• Spanish Queen impressive in her Honeymoon victory.Posted 2 hours ago
  • Loki's Vengeance scores in the Affirmed Success.Posted 4 hours ago
  • Private Zone takes the Churchill Downs Stakes, Bayern last.Posted 1 day ago
  • Tonalist returns a solid winner in the Westchester.Posted 1 day ago
  • Dame Dorothy edges Judy The Beauty in the Humana Distaff.Posted 1 day ago
  • Divisidero gobbles them up late to win the American Turf.Posted 1 day ago
  • Competitive Edge remains perfect with a romping win in the Pat Day Mile.Posted 1 day ago
  • International Star has been scratched from the Kentucky Derby.Posted 1 day ago
  • Lovely Maria and Boo Boo Clark strike to victory in the Kentucky Oaks for Jones & Jones.Posted 2 days ago
  • El Kabeir has been scratched out of the Kentucky Derby.Posted 2 days ago

Kentucky Derby 2015 – The X-Factor

Does the large heart factor play a role in the Kentucky Derby?

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Can American Pharoah move one step closer to Triple Crown glory 13 days from now in Baltimore? Let's take an early look at what the field for the 2015 Preakness could look like.Read More
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  • Clement Brown via Disqus · If Pletcher enters both his horses I think it would compromise both of their chances. · 6 minutes ago
  • gelded1 · I bet Firing Line in the Derby and used Materiality in the exactas . Materiality had a horrific trip and still closed some ground to finish 6th after falling back as far as 17th at one point. He could do some damage in the Preakness if he runs which is probably doubtful. This horse has some talent and will be a force to be reckoned with later this season. · 5 minutes ago
Please, hire a horse whisperer to find out what's up and what happened. I had a big WPS wager on this (I'd like to say 'bum', but will refrain for the time being) horse. For God's sake, look at the pedigree! He should have been supersonic. But wasn't.... At Aqueduct the rail birds are probably mumbling something about him being a mudder, or needing a tongue tie or a better jock. But still....
If as expected A.P. dusts off the Preakness field ,and heads to the Big Apple seeking the Triple Crown. Be advised that pedigree for 12F or to some,lack of it . That this will be the reason that he won't win the Crown. His chances will be gauged on the same parameters that California Chrome had to deal with. How will he handle the 3 races in 5 weeks. That is what people should be focusing on. Not if he is bred or not. He has already shown he is superior in talent to any of these horses. So beating them again will hardly be a chore. As i stated earlier,APs' chances are a bit better. The Belmont will only be his 5th race of the year.
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  • triplechrome · Would that be 4 races in 8 weeks? · 4 hours ago
  • Ruffianlover · His running style also suits the Belmont. Deep closers don't fare well in the Belmont, it's almsot always won be a pace stalker who survives the distance · 21 minutes ago
I thought that the Derby was a piece of cake. The Preakness will be like a giveaway. All i hear is how A.P. was staggering. But he was going away. This race will truly be like picking cherries. Easy as they come
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  • tmallios via Disqus · Mike, how are you. For some reason,this horse has not grasped many of the HRN fans yet. The horses that they are saying will make a comeback in the Preakness is really very funny. He dominated them in a race that many thought he was not suited for. Like i said,this will be a cakewalk · 5 hours ago
  • Ruffianlover · Going away with his freaking ears pricked! And all people want to do is hate and say it was slow. They will pick apart any thing just to make themselves feel better after they didn't pick the winner. This horse will just keep proving them all wrong. Yes he probably doesn't want 12 furlongs but what horse does? Horses survive the belmont, they don't 'relish' it unless your name is secretariat. Find a new hobby instead of bringing down magnificent animals that give their all for our entertainment · 23 minutes ago
Also I really don't think they were staggering home like most think. I believe it was a slow track and the way the track was playing it was like Dortmund was going 45 and 4 on a fast track I think they were humming early.over that slow track I think it was a lot to do with the track on the time almost like it was last year.
  • Jay Harrison via Disqus · That makes no sense, you say they were humming early and then what, all of a sudden the dirt monster rose up and grabbed them? If the track was playing slow, they wouldn't have went fast for the first mile for a 10F race. · 37 minutes ago
  • Ruffianlover · People just love to hate and will find ANY reason to bring down the winner when their horse doesn't win. Bottom line is tons of horses didn't fire and people lost money. The true champ did exactly what was asked if him and nothing more. Im GLAD he didn't rhn lights out or set a track tecord because now it sets him up perfectly for a triple crown. People trolled like this last year on chrome and he blew them away in the Preakness and only lost the belmont due to his painful injury where he could barely stand after the race said directly by his connections · 25 minutes ago
I have been very high on this horse for a long time. First time I have seen him load into the gate completely washed out. Lots of lather streaming down his legs. I was very concerned and then he traveled 8 lengths farther than Dortmund. (Check Trakus chart). He was by far the best given these two obstacles that would doom 99% of horses. I usually toss horses that wash out at the gate. Firing Line in contrast had a perfect trip. Looked calm and collected going into the gate and still couldn't best AP. AP wins Triple Crown if he gets back to his normal self. Worried something is wrong but may be the the crowd and conditions at Churchhill. AP seven lengths better than any 3 year old at ANY distance past a mile.
Fans of the horse don't want to believe the horse ran slow, so the easiest thing to do is blame the track. They were running perfectly legit fractions for the first mile of the race and then things started slowing considerably. The horses slowed down, plain and simple.
  • https://www.facebook.com/john. · Ok so what? If American Pharoah ran slow he still ran faster then the other 17 horses. What are fans of those horses saying? People that are not fans of this horse hated on him before the race and then he wins so they say the win was slow. Just say you are not a fan of the horse and move on. · 30 minutes ago
  • Ruffianlover · I'll take the experts opinions of the track being slow versus trolls and haters any day · 27 minutes ago
don't get your hopes up for a triple crown. 10 furlongs looked beyond american pharoah's limit, he was spent after 9.5 furlongs. at 12 furlongs he doesn't finish any better than california chrome.
  • oj via Disqus · personally i really did not think he looked that bad. · 31 minutes ago
The “Match Race” of the year is on tap next Saturday, when two-time Eclipse champion Beholder and Warren’s Veneda, winner of three straight stakes including the Grade I Santa Margarita, are scheduled to face off in the Grade I, $300,000 Vanity Stakes at a mile and an eighth next Saturday. Read More
  • sully · Veneda doesn't have a chance if nothing presses Beholder · 4 hours ago
  • richard jaimungal via Disqus · I thought CC and SB was the maych race of the year..lol · 37 minutes ago
Talked with a retired jockey who is now a steward and his comment? "they were all staggering late. Closing fractions were pitiful." Can't run that way a win at 12 furlongs.
  • The Doctor · Well I don't know if he really wants 12 furlongs. There aren't many who do but I bet he at least finishes the race. Actually I think the Preakness will be the toughest one and if he wins that he wins the Triple Crown. Of course I could be wrong, lol. · 2 hours ago
  • Rodney Martin via Disqus · I agree the Belmont will be tough for him. I thought Dortmund would be the one with the best shot at a Triple Crown I think Dortmund will love Belmont but I would say if AP wins the preakness Dortmund won't run in the Belmont. If anyone can get AP all the way through the Triple it's Bob Baffert he's came closer then any trainer has to winning it in almost 40 years but I think frosted will be extremely tough in the Belmont. I think AP wins the Preakness and I'll wait to see who shows up for the Belmont. · 53 minutes ago
The distance got him. I hit the superfecta and exacta as well as place and show for Firing Line. Firing Line was rested. American Pharoah was lighlty raced. I was sure both Dortman and AP as well as Firing Line would be in the top 4 so figureing out the 4th horse was all the work. I used Frosted, Materiality, Carpe Diem and Mubtaahij as the 4th horse. Frosted earned me a trip to the IRS window. lol. I fely Firing Line was my best shot to MAKE money so I used him alot and bet him across the board. American Pharoah will not be beat in the Preakness if he runs. He's just too fast.
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  • travel_vic · Did the distance "get" Risen Star? Native Dancer? High Echelon? Jim French? Easy Goer? Avatar? Damascus? all these colts DID NOT win the K Derby but did very well at the Belmont.....Why they did that? We don't really know anymore than YOU know about Dortmund. · 1 hour ago
  • Ruffianlover · Are you high? The distance had NOTHING to do with him losing. He got beat by the best three year old in training- AP. He had zero excuses. Dortmund is good but the derby proved AP is better · 1 hour ago
People who don't understand pace are constantly impressed about the wrong end of a race. The front end, the hard working end, the challenging end: that is where contenders on the dirt come from, not the passive hanger- oners who manage to visibly impress some in the crowd.
  • https://www.facebook.com/john. · The pace was reasonable for all intents and purposes and those who set it finished 1-2-3. There was no epic collapse. If Frosted was passing horses that were burned up on the front end it would be a different story. He is the only horse to legitimately close in that race. If you can't see that then I question what you were watching or what you are taking from your charts. · 2 hours ago
  • travel_vic · quote:"The pace was reasonable for all intents and purposes and those who set it finished 1-2-3. There was no epic collapse." need I say anymore? of course there was.....Frosted capitalized on the same thing in the Wood exactly the same thing. I posted the "reasonable" fractions of War Emblem who ran alone on the lead yet closed almost 2 full seconds faster once the pressure came to him. This trio only had each other and came home in 26.57 War Emblem came home in 24.43 · 1 hour ago
I don't think the issues in Blatimore will affect the Preakness.. As long as orgnized agaitators keep their distance the race will be fine. These protests are organized and funded by people with agendas. It's all very political in nature and not as organic as people are led to believe. Having said that back to racing. Had a blast at the Derby. Loved both Dortmund and Firing Line but of the 2 Firing Line has the best shot at beating Pharoah in my opinion. The complaints about Espinoza are many yet he won. I'm more wondering why Garcia tried to lead the entire race. He had the rail. Was it jockey error or is the horse not what we thought it was? I hit the supa, exacta and I also bet Firing Line WPS. Needless to say I earned a trip to the IRS window to collect. Handicapping the supa was easy because I was pretty damn sure Dortmund and AP would be in it. Firing LIne drawing the 10 and being rested made me comfortable with him too so it came down to the fourth horse and I used Carpe Diem, Materiality, Mubtaahij and Frosted. You experts in here might say a novice like me got lucky but it works for me. Will be at Pimlico in the morning to get my tickets. Going there personally. That's how concerned I am about any trouble.
  • https://www.facebook.com/john. · If anyone has been to Pimlico you would know it is about 20 minutes from the "heart" of Baltimore. · 3 hours ago
  • travel_vic · Things that are bothering people go FAR beyond one city. The term "shot walking while black" is a real entity with trigger happy law enforcement who are racially profiling. · 1 hour ago
The super screener was way off. When I saw they had carpe diem and not American pharaoh in their top likely to win category, no way I could trust following their betting strategy. uh I don't think it was hard to see carpe diem had almost no shot with his poor speed figs and post position.
  • Ricky via Disqus · I bought it too. Did not bet it though. Ap and firing line where my top horses and did not agree with how far they had them placed down. Then again it is based on categories which have set numbers. They didn't like firing line because he didn't have the bris numbers. A 1:47 1 and 1/16 is fast, I don't care what track it is on. Then they released the pedigree, firing line was the only horse with all A's. · 2 hours ago
G1 winner Twirling Candy will be represented by his first runner to race race this Thursday at Santa Anita, race 3, the fillies name is Miss Julep Taffy. Twirling Candy's first crop races in 2015.
Watch out for Materiality later on. He did extremely well given the circumstances. He broke terribly, lost a shoe, got dirt kicked in his face for the first time, was almost last coming around the final turn, and he still closed to get 6th as a usual frontrunner.
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  • myjumper21 · It's really unfortunate that he doesn't have much experience. He's very talented, but he was immature enough as it is going into the derby and then additionally getting post 3.. incredible that he was good enough to get 6th. · 10 hours ago
  • o0ooo0oo0o0o · They're thinking about sending him to the preakness · 2 hours ago
American Pharoah, Firing Line, and Dortmund all have the Preakness on the radar for a potential rematch in racing's middle jewel.Read More
  • Douglas Rutherford via Disqus · Bob ( ZAYATS ) Made the best decision from the very beginning bringing AP to you : Brett Lindenbaum ( bloodstock agent ) it all needs to start with you by THANKING you for making this all happen ! I remember years ago , you telling the ZAYATS that they will not WIN the Derby until they meet Bob Baffert : You deserve to be mention BIG TIME for bringing this all together from day 1 : I dont agree with Bob at all about ANYONE could have train this colt to win this Derby : Your wisdom in this business Bob is what makes you Man vs Boys ~ no means of disrespect to any trainer : You sure know what it takes to Win G1 races : Awesome Job to the Baffert Stable and thanks to Brett Lindenbaum for this day ( Derby Day ) · 2 hours ago
Bayern has come out of his last place finish in the Churchill Downs Stakes in good shape. Bob Baffert tells DRF's Nicole Russo that Bayern will be pointed to the G1 Met Mile June 6th for his next start. Baffert said, "They're all allowed a bad race". According to DRF
  • travel_vic · Broke sluggishly and never lifted a hoof thereafter · 12 hours ago
  • Melann Johnston via Disqus · He has a lot of "bad" races, unless he gets the lead. He is like a little kid that doesn't get his way (the lead) and throws a temper tantrum and runs last. He had his way in the BC Classic after the crummy start and won. I still think that if Shared Belief hadn't been bothered at the start he would have run him down at the end. Just my opinion though. · 2 hours ago
Finnegans Wake came out of his Turf Classic victory in good shape and he will be considered for the $1 million Manhattan Stakes at Belmont Park on June 6 after his thrilling win in Saturday’s $500,000 Woodford Reserve Turf Classic at Churchill Downs. Finnegans Wake closed from last of nine in the final three-eighths of a mile to win by a head as the 7-2 favorite in the Grade 1 Woodford Reserve, the most prestigious victory of his 29-race career. “That was the only stride he was in front,” trainer Peter Miller said. “He’s a professional racehorse.” Article on DRF

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