like Maximova & Irish Mission. Honey Lake is interesting.
THE SHOWDOWN IS ON!!!!! California Chrome vs. Shared Belief, and maybe even Bayern, DRF"S Brad Free on HRTV says that Hollendorfer told him that if SB is good and found, Shared Belief will make his next start in the San Antonio Handicap on February 7th, he also says that Bayern is training well and also could target the race, this is gonna be awesome, right down that date.. February 7th, gonna be a good one
  • Show All 3 Comments
  • hannahWTC1 · I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!! · 3 hours ago
  • slewcrew7778 · It's funny that when they do end up in the same races how all the "ducking" and "dodging" crap talk proves to be just that!.. · 3 hours ago
Always been a fan of Distinctiv Passion & Heir Of Storm
I like the long shot Daystrike :D
I like Maximova here,too!
Lady Pimpernel and Blingismything
Daddy D T and Bolo

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