•  Beholder romps home a winner in the Santa Lucia!Posted 14 hours ago
  •  Puntrooskie rolls home an easy Woodstock winner!Posted 17 hours ago
  •  Imperative shocks 'em all in the Charles Town Classic!Posted 1 day ago
  •  Dynamic Impact edges Midnight Hawk in the Illinois Derby!Posted 1 day ago
  •  Mr Speaker rolls in the Lexington Stakes!Posted 1 day ago
  •  Frac Daddy lays down the law in the Ben Ali!Posted 1 day ago
  •  Sisterly Love game in the Doubledogdare!Posted 2 days ago
  •  Daring Dancer rolls in the Appalachian!Posted 3 days ago
  •  Stormy Lucy flies late to win the Santa Barbara!Posted 7 days ago
  •  Ready to Act wins the Beaumont!Posted 7 days ago

Kentucky Derby 2014 - Danza Pedigree Profile

Will Danza be a one-hit wonder or a star of this year's Kentucky Derby?

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Trainer Mike Maker reported Sunday morning that things were "all well" at the nearby Trackside Training Center for his trio of Kentucky Derby possibil...

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Monday, April 21

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Mountaineer, Race 7
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What the Horse Racing Nation is talking about...

watching his documentary. i had no idea how special this horse was to so many people. such a shame. i think he would have had a huge shot at the Triple Crown.
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  • icyhotboo · Tomino899, what happened you changed back to Clark Kent. If you want to hide your aliases that's fine as I would have never exposed your false nature, however you should change your M. O.( I'm Tmallios and I'm real see, and I'm not that amino899 character who answers for me all the time and jumps in to my arguments to bolster my position, and sometimes just plains answers for me period.) I cant possibly be the only one who spots your conversations with yourself ( whoo hoo) Keep up the sniping and low blows you excel at it. I mean it's 9:AM and it's another day of meaningless BS for you, again, and again. What a bore. BTW, stop harrassing everyone who has something to say, whether it's right or wrong, you've already ruined this site with your nonsense. Vyjack my ass! Rudy was kicking him in the sides to get a 5F workout out of him. That didn't even give you a clue the horse wasn't well though, and you want to give me avice, thanks but no thanks. · 23 minutes ago ·
  • tmallios1 · Nathan i think i struck a nerve with our ICING ON TOP Cupcake. Had his feathers ruffled. Now Ice Ice baby is taking shots at Vyjack. What usually happens when low level intellects on a subject can't converse. They reach into their bag of schticks and come up with the first thing they find. Vyjack was the last post,so he got the thrashing(laughing my butt off) Iced T,why not ask fellow Fab 4 'er for assistance. He has total recall to my blubders. But in reality,i love it that you went after Vyjack and trashed him. You see i categorize you with other losers.The next correct statement just might be your first. So for you to be on the anti side of this Volleball match. Looks like smooth sailing ahead.Thanks for the new Call sign. Has a a ring to it. But i think you are hurting my South of the Border Amigos feelings. You are pying much to much attention to me,why not show him some love and spew some stupidities his way. I am sure he is awaiting them with open arms. · 4 seconds ago ·
Black caviar half sister breaks her maiden at the second attempt win impressively going away from the field.
I bet him in the Big Cap but didn't last night and of course he runs the race of his life. Good win!
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  • tmallios1 · Sorry for wrong thead. I think Italian Ice Boo Boo is upset that we do not invite him to either "our" or "my" personal thread. Why else would he bring it up. I should at least take Vanilla Ices compliment to heart,he gave me top billing in our Alias merger.You being the more detail oriented one of the partnership will one day explain the Chrome Edsel comparison.You see,anytime Iced Tea refers to Horse Racing,the boredom sets in and i must say ADIOS AMIGOS. In regards to learning something about the game when Melted Ice or Vic start opining. Lets just say ,compare it to a college kid dropping back to 7th Grade for knowledge. But they do have a mutual admiration for themselves. Ever hear the old tale Birds of a feather-Flock Together. So in closing Ice Ice Baby>>>I and alter ego Amino give you this one time only.We give approval to spew the Give a Rats ass statement our way. Hope those eggs did not put calluses on your hands from breaking. · 1 hour ago ·
  • amino998 · I don’t know, Snoop, No Reply forthcoming >> • icyhotboo • California Chrome, along with the Edsel didn't come along at the same time, but use the same concept. • 19 hours ago • amino998 • A toilet seat for a grille???...or is that the Edsel and icy? :D • 19 hours ago • · 37 minutes ago ·
Heidi Carpenter captures a beautiful Illinois Derby Day through photos.Read More
  • SSilence86 · Damn he looked good :) Looking forward to a good year for him. · 1 day ago ·
  • Jay S. · Awesome, awesome, awesome!! I bet the Silence household was shakin' as he was coming down the stretch. :) · 46 minutes ago ·
Happy Easter everyone! In this week's report I will discuss some special offspring, the return of a classy sprinter, a classic of a race, and my latest thoughts on the Kentucky Derby!Read More
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  • TomHarrison · I like CC & Wicked Strong. Both have a hood chance. I agree that post position will have a lot to do with my decision. · 4 hours ago ·
  • tmallios1 · Tom Harrison,post position draw will have a bearing on many horses. I seriously doubt it will affect Chrome at the least.With his tacical speed,he will have the same position on the track when they hit the stands the first time. The only draws that should bother him should be the 1/2 or 3 post. Not from a strategy standpoint,but he will be stuck in the gate longer while the others load. · 57 minutes ago ·
So now who will she be bred to? Galileo? Kittens Joy? Distorted Humor? Tiznow? Medaglia D'oro? Elusive Quality? SMART STRIKE!!!!!
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  • icyhotboo · War Front, she was multi surface and I don't know why they didn't try her on turf as SA at that time was more akin to turf than dirt. Declaration Of War was just a magnificant horse on both surfaces. If not him I would go right back to Tapit. · 1 hour ago ·
  • yukichan · The chatter is that she'll be bred back to Tapit, Mosses are pleased with looks of Ziconic. · 1 hour ago ·
Oh sure, I know that CC is the glam horse of the Spring Thoroughbred Couture Season....I get that....yet somehow I'm not convinced that he will put away all of the challengers in the manner of a Big Brown Favorite this KD.....something tells me we are more likely to see an upset a al Charismatic, Animal Kingdom or Monarchos.....watch the replays of all the preps .....there is one out there in Prepland who will eventually best the Cal baby! I just hope that the masses don't bet down Wicked Strong to fave status by race time bc that's the one I think who is going to nab CC.....any thoughts, racing fans???????
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  • icyhotboo · Before the KD is run IMO it's a guessing game with only past performance and pedigree as a guide. There may be people out there who correctly select the winner with continuty, I'm just not one of them. The trainers are the real experts and they don't know their horses can get the extra two football fields in distance, what chance have we got. For myself this is a cheapie. If I catch with my $60. to $80. annual play, which includes lucky numbers of course then it's a good day. · 1 hour ago ·
  • tmallios1 · Don't lose Sleep over it Sally. Unless California Chrome bails the scene at the last second and a couple of others follow suit. Favoritism in the Derby is the last thing that will be added to Wicked Strongs Resume. But i do not exactly understand your point. On the thread ,you apparently like Wicked Strong alot. you mention that he is the one who will be blowing by him. That is Ok,it is your opinion. Where i do not understand,earlier you mention that the winner will be an upset. More than likely Wicked will be 2nd or 3rd choice in the wagering. Even if he is 4th choice. How does that translate into an upset?? · 1 hour ago ·
WATCH OUT! They were not trying to win the Santa Anita Derby with Candy Boy.They were only placing the target on California Chrome's back. If you look at the video, you can see the strangle hold Stevens had on the horse. he let Candy Boy press Chrome, and then back off. so the horse lost nothing in that race,and 3rd olace got him in. this horse is dangerous.
  • Show All 3 Comments
  • kay.robinett · do you really think they were not trying to win a million dollar prestigious stakes race? · 9 hours ago ·
  • vodkak · Mike go right ahead and bet the ranch on him. It will increase odds on those that have a chance. · 1 hour ago ·
Yukichan's half sister breaks her maiden in impressive fashion in Japan--she's a stunner like her sister, registered white racehorse...with unusual markings--thus her name. The dam of both, Shirayukihime, is registered white as well.
  • Show All 3 Comments
  • travel_vic · NOT another good name? Might be starting a trend. · 9 hours ago ·
  • icyhotboo · My daughters dog is named Marble. We got he as a refugee from the Texas floods through helping hounds. She was 15lbs when we got her last year now she's 60lbs and healthy. What a wonderful playmate for my grandchildren with her wonderful temerament. · 1 hour ago ·
The Kentucky Derby field is all but set with one wild card qualifier left.Read More
is he even going to the derby? last I heard he was on edge 50/50 and if he was going it was for the owners sake not cause bob had confidence he can win
  • Show All 4 Comments
  • Averie Elizabeth · Are you kidding me? I have a better chance in the Derby than him. Baffert has as much a chance of winning the Derby whether he only enters Hoppertunity or Hoppertunity, Chitu, and Midnight Hawk (who as far as I'm concerned is out). · 10 hours ago ·
  • coyne.kaylor · I'm dropping $20 to show on Averie. · 8 hours ago ·
Next on deck...Vinceremos. In the hole we have...Harry's Holiday. Deep hole we have...Commanding Curve and PabloDel Monte. It will take a miracle to get Bayern or Social Inclusion in the gate.
The wild card race is unsuccessful, and Midnight Hawk may skip the Kentucky Derby.Read More
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  • Roses4U · If Pablo gets in the exacta in pool 1 is on! · 16 hours ago ·
  • coyne.kaylor · ok... If that's the case Amino, I'd be happy for a refund. I hope Roses is right about that. · 8 hours ago ·
Beholder was a runaway winner of Sunday’s $75,000 Santa Lucia Stakes at Santa Anita. Read More
Who is going to the derby? We will be tailgating in the parking lot next door and have tickets on the 3rd floor for the oaks and derby.
  • Show All 3 Comments
  • railbird33 · yayasister- I will be attending my fifth straight Oaks & Derby, but if you know anyone who can't use their two tickets, I am interested. 3rd floor is a great view. · 14 hours ago ·
  • travel_vic · IF you don't have a seat, save yourself the frustration of being in that nutty trhong for hourse on end not being able to see a thing. · 8 hours ago ·
Happy Easter Everyone! Q of the D today will be simple. who did you LIKE better? Affirmed or Alydar? not who was BETTER.
  • Show All 16 Comments
  • kaitlinefree1 · i'm very excited too rafi! · 13 hours ago ·
  • travel_vic · easy Affirmed. OUTSIDE of their rivalry he was a real champion. I aksed Barrera to sign a shot of his JCGC victoru. "WOuld you sign thtis photo of one of your better ones?" He said "Better? Give me a barn of them!" · 8 hours ago ·
The Queen now has a Princess! an Easter baby. can't wait to see pictures of her!
i didn't use to like her that much before, but i've really fallen in love with her lately. Gary Stevens said today that Beholder is "probably the most intelligent horse i've ever sat on" i know some people that work at Santa Anita or visit Beholder frequently that says she is an absolute sweetheart & a sucker for attention. what a nice filly.
  • Show All 12 Comments
  • tmallios1 · asatevens is really beginning to crack me up. He is to blame for Point Given,he is to blame for Candy Ride,Beholder is the most intelligent horse. What has he ridden her 3 or 4 times and he can summize this. Enough of the color commentary Gary,you left that profession to ride again. How intelligent must a horse be that in the 4 races you rode her. Physically on the track she was tons the best and fastest racehorse. That would suffice in your next commentary. · 11 hours ago ·
  • travel_vic · ___________________ is the best/most intelligent, et.c Horse I have ever been around" Happens to every rider every few years until a new one takes its place · 9 hours ago ·

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 Who will win the Lexington Stakes?

  • Mr Speaker
  • Ami's Holiday
  • Divine Oath
  • Morning Calm
  • Dynamic Impact
  • Poker Player
  • Global Strike
  • Z Lucky
  • Supermonic
  • Solitary Ranger
  • Ride Away

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