• Far From Over is injured and off the Kentucky Derby trail, according to owner, James Covello.Posted 1 day ago
  • Materiality turns away the challenge of Upstart to win the Florida Derby.Posted 3 days ago
  • International Star reels in Stanford late to win the Louisiana Derby.Posted 3 days ago
  • I'm A Chatterbox sweeps the 3yo filly stakes at Fair Grounds with today's win in the Oaks.Posted 4 days ago
  • I'm A Chatterbox sweeps the 3yo filly stakes at Fair Grounds with today's win in the Oaks.Posted 4 days ago
  • Pants On Fire guts out a win in the Sir Shackleton.Posted 4 days ago
  • War Correspondent rolls late to win the Appleton.Posted 4 days ago
  • Prince Bishop wins the world's richest race; California Chrome 2nd.Posted 4 days ago
  • Dolniya dominates the boys in the Dubai Sheema ClassicPosted 4 days ago
  • Solow defeats The Grey Gatsby in the $6,000,000 Dubai TurfPosted 4 days ago

Kentucky Derby 2015 - International Star Pedigree Profile

Does International Star have the bloodlines to continue his winning streak in the Kentucky Derby?

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Initially i was looking to bet the Wise Guy Horse,and take a shot with Tencendur. I am not getting rid of him that fast, he will be used in my horizontals. But after seeing the field for the Wood Memorial, i am changing my approach . Frosted is looking like more and more the right horse to beat,even with Rosario on his back. In taking a closer look at his 2 races in Florida, only the Fountain of Youth was out of charecter. But he had a major excuse in that race.As it turns out,the track was very tiring on the horses that weekend. Frosted made a big move on the front end,and just got tired running on the wrong part of the track. In the Wood ,unless Chuckie goes after Daredevil. Frosted should be sitting right off him in pedestrian fractions. Just a matter of how good the "Devil " is. We know one thing,he is a very fast horse.To those that believe in the old Adage ,horses for courses. Frosted arguably ran his 2 best races over the Aqueduct Main Track. He broke his Maiden by running a hole in the wind speed figure. Then was as good and as game as they come,running the entire race against the most pronounced inside bias at Aq. over the past 3 years. Kiaran had a rough go at it in the Sunshine State and the Bayou. Nothing like Home Cooking in this race.
So many questions, so little time, as the Kentucky Derby trail nears the end of the line.Read More
  • Mary Z. · I really like your photo colt Ocho, Jason. Heard some excuses for his last out. Hopefully he comes through in the Bluegrass. · 6 minutes ago
Here's the problem with the SA Derby: Dortmund! Anyone who needs points to qualify for the KD is fleeing to find lesser company they can manhandle or beat to get the points needed. Firing Line & Mr. Z have tried, had their hats handed to them and want no mas... Only reason Bolo & Prospect Park are in the race is because they're SA homers with too much dignity to pull a chicken shiat Firing Line maneuver...
  • DerekFisher · This is one of the dumbest posts I've seen. The goal for most owners in horse racing is TO MAKE MONEY. To call Firing Line's going to the Sunland Derby a 'chicken sh$$' move is classless on your part. I would call it genius...I wish I could have a horse that dominant to win that type of race and make the KD. I'm sure they didn't want to harm their 'dignity' to stay at SA. · 28 minutes ago
  • travel_vic · Dortmund looks tough has shown the most grit of any heading to the Derby · 18 minutes ago
If the discussion about racing in Dubai caused a rift in between Chromies, then the news that he’s going directly to Newmarket has caused a tidal wave.Read More
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  • Fred Tunks via Disqus · Hi ya,all · 28 minutes ago
  • Bev via Disqus · Very good article and it explained just how floored a lot of us old Chromies were with the ugliness and harassing comments that were being thrown out there. Trying to have dialogue with them , explaining that Ascot was in the plans since last year, and if they didn't think Chrome WAS up to it, they wouldn't do it. Nobody listened and the saddest thing happened.....CC's fan page is shut down. They don't understand how GOOD Chrome is for one thing, I guess, AND it is a hard business deciding what races to do for Chromes benefit to secure Chrome's future. As long as he has HIS humans training him and with him and Victor aboard, he will do GREAT. Great to me isn't always first place. In a lot of these races he's up against some pretty darn good horses and pinning second or third is GREAT. AND HOW he runs his race is important. We know Chrome LOVES what he does and will always put his heart and soul into a race. He's just awesome to watch. Many NEW people that all of a sudden popped up on his fan page had no clue about horses, RACE Horses and running the business end of just ONE race horse. A lot involved and the owners and trainers work together to do the best for the horse and also to pay his bills. LOOK where Chrome has taken them all and did great. AND he gets a swimming pool, sand pen to roll in. All sorts of luxury's horses LOVE. LOL This has been THE best experience this past year or more.....having Team Chrome letting us WATCH this all coming into play. We teased Art, his crew AND the DAP that Chrome would be taking them to meet the Queen and look at this........he IS . AND I'm sure after she has a meet and greet with Chrome, and watches how his heart and soul is put into all his races, she too will coo " I'm a Chromie too". ;) NOW that I see that Chrome WILL get a good rest once with Rae, before training, that's all we care about. So HE is rested and can do what HE does best. AND this has happened. Win or lose his physical health and mental health IS the key factor here that EVERYBODY, DAP, his trainers and all we care about. But with his team around him......his ego soars. HE DOES AWESOME. Chrome has never disappointed. We understand this is most likely his last year racing, so heck, if he's fit to fly, which he is, and isn't bothered by it and is well taken care of and then HE should meet the Queen along with his Humans aside him. (and our problem was losing communication about Chrome, but we had a good fix just today AND that relaxed our hearts and souls, like you wouldn't believe) DAP know what they're doing. Threw everybody off, but he will be well rested and bucking/playing before he's trained over in the UK. He is THAT amazing. · 20 minutes ago
Undefeated Dortmund heads a field of six in Saturday’s Grade I Santa Anita Derby. Read More
  • Brian Shaw via Disqus · Kent's comments were pretty funny after the race, I don't think he saw the replay until after he said that. Dortmund let up and toyed with the field. Dortmund should just go to the lead and go wire to wire, easy win. · 1 hour ago
  • tmallios via Disqus · One thing is more than likely true. Bullet Bob will run 1/2 in this race. nfortunately for Dortmund, It will be Our Lucky Dane that will be paraded in the Winners Circle. Not because he is a better horse than Dortmund . Because there is no way that Baffert will be cranking up Dortmund for a huge effort. Maybe he is that good,that he can beat this field with 1 hand tied behind his back(D). But given the running styles, this looks as though it will be similar to a Harness race run at a half mile track. They will line up , and race around the track in a Merry Go Round fashion. Dane will be on the lead,with Dortmund biding his time in 2nd place.Depending how much enertgy they want to extend,the winner should more than likely come from the Baffert Barn. Regarding Bolo and Prospect Park who will be positioned behind the 2 leaders. Just depends on what their priorities are in this race. If winning the S.A. Derby is #1 on their list,then assume 1 of them will go after the leaders down the backside. Personally i feel that they are running for a guaranteed spot in the Derby. Therefre they just may be playing a cat and mouse game,waiting and not making the pre-mature move that might cost them 2nd place, and an invitation to the Derby. · 31 minutes ago
Wednesday's 9th race (5:28pm ET) from Aqueduct is a $40,000 Maiden Claiming event for NY-bred 3-year-olds and up traveling one mile on the main track.  #3 G R's Giant (4-1) broke from post 10 in his last two starts (4-wide 3-12, impeded 1-15) vs. this kind and landed the place on the inner dirt...Read More
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  • icyhotboo · +$37.50 Jarrod. To bad Secretariat was in the race with your horse. · 35 minutes ago
  • Mary Z. · Every once in a while you'll find an Onion, icy. · 34 minutes ago
I like what I see from this horse, especially the Lewis G2 stakes, going wide early, and still taking the lead from Dortmund at the top of the stretch only to begrudgingly concede it late... (he was probably a bit short there) but following that just blowing it out at a further distance... Only problem I see is with his running style he will absolutely need a 1-10 draw in the Derby to avoid being blown out at the first turn... And if "Far From Over" gets in the Derby I'm just not sure any of these early foot types (AP, Dortmund, Carpe Diem or Firing Line) will have enough gas left to hold him off late, he'll likely be the one flying like a bat out of hell late...
  • Lorelord via Disqus · One other telling thing though is he fled SA to Sunland to get a win to qualify for KD. He could have entered into the SA Derby but there was one big problem with that, and that problem was Dortmund! · 1 hour ago
Drew post 7 Nathan for the Bayshore. Looks like a very tough field,led by Albetrani and Bafferts horses. Lord Nelson is puzzling in this spot. Baffs scratched him at Sunland in an $800K race,where he only had 1 horse to beat. Then he ships cross Country, and he has a less than powerful Wood field. Yet he settles on a sprint. At this time of the year,most of the Baffert / Pletcher owners have Derby fever. Ack is ready for the challenge. Looks s though there is enough up front pace,to keep the race honest.
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  • tmallios via Disqus · Not saying that this horse won't come here and win by daylight. But Baffert pulled a U-Turn with this guy mighty quick. He was pointed to the Sunland Derby,then he pulled the plug without even giving him a work out to determine how he was or was not doing.Apparently he saw it without a work. Then he works a bullet and he follows it up with another work in 6 days. Baffs is usually more calculated than this. But i seriously doubt that the manner this decision went down. This was not Plan A · 1 hour ago
  • SSilence86 via Disqus · Baffert stated that LN wasn't as sharp as he wanted after the San Felipe so he was bypassing the Sunland Derby- he also said he was OK. It was right after the SD that I swear I read something about him staying in 1 turn races. But I could be mistaken though. · 1 hour ago
I'll agree with firing line but not Dortmund I'll take the use derby winner and firing line as my two picks
  • Lorelord via Disqus · You mean the UAE Derby winner... Hey good luck with that... Two closers, but neither of whom have faced and beaten a quality animal like Dortmund... I prefer to take a tested & proven animal that will fight anyone down the stretch for the win, rather than ones that fled to a second rate CA track or the UAE to get the soft competition needed in order to qualify with points. · 1 hour ago
Far From Over was/is a beast, too bad the news about him.. I would have had him to win the Wood & the Derby. El Kabeir is definitely a quality animal, but outside the win in the CD Jockey Club G2, I'm not sure the company he's been against (aside from FFO who clearly owned him) is up to snuff with the rest of the Derby contenders. The Gotham looked extremely soft, and the final time was a 1.5 secs slower from the Withers, but hey FFO set that time in the Withers... All that said he probably does win the Wood now that FFO is out, but the KD will be beyond his capabilities.
Most telling thing on the page is his 4th in the CD Jockey Club G2. El Kabeir is good company, but when his KD potential is the bottom side of the exacta and exotics, it doesn't bode well for this guy...
So the top 3 from the San Felipe plus One Lucky Dane have scared away most of the competition from the SA Derby. Not so this guy's owners. Their horse hasn't raced in 8 months and all of his starts have come in sprints while showing regression in each start. Yeah good luck, poor horse
Stellar Wind is racing Sat. at Santa Anita race 7, she's going against Curlins Fox in this one.
This guy should breeze in this years weak to moderate Bluegrass. I love the Astute claim made by Team Valor(Unrivaled) but who did he beat at Parx? Anyway Johnny V. and his agent have alot to think about on who to ride in the Ky. Derby. If Carpe Diem doesnt win this Blugrass he probably will ride Materaility. There isnt a jockey in america with this kind of problem LOL
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  • tmallios via Disqus · No matter how great the Jock or the Agent . Two years ago , they also had a major decision.As history points it out, they chose wrong for that Derby. · 2 hours ago
  • tmallios via Disqus · Regardless which direction that Johnny opts for. Todd will not lose any sleep on any of the mounts he will be sending to the Derby.Depending on how Daredevil fares in the Wood. Todds back-up pans are ......Mike Smith , Javier Catellano , Irad Ortiz or Rafael Bejarano to name a few. Like i said,he will not be losing any sleep over the decision. · 2 hours ago
Quote from Fox Hill Farm's website: "Jerry Hollendorfer is very excited about Kentuckian. He thinks the horse may be a future superstar, he does everything perfect and with ease. He's sending him out with company to give him lessons in rating and he seems just fine with rating and listening to his rider. Jerry is also happy with the three others in the barn -- Glory, Ideal, and Bronze Star."
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  • https://www.facebook.com/fiddl · Someone on here earlier (maybe Derek), was speculating he would go to Arkansas... I'd agree with the Lexington stakes plan, would be wise. Or I could see him being more patient and go Allowance - then Affirmed Stakes - then ship east or stick around for the Los Al Derby. We know Hollendorfer is not in any rush. · 2 days ago
  • adrian21684 via Disqus · he's not on the schedule for Saturday, that just leaves the Arkansas Derby. If not, we're looking at a late bloomer. · 2 hours ago
Representatives of Massachusetts horsemen plan to meet with officials from Suffolk Downs over the next several weeks to hammer out a plan for live racing this year after the state legislature passed a bill on Tuesday protecting the track’s racing license and simulcasting operations through 2016. The legislature approved the protections as part of a supplemental budget bill, extending the track’s racing license through 2016 and giving the track the authority to offer simulcasts through the end of next year. The protections were considered critical to ensure that the state’s horsemen could reach an agreement with Suffolk on leasing the track for two abbreviated race meets this year and the next. Article on DRF
  • Sullivan · Suffolk just won't die :) · 2 hours ago
  • Buckpasser via Disqus · Thank goodness. I would hate to see TB racing gone from New England. I am old enough to remember Narragansett, Lincoln Downs and of course Rockingham · 2 hours ago
Don't like the post for him but hopefully okay with just 6. Never intended to like him so much but I do.
Moulin de Mougin, who has not raced since falling in the G1 Rodeo Drive Stakes here last Septembe will make her 2015 debut against the boys in Saturday's $100,000 Thunder Road Stakes. Trained by Richard Mandella, Moulin de Mougin, a 5yo mare by Curlin, won the G2 John Mabee Stakes at 1 1-8 miles on turf at Del Mar last summer. She was rested after the Rodeo Drive and held out of the BC Filly and Mare Turf to recover from the fall. According to DRF
Here's the field for the G1 Santa Anita Derby: 1- Dortmund 2-One Lucky Dane 3- Cross the Line 4- Bolo 5- Prospect Park 6- Bad Read Sanchez
  • Brian Shaw via Disqus · Probably another situation where Dortmund should just go wire to wire. Dortmund/Prospect Park/Bolo/Oneluckydane order of finish. · 3 hours ago
Here's the field for the G1 Wood Memorial: 1- Tiz Shea D. 2- Toasting Master 3- Lieutenant Colenel 4- Frosted 5- El Kabier 6- Daredevil 7- Tencendur

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